My Daughter Durga Monday, 3 January 2021: Episode 98-99



The Episode started with everyone calling Aarti a loser. Durga stopped Sanjay and asked him to talk to her. Aarti was angry and left. Sanjay went to Durga. Aarti and everyone looked on. Sanjay asked what happened. The kids bet on them. Durga said I …. The painter dropped the paint down, It fell over Sanjay and they were all shocked.

The kids laughed. Sanjay said you called me here to do all this. Durga said no, I did not do it, maybe someone else did this, it fell on you by mistake, I called you here to be friendly, I will clean you. He said leave it. Aarti took dirty mud and threw it on Durga and she smiled. Sanjay said you are a liar Durga, it’s good Aarti did the same with you, you will always be an illiterate.

Sheela worried seeing Amrita. She said I don’t know Billu. Amrita said I did not mention Billu’s name, but your earring was left outside his house. Shilpa looked on. Sheela said I did this for the house betterment, Yashpal has no earnings now, we have to meet the expenses, Yashpal always threatened to throw Madhav out of the house, I thought if he saves you, he will earn respect in the house, then he won’t be out of the house. Amrita asked you risked my and Shilpa’s respect to get rent, I got angry and thought to tell dad, but someone explained to me not to tell him, as it will spoil relations, I did this to maintain peace, I hope you also do this and she warned Sheela and left. Sheela asked Shilpa to win Madhav soon. Shilpa asked how will I impress Madhav.

Rajveer scolded Durga and Sanjay and they fought. Rajveer said stop it, else I will complain to the principal, I am helping for the last time now, go home and change and Sanjay left. Rajveer asked where are you going, make your legs fine, we have to start training soon, did you hear about Mahabharat, Arjun just saw fish’s eye, he just saw his motives.

Rajveer asked her to focus well and win the race, then she will get 5 marks and she nodded. Amrita came to the workshop. She went to Madhav. Durga came home and saw Subhadra. She prayed she gets saved from Subhadra. Subhadra talked to her friend and said I will solve your problem. Durga silently stepped inside the house. Amma asked what happened. Durga said save me from Bua first, I will tell you everything and Amma hid Durga. Subhadra came to Amma and asked what is she doing. Amma said I had some work. Subhadra screamed saying rat and was shocked seeing Durga. Durga apologized to her and Subhadra took her away. Madhav refused to eat. Amrita said you don’t like canteen food, but you can have mum’s handmade food. Madhav said I did not mean that. She asked him to eat from her tiffin, she will eat the food from the canteen. He said canteen food won’t be good, share the tiffin with me. She said no, I will have canteen food. He said I am the boss here, sit, they shared the food and she smiled.

Durga apologized to Subhadra. Subhadra asked what happened, I am your Bua, not an enemy, if you don’t play out, will I play, I was saying there is big party in your uncle’s boss’ house, get ready and come. Durga said no, I won’t come, Shri is not coming, I don’t know anyone. Subhadra said you haven’t forgiven me till now, so you are saying this. Yashpal said Subhadra is taking care of Durga well, I am going to Bhiwani, I will meet Durga. Annapurna said Amrita got this gift for Subhadra. He said Subhadra will be happy seeing this. Subhadra acted sweet and begged Durga to come with her. She said I got a new dress for you. Durga asked really, for me. Subhadra said yes, wear this and come and Durga left. Subhadra smiled and thinks when Durga works as a servant today, her cleverness will go. Yashpal said I will first give this file to Chopra and then visit Subhadra.

Madhav held Shilpa. He saw Amrita watching him. Durga worked as a servant. Yashpal came there and was shocked seeing a lady scolding Durga.


The Episode started with Yashpal saying I will meet Durga and come, Subhadra is taking much care of her, she kept her as a queen. Durga got dressed as a waiter. Subhadra thinks Durga is ready for her new work. She said you look pretty, come and they left. Yashpal got to Bhiwani and went to Chopra’s house. Durga and Subhadra came to the party and Subhadra hid. She met her friend and said Durga is the maid. Durga greeted the lady and thebLady asked her to call her madam. Subhadra said they are rich people, they don’t make relations, call them Sir or madam, your uncle can get promotion if they stay happy with us. Durga said right, dad also said the same. Durga served the people as a waiter and Subhadra smiled.

Subhadra’s husband Ashish came and met the seniors. He was shocked seeing Durga was a waiter. Durga said I am helping your boss. Subhadra told her friend about poor villagers. Ashish came to her and asked about Durga. The Senior asked how is the party. Ashish said it’s good.

The lady asked Durga to go and serve the guests on the other side. Senior, Chopra talked to Ashish while the lady treated Durga as a maid. Subhadra tried to act sweet and the lady left.

Yashpal said I have to give the legal papers to Chopra and the Guard allowed him in. Durga came to Subhadra. She said let us go home, I won’t be here. Subhadra made excuse. Durga understood and said Bua is very bad, she lied and got me here, she cheated me, she made me a maid. She cried and said I won’t do this work.

The lady scolded Durga. Durga thinks it’s about Ashish’s job and stayed back. Yashpal met Chopra and gave him the papers. Chopra thanked him and asked him to have food. Yashpal said no thanks. Chopra said no, wait. Ashish then saw Durga. He went to Subhadra and said it’s enough, tell me, did you get Durga to work as a maid. She said I am doing this for you, if Yashpal knows I am making Durga a maid, he will break relations, I am doing this for your promotion, you are scolding me. He said don’t fool me, I know you. Durga went to give food to Yashpal. He thinks to leave. Durga dropped the plate and said sorry. The lady scolded Durga, Yashpal heard Durga’s name and stopped.

Subhadra asked what did you do Durga, where was your focus. She told the lady she will pay for the loss. She asked Durga to clean everything. Yashpal came to see it. The lady said you said your maid is good, she doesn’t know anything. Durga cleaned floor and Yashpal was shocked seeing her. The lady said it’s my loss of money and respect. Subhadra said I will talk to her.

Yashpal stopped Durga. Durga and Subhadra were shocked seeing him. The lady asked where are you taking her, the work is not over. Subhadra asked Yashpal to listen, what you have seen is wrong, this is Ashish’s boss’ house, I was helping them, Durga was assisting me. Yashpal asked Durga to tell him the truth. He asked did Subhadra get you as maid here or not. Durga was silent. He placed her hand on his head and said swear on me, say it, yes or no. Durga said Bua got me here to work and he became angry. Subhadra said she is misunderstanding, will you agree to me or her. Yashpal said enough, I have sent her to study here, you did this with her, are you not ashamed, you made her a maid in front of everyone. Ashish looked on.

Yashpal said if I can make you study, I can do anything for Durga. He then went back home with Durga and everyone was shocked.

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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