My Daughter Durga Monday, 25 April 2022: Episode 252-253


The Episode started with Yashpal and Mumba arguing. Mumba asked him to get out. Durga explained to Yashpla what Muma is saying. Yashpal talked in improper english and scolded him. Mumba challenged him for a race.

Gayatri told the doctor that she wants to go home and Sanjay apologized to her and promised to marry Aarti. She said great, we will start your engagement when I recover,he agreed and they smiled.

Yashpal said we will just practice here and Aarti interpreted. Durga thinks Yashpal will be losing out to Mumba. Yashpal said I will fight for my daughter, don’t underestimate me and agreed for the race at 7am.

Durga explained to Yashpal that he can’t win over Mumba. He asked her to focus on getting fine and they argued. Dadi asked them to keep quiet and she encouraged Yashpal. Durga told Dadi about the race, the one who has victory will have rights on the ground. Yashpal said I can do this, she got running from my blood.

Doctor said Gayatri wants to tell us when to discharge her, she has much pride. Sanjay heard it and scolded him. He asked the doctor not to say a word against Gayatri and the Doctor apologized her. Sanjay saw Durga hurt and worried.

She went to brij and said I will take Rajveer out, have these medicines. Durga told everything to Rajveer. She said I don’t like seeing you like this, I will not leave the culprits. Rajveer saw Neelkant and Aarti. He became shocked and tensed. Durga said it’s good no one can recognize you and she tookhim.

Yashpal saw Brij drinking and asked him to make a drink for him, he wants courage. Brij said you have challenged Mumba. Yashpal said yes. Brij asked him to find some middle way and Yashpal got an idea. He asked Brij to make a big peg, it will be good if I get overdrunk. It’s morning. Neelkant did discharge formalities. Aarti greeted Sanjay and reminded him of the engagement. She told him about the new challenge posed by her Mumba. Neelkant and Aarti insisted Sanjay to come and see the challenge.

Yashpal changed the challenge for Mumba and Durga smiled.


The Episode started with Aarti and Neelkant insisting Sanjay to support Aarti in her training and Sanjay went along. Yashpal was training Durga and they saw Sanjay. Yashpal asked what’s he doing here, he should leave. Aarti asked him to complain when he owns the field and taunted him but Sanjay stopped her. Mumba asked ready for challenge? Yashpal said I am ready, come in the field.

Mumba said you have to race with me. Yashpal said fine, but I have a condition and Aarti stopped Mumba. Yashpal said the track will be of my choice. Aarti recalled and thinks like Durga fooled me and made me lose, Yashpal is doing the same. She asked coach not to agree but the Coach said don’t worry, I will handle this.

Aarti said fine, you have to agree to our condition, you are racing because of me and Durga, so I challenge you Durga for a race. Yashpal said no, Durga won’t run, her leg will get hurt but Durga agreed. She said we will run and win also and she accepted Aarti’s condition.

Everyone looked on. Yashpal showed the cow dung. Mumba asked what the hell, would I have to run in this. Yashpal said yes, what else, run and show now. Yashpal showed the starting point and said these two girls will hold our legs and run, we will run over hands.

then we will wear the wooden slippers and run, then we will get the plough back, whoever reaches first will win and Aarti explained to Mumba. Mumba said what nonsense, I won’t run. Yashpal asked did he get scared and the villagers laughed. Durga asked Aarti why can’t they run. Sanjay said it’s not needed and Durga said it’s needed.

Mumba said I am ready. Durga asked him to come and the race began. Durga got hurt. Sanjay and everyone worried. Mumba went ahead. Durga said my leg got better, come fast and Sanjay smiled. Dadi said Yashpal and Brij liked this game, see there and Mumba run ahead. Yashpal tried to run faster and they got to the plough.

Yashpal got back first. Sanjay, Durga and everyone became happy. Durga said Yashpal has won the race and everyone clapped. Yashpal asked Mumba why is he staring now, will he beat him. Mumba shook his hand and said well done. Yashpal and everyone smiled. Yashpal said come home, I will make you have desi ghee and Durga smiled.

Durga and Brij were with Rajveer and talked about the race. She said I will call the doctor. Brij said the doctor checked him and gave him medicines. Rajveer got flashes and saw Neelkant hitting on his head. He shouted no and woke up. Durga asked him is he fine. He said the man who tried to kill me is that trustee, I know him, he gave me injections. She said you mean SP’s dad, he wanted to kill you.

Yashpal said just we know the truth that Rana Sir is alive, Neelkant can try to get him killed again. Brij said we have to hide Rana. Durga said we will take Rajveer in disguise and reach his enemies to end the danger for once and all and Rajveer agreed.

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