Durga To Face & Beat Aarti In A Race. My Daughter Durga Monday, 28 February 2022: Episode 176-178


The Episode started with Durga going to the canteen. Everyone looked at her and laughed. Yashpal came to give tiffin to Durga but the guard said we will send it to her. Yashpal became restless. Durga thinks why are they laughing, they will get tired and stop laughing. Peon got tiffin and said your dad has sent tiffin for you,she thanked him and checked the tiffin.

Sanjay came there playing the dhol. He said I will tell a story of an innocent looking girl. He told Durga’s story and insulted her. Everyone laughed. Sanjay said she acted to be friendly with enemies too and Durga recalled the past. Everyone called her a cheater and Aarti smiled.

Sanjay said this time I stood in college elections to throw Durga out of the college. Durga scolded him for dragging Yashpal to his talk. Yashpal came and looked on. Durga told everyone that Sanjay is a fraud, he can’t be trusted, he just knows how to make big promises and when the time comes, he runs away like a coward, you never know when he backstabs and runs. She left and Yashpal looked on.

Sheela tried kurta on Bantu. Bantu said no, this is very colorful. Sheela came and took Bantu’s side. Brij came to take his phone. Sheela said we should leave good impression to the rich family. Dadi asked him to talk to Yashpal once. He said I forgot. Dadi said Yashpal will finalize things and Brij said fine. Annapurna then came there. Sheela asked why shall I give my son’s life to him, no need for him to interfere, he has ruined Durga’s life, our family lost respect by his decision. Brij asked her to focus on Bantu.

Sheela said that’s why I am saying this. Dadi asked her to have a big thinking. Sheela said I always say right, you all treat me bad and she argued with Dadi. Brij asked Dadi not to worry, else her health will go bad. Dadi said I am fine, listen to me carefully, you talk about house division after I die. Sheela said everyone has the right to live life thier own way and Brij scolded her. Sheela said I will not be quiet this time.

Sheela did the arrangements and asked Shilpa to help. Bantu got ready and came. Sheela praised him and said his life will be made now, he will get much money from the girl’s family. Dadi asked him not to talk about anything, else he won’t get a single rupee. Yashpal came home. A man came and said Sarpanch called you out. Brij asked is Sarpanch standing out. Durga saw the bad pamphlets and recalled Yashpal’s words. She said just focus Durga, just keep your promise to dad.

Sarpanch scolded Yashpal and the family. Sheela and Brij tried to stop but Sheela continued to argue. Yashpal said the villagers will clear all bad remarks themselves.


The Episode started with Durga trying to send Dadi and Sanjay called her a cheater. Durga said you go, I will make tea for you and Dadi left. Durga asked Sanjay to leave. Sanjay said I will go by my own wish and he fell over her and they had an eyelock. She scolded him for not trusting her asked him to get lost and he left. He talked to Aarti on a call and lied to her. She said I just went for shopping, see you.

She went to meet someone and asked the man to get away and gave him wine. It’s was Rajveer. He asked her to keep bringing the wine and he fell down. Aarti said it’s good if you drink and fall unconscious.

It’s morning, Durga met Sanjay. He told everyone that Durga believes she has won all races on her own, but how can I believe this, reports said she took steroids, even then I want to give her a chance to prove herself, I am giving her a challenge, she will be racing with Aarti tomorrow, without taking any medicines. He asked her does she want to prove herself right and Durga became silent.

At home, Durga thinks who is SP, that I fulfill his challenge, but if I don’t prove him wrong, everyone will believe him. Amrita came and said you are giving a chance to them to say all this, you should run. Durga said last time when I ran, you know what happened. Amrita asked her to prove the truth, else tell Yashpal that she can’t run now. Durga said you don’t say this. Amrita said you have to just run once, end this matter and Durga recalled Sanjay’s words. She agreed and said challenge accepted. Yashpal looked on and smiled. Durga thanked and hugged Amrita. Yashpal talked to the Lord and said Durga took her first step today, give her strength.

He asked Annapurna to see the diyas, it’s a happy day. He opened a trunk and said this is our dream an showed Durga’s sports medal. He said I want her to see her win gold medal again, she will run tomorrow, she will show everyone that she can fulfill the promise, she will run after 5 years tomorrow, I knew the Lord will find a way for her.

Bantu saw the girl’s pic and was lost. Brij and Sheela looked on. She got angry at Yashpal and Dadi. Brij said this girl is not the last one, he can get anyone and she argued. Brij asked her what is she going to do now. Sanjay got the arrangements done at the college. He said it will be Durga’s failure today. People bet on her win. The college union chief asked Durga to make Sanjay lose any way. Durga said I will win and she left. He smiled and said it’s our win.

Durga asked Sanjay is he a coward to refuse to her challenge and he agreed to take the challenge. She said I will decide the race track and smiled. Yashpal looked on.

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