My Daughter Durga Monday, 22 November 2021: Episode 40-41


My Daughter Durga Monday, 22 November 2021 Episode started with Durga and her friends going to the utensil vendor. The man checked the records and said it’s not written here, it’s just P Kaushik here, I can’t tell who it is. Durga said try hard, my sister’s life can get saved, she will not be caught up in bad marriage. Rishi’s friend saw her and was shocked. The man asked her to take this bill and go home. Durga and her friends left. Rishi’s friend called Rishi and said Durga is doubting on you, she just went, I have seen her that day also.

Brij made a caterers cook. He asked them to add more sugar, sweets should be good. Yashpal liked the decorations and thanked the man. Everyone danced. Sheela got a call from Dulaari’s and moved away to talk. She was shocked and a water pot fell by her. Everyone became shocked. Shilpa said nothing. Sheela danced on dhol. Shipla went to the room and talked to Dulaari.

Dulaari said what did you think, will Durga be quiet, Durga is spying on Rishi, she went to the court, I told Rishi to stop meeting Pooja, he doesn’t listen to me, Pooja got tiffin for Rishi, which Durga took, she went to the tiffin shop vendor and asked about Rishi, she got to know something which was not good for us, you have to find out. Sheela said I have to see her, she is Yashpal’s blood, she will crawl on my happiness. Dulaari said she wants to snatch Rishi’s happiness too, shall I come for tilak or not. Sheela said you come, if we postpone the marriage, our plan can fail.

Durga studied in her room and missed to enjoy the function. Sheela came to her and asked why did you go there, Dulaari called and said she has seen you and your friends in court. Durga thinks shall I tell her about Rishi, no she can feel bad, Yashpal will not let me go out of the house. Sheela asked shall I tell Yashpal. Durga lied to Sheela. She asked her not to tell anything to Yashpal. Sheela said fine, but don’t use your mind, else I will tell everything to Yashpal. Yashpal came and asked what are you explaining Sheela. Sheela said nothing, I am asking if she is studying well, it’s just few days left for the exam, she should study at home. He said yes. Durga nodded and Sheela left.

Yashpal asked Durga do you want anything to eat. Durga said no. She asked him to study. Sheela told Dulaari that Durga clarified the matter, I can’t ask more, else I will get trapped, now Durga won’t do anything. Dulaari said you are taking her likely, I am scared, we will end this marriage matter here. Sheela said no, I got a chance to trouble Yashpal, don’t worry, she will not tell Yashpal. Dulaari said I will see Durga. Sheela said we have to be careful that Durga doesn’t doubt more. Dulaari said I will make her ill by giving her tablet. Sheela smiled and said this is right.

Sarpanch arrived. Brij greeted him and danced on dhol. Durga’s friends came and asked of Durga. Brij said he is studying in the room. Sheela rushed to see the arrangements. Subhadra asked Baby to check the gifts, we should see that gifts don’t get less. Durga studied in the room while Yashpal talked to Dadi.

Subhadra told her husband to talk to Yashpal about sending Durga to Bhiwani. Her husband asked her not to worry. Yashpal smiled seeing Amrita. She asked him to choose a hand. He told Dadi he will be back in a while. Yashpal chose a hand and Amrita gave him money. He said that’s money which I gave you to get clothes. She showed a thread in the other hand, and said I also have talent like mum, I made this dress, I didn’t need to spend this money, I have stitched this suit with mum’s old saree. He said you are very much talented, Dulaari and Rishi are lucky that you are going to their house. She said I am lucky to have a family like this. She cried and said I feel heavy hearted, will everything be fine. He said yes, you always wished good for everyone, come, leave your worries here and prepare to go into your new life. Annapurna said stop crying now. Durga came and said I completed all the questions. He asked her to get ready fast, your friends also came. Durga worried. Yashpal checks the ring. Annapurna and Yashpal talked about Dulaari. He said I think we should not hide anything about Amrita, I am thinking of telling this on the phone today. Sheela heard them.

