My Daughter Durga Monday, 28 March 2022: Episode 215-216


The Episode started with Durga thinking Sanjay has come and stopping Yashpal from checking the door. She went to check and thinks of how to explain to Sanjay that sleep is important for an athlete. Inspector asked do you really want to do this. Gayatri said yes, some people have to meet their fears to know her status, I want Rana and Durga to fail in the race, I want to be there and see this.

Durga saw Brij and said I was with Dadi, she is fine. Durga thinks where is Sanjay. Brij said I will keep the vegetables, why did Yashpal get late today. He hid something and went to the room. Durga got Sanjay’s message. Durga worried that Sanjay is waiting in her room. Yashpal asked what happened, you look worried. She said nothing, I was going to sleep.

Brij saw wine bottle and kissed it. He shifted the wine in some other bottle. He got medicine bottle and placed it in the remaining wine. He said I will make some ache reason tomorrow and drink this. Durga looked for Sanjay and Sanjay came to scare her,she fell in his arms and they had an eyelock.

He gave her little surprises. She read the sweet love notes and smiled. Sanjay hugged her and said you will have this always with my best wishes to make Stella lose. She said thanks, don’t worry, Stella has insulted everyone, I will not let her win easily, you are with me.

He gave her wrist bands with D and S initials and she laughed. He said we got completed by coming together, I have no worry, Stella should worry, you will win Durga. She said what will I say if anyone sees this. He said that’s your tension and she asked him to go. He said I came to my Sasural, treat me well, I will meet everyone. She said if dad sees you, it will be problem and Shilpa heard them.

Annapurna told Yashpal that no one has seen Durga, who cares for everyone, Rajveer is also against her, I am proud of her, she will win for us. Yashpal said she will run for the entire country, everyone will know she is not a coal, she is a diamond, go and give her courage, she should know we are always with her.

Shilpa heard Sanjay and asked Durga to open the door and Durga worried. She asked Sanjay to hide. Durga pushed him and a box fell on his head. He fell down and dropped his phone also. Durga opened the door and Shilpa asked who was inside. Durga said no one, I am practicing my winning speech.

Shilpa said you don’t fool me, fine you hide this, when Yashpal catches you, forget the race, he will get you married and send you to your in-laws. Durga asked her to leave. Shilpa got angry and left. Durga was shocked seeing Sanjay hurt. She hid Sanjay and prayed and went to get the first aid box.

Gayatri recalled Sanjay and said he argued for that girl and she called Sanjay. Annapurna came and called out Durga. She heard the phone ringing. She got the phone and said whose phone is this. Durga came and saw Annapurna in her room.

Sanjay drank the wine thinking it’s medicine, he fell and saw Sheela. The Inspector scolded Yashpal for kidnapping a guy.

The Episode started with Annapurna asking Durga about the medicine and phone and Durga made excuses. Annapurna said I will massage and make you feel fresh for the race tomorrow. Durga said no, I am feeling fresh like vegetable, I have to talk to you and Yashpal. Sanjay got up and signed Durga to send her.

Durga took Annapurna and went out. Gayatri worried for Sanjay and asked the police to find Sanjay soon, send a team to Barwara as well, I don’t trust those people. Sanjay got headache and took the medicine bottle and drank it. Durga said I thought to sing lullaby for you and make you sleep. Annapurna said how will we sleep before you sleep and Durga insisted.

Durga started singing. Yashpal said you are singing film songs, Durga sang again and they looked at her. Sanjay became dizzy by the wine and thinks what’s happening. Yashpal said you are singing old film song, I know everything. Durga said fine, you sing lullaby and he agreed and they heard a sound. Durga thinks what did SP do now and said maybe it’s a cat.

Sanjay said I can’t go, Durga kept medicine for me, I will thank and hug her. He came downstairs and fell in front of Sheela. Sheela thinks who is this guy. He laughed seeing her and said how are you, interesting pose, Balle balle or spiderman. He asked where is Durga. She thinks he is Durga’s lover, someone come out and see him. Durga said I am feeling sleepy and left. Annapurna said she is behaving strange. Yashpal asked her not to think so and sleep.

Durga came to the room and looked for Sanjay. She saw Sanjay and worried. She saw Yashpal coming and thinks of what to do. Gayatri got informed about SP and said my guess was right. Neelkant asked what happened. She said he is in Barwara, those villagers didn’t see me. She scolded the inspector and asked him to arrest Choudharys for kidnapping her son. She said Durga and her family spoiled my sleep, I will ruin their peace, happiness and everything.

Durga covered up Sanjay. Sanjay said how did it get to night. Durga then took Sanjay and hid. Sheela tried to make a noise. Yashpal asked Durga did she not sleep. Durga said I was making the cat leave. Yashpal said what’s this Sheela doing here at night and Sheela signalled him. He asked do you have eyepain or neckpain.

Durga said she would be feeling sleepy. He said you started understanding her language, it’s fine I will take her and Sheela signed again. Yashpal said she is thirsty. Durga said I will get water. Sanjay held her and said you gave me medicine, I came to thank and hug. She asked him to control home and left.

He pats him and said you have drunk wine. He said I had medicine, my pain went. He said I will go after hugging you, I will become your fan. She said you are mad. He said you are cute, sweet, Ras malai, she said thanks, go home but he refused and sat there. She thinks of how to make him leave.

Police checked the house for Sanjay and Dadi apologized to Gayatri….Read more

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