Durga Shines In Training. My Daughter Durga Monday, 31 January 2022: Episode 138-139



The Episode started with Madhav saying Annapurna loves Amrita a lot, she wants to see her happiness. He talked to Rishi on a video call. Annapurna and Amrita came there. He became shocked and ended the call. Annapurna said you wanted to know my answer, I will not let my daughter’s marry you. Sheela heard this and was glad.

Madhav said I can’t think of living without Amrita, I will not force you to change your decision, it’s time for me to fulfill my promise. Amrita begged Annapurna to stop Madhav, he is very nice, I love him a lot. Madhav packed his bag. He asked Annapurna not to worry, he will get his other things tomorrow and he touched her feet.

He was about to leave but Annapura stopped him. He said you are keeping your promise unwillingly, you now promise me you will not let Amrita get tears in her eyes, you will give her much happiness. Madhav and Amrita smiled and Madhav promised. Amrita hugged Annapurna and said you gave me life’s biggest happines, but dad…. Annapurna said he is hurt by last time’s cheat, but everyone will convince him. Madhav thinks you all cheated, you did not get cheated by someone, you made my work easy. Sheela thinks to do something.

Yashpal and Subhadra kept an eye on Durga and Shri came there. Durga said you here… Shri said listen to me, I went to school, Rajveer is calling you at school for practice, come fast and they left. Yashpal scolded Subhadra and left. Annapurna said if Yashpal sees good person in Madhav, he will not have any problem, your dad has experience to know people. Amrita said don’t worry, I trust Madhav completely.

Madhav said she trusts me much. Rishi said mum will be glad knowing Madhav’s plan and Dulaari smiled. Madhav said I just did as you said, Amrita believes me a lot. Dulaari said I knew it, just you can take revenge of our insult. Annapurna said your dad doesn’t want you to get cheated again. Amrita said it won’t happen, Madhav and Rishi are different. Madhav said I know they cheated you and gave you sorrow, trust me, I will take revenge.

Dulaari said yes, you are right, whenever I recall that day, I cry, I did a lot for that girl, it’s good they don’t know that Madhav is Rishi’s elder brother, I did not take any money from them in dowry, you know I have a big heart, I helped them in all things, Yashpal lied to me about Amrita, they look innocent, but they are clever, they told many stories to me, when Amrita’s truth came out.

Yashpal blamed us and insulted us badly, I can’t forget such insult, I know Amrita would not tell you about her panic attacks. Madhav said you are right, I trust you.

Dulaari said I got BP, I will not leave Yashpal. Madhav said I will leave Amrita in mandap and insult her, her family will agree soon, I will end their fake respect. Rajveer trained Durga. He asked her to cross the hurdles and complete a round in 20 seconds. Durga run and completed in 22 seconds. Rajveer said I know it’s tough, but this is the challenge, we have less time for practice, you have to put medal on your dad’s neck right. She said yes. He asked her to run and Durga run.

Durga asked about Sanjay and Aarti. Prince asked Durga will she become his friend. Yashpal said I don’t want Madhav here. Shri got angry at Subhadra. Subhadra said I will expose Durga in front of everyone now.


The Episode started with Rajveer training Durga. He said you have to win the championship right. Subhadra rang the bell. Amma asked her to leave. Subhadra asked Shri to open the door and she shouted for help. Shri opened the door and stopped her. She asked her not to do this drama. Subhadra said we will go inside and talk. Shri said you did wrong with Durga. Subhadra said I will tell you the truth. Shri said you did wrong with Yashpal and Durga, I can’t stay with you, leave from here and she shuts door. Subhadra said I will not leave Durga, I will bring her truth out, see what I do.

Durga came to the school. The boy said Sanjay and Aarti had a fight. Durga asked Saru about it but Aarti hits the ball and Durga was hit by it. Aarti said you are the reason for our fight. Durga asked what did I do. Aarti said I will not let this go on. Durga asked what’s happening. Sanjay came there. He asked Aarti to show her attitude to someone else, you won’t trouble Durga from now on and they argued.

Durga did not understand anything. Sanjay asked Durga if she will become his friend, you have made our school name shine, it’s so cool, so I want to become your friend. Durga said I will think about it and left. Sanjay said I will wait and smiled. Aarti got angry and stepped on his foot.

Dulaari told Rishi that she wants revenge. Rishi said if Madhav knows the marriage broke by our lie, what will happen. She said did you forget Madhav was crying on my feet, he met me after many years, I became Lord to him, your dad gave him values, but he calls me mum, he will do everything for me, his goodness will be useful to us.

Yashpal said we have to kick Madhav out of here, I don’t want him here. Madhav called Amrita and said I don’t want to lose you, how will we tell everyone. Amrita said wait till evening, Durga can help us. Yashpal asked did Madhav try to impress anyone. Annapurna signalled no and he left. Durga recalled her race and said I will run happily, I felt happy like I am getting my dreams fulfilled, I will work hard and then when dad will see everyone clapping for me, he will be proud of me and forgive me, he