Durga Defeats Sanjay. My Daughter Durga Monday, 30 May 2022: Episode 303-304


The Episode started with Durga and her family getting shocked seeing their house getting brokem and they all locked Sanjay’s family. Durga’s friend got a laptop to Sanjay and he saw Durga connected on video call. She showed him his family locked, and Yashpal and Brij breaking his house. He became shocked and asked her to stop it. He asked him to see and realize the pain he wanted to give her. Yashpal and Brij light the fire torches. Durga said your house will get burnt now and he became shocked. Gayatri called Sanjay and said don’t break their house, Durga is ruining our house, we will be sleeping on the road, do something. Sanjay said Durga, stop breaking my house, please stop.

He asked the men to leave. Durga said next time I won’t stop on your saying, I want a stay order in one hour, else I will burn your house, don’t waste time. He became shocked and run. Durga’s friend came to her and said Sanjay has gone to get the stay orders and she became relieved. Sanjay said I have to get the stay orders in one hour. He got to the office and asked the man to cancel their contract and give him the stay order. The man said the plan is passed, sorry I can’t help you. Sanjay then threatened the man. He said I will make CBI enquire about you. Yashpal waited for Sanjay and the man gave him the stay orders and he left.

Everyone waited for Sanjay. Sanjay came home and Durga asked for the stay orders. He gave her the papers and entered the house. He became shocked seeing everything fine and Brij freed his family. They all came out and saw their house. Sanjay asked how is this possible, you got the walls broken. Durga smiled and said those walls were not your house, I don’t believe in breaking homes, I believe in joining homes, come with me. She took them to the storeroom and showed the changes made to present it as the living hall. She recalled Rajveer taking pics. She said we locked everyone in the room, so that they don’t see all this.

Gayatri asked what about the sound and smoke. Durga said it was all fake, we didn’t wish anyone to know our plan, we didn’t make any loss for you. Neelkant asked how did you do this. Yashpal said you all just guess what happened and how, you all didn’t notice what we got in our bags. Durga said we just wanted you to realize, house is precious than life. Yashpal showed the tea cup broken by mistake. He apologized and said you can get glue from the market and fix it.

Durga scolded Sanjay for breaking her house, which is his house too. She said I got good values from my dad, I didn’t think to break your house, I accepted your house, you are going wrong, getting blind in hatred isn’t good. Yashpal said we should leave now, we saved our house, sorry. They all packed their bags. Durga said I will change Sanjay’s intentions before he does anything again. A postman delivered a post. She became glad seeing her competition entry number. She then took blessings from everyone. Yashpal said you will win, he hugged her and the family left.

Durga felt restless. She called Sanjay and worried. Gayatri told Neelkant that Aarti’s dad is dangerous, he can do anything.


The Episode started with Durga telling Sanjay that he can’t break her. Sanjay explained to Aarti’s dad and was scolded. He said trust me, this project will get completed. Durga was singing and disturbing him. Aarti’s dad said I don’t want you to leave this chance. Sanjay said I will meet you and talk. He tied her up and said sing now, don’t think I have lost my challenge. She showed him the wall and he said I will end your spirit by breaking your pride. She said fine and allowed her speak.

She said, keep hating me, I will keep loving you, hatred will never win over love. He got a call and left and she freed herself. Everyone came home and looked around. Umang said our house got saved. Yashpal said Durga did her duty again, her victory in race will get her rid of all the blames. Rajveer thinks Durga’s win is tough to obtain because of Gayatri.

Sanjay came to Aarti’s house. Her dad threw a wine bottle and started scolding Sanjay. Sanjay said sorry, I went to break Durga’s house but…. Aarti’s dad shouted you and your wife Durga. Durga got worried when Sanjay’s photo frame fell. Gayatri came to ask what happened. Durga said the frame got broken, you can have food. Gayatri said if Aarti’s dad does anything to Sanjay, I will not leave you. Aarti asked her dad to leave Sanjay and he dad gave his last warning to Sanjay. Sanjay promised to throw Durga out of his life. He said trust me, I promise and he dad left. She said I will convince dad.

Someone kept an eye on Yashpal while he looked around. Brij asked him to come. Yashpal turned to go and heard someone. He became shocked seeing someone and ran. Durga didn’t eat while she looked at Sanjay’s pic. Gayatri worried for Sanjay. She said Aarti’s dad is dangerous, he can do anything to Sanjay. Neelkant said Sanjay is mature, he can manage problems. Durga heard them and they saw Durga.

Durga then called Sanjay. Yashpal became shocked seeing the man. He said I am not Yashpal and ran and the man smiled. Durga found Sanjay’s phone in the room. Yashpal came home and worried. He stayed lost and left. Annapurna thinks what happened to him, why is he worried. Durga thinks of Gayatri’s words.

A man came home and said I know all of you very well and Yashpal became shocked seeing him. Durga came to Aarti’s house and was shocked seeing Sanjay with Aarti…Read more

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