Yashpal welcomed Dulaari and Rishi. Dulaari gave the medicine to Sheela and said now Durga won’t come in our path. Dulaari asked 70000rs from Yashpal and he became shocked.


The Episode started with Sheela hearing Yashpal and Annapurna. She went to Dadi and said Yashpal is going to tell Dulaari about Amrita’s health. Dadi went to Yashpal and asked why did you think of telling Dulaari, I told you nothing such will happen. He said I am feeling burdened at heart, I think I should tell her. Dadi said as you wish, such things should be said personally, come, have patience, everything will be fine. She called Dulaari and told her everything. Dulaari was on the way and said don’t worry, I will see Yashpal.

Yashpal and the family welcomed Rishi and Dulaari. Manohar’s dad starred at Rishi. Annapurna did Rishi’s aarti. Durga told her friends that Sheela’s friend told her about us going to spy on Rishi, Sheela scolded me, she said she will tell everything to Yashpal, so I had to lie to Sheela, she did not get any doubt as of now.

Everyone clapped and welcomed Rishi. Sheela and Dulaari talked. Dulaari said I have arranged something for Durga, put this powder in her juice, then she will not be able to come in our path. Durga saw Sheela and Dulaari talking. Shilpa kept an eye on Durga. Sheela said don’t worry, Shilpa will see Durga, how do we stop Yashpal from telling the truth. Dulaari said I did the arrangements, come and see.

Shilpa got her pictures taken. A guy flirted with her and said I want to have a selfie with you. She said I got my real hero, you leave. She thinks of the guy and smiled.

Shilpa asked Durga to go to her room. Durga and her friends went. Durga prayed and asked the Lord to save her sister. She saw Bantu with bhaang powder, and said Bantu and Shilpa can’t digest food without doing anything. Bansi said this will help us, it’s Hanuman’s sign, he is helping you, and the person tells the truth in bhaang effect. Durga and her friends tried to go. Shilpa caught them and asked Durga to go to the room.

Dulaari asked Pooja why is she taking the risk, can’t she be away from Rishi and sent her. She turned and saw Yashpal. He tried to tell him about Amrita. She avoided him with an excuse.

Dulaari said am coming and left. Durga argued with Shilpa. Bansi and Manohar followed Bantu. Bantu and his friends added bhaang into the juice. They run away and left the powder packet there. Bansi took it and signalled Durga. Shilpa scolded Durga.

Durga asked Shilpa to say anything, but I don’t want to spoil the mood, go and have the juice. Durga took the juice and asked Shilpa to cool her mind. Shilpa refused and asked her to drink and she left. Durga and her friends were glad. Amrita came for the engagement. Pandit came home. Yashpal stopped the pandit from doing the rituals. He said I want to tell Dulaari something, it’s very important. Sheela signalled Dulaari.

Durga and her friends added bhaang to the juice. She took the glass and became shocked seeing Manohar’s dad at the door. Yashpal said I have to tell something about Amrita. Dulaari said I have to tell about Rishi, he wants a table to do his duty, I paid money in installments, now they are asking more money, we will lose the money paid and Rishi’s dreams too, Amrita will be happy if Rishi gets promoted, I will return your money once he gets a job. Yashpal asked how much do you want. She said just 70000rs and he was shocked.

Durga said uncle is asking what are we doing here. Bansi said we are taking juice for Rishi. Durga thinks he know what we did. Uncle took the glasses. Dulaari said Rishi will worry when money is not arranged, when he refuses to marry, what will we do, you don’t break Rishi’s dream, I promise I will not let Amrita get a tear in her eye. Durga said we did not add ice as Amrita has a sore throat. Durga took the juice glasses from him. Bansi said I was worried. Durga left and saw everyone quiet. She thinks did Rishi break the relation.

Rishi dropped the costly ring and everyone was worried. Durga made Rishi drink the bhaang. She asked the name of the girl who gets him tiffin. He said cutiepie. He danced with Pooja in front of everyone.


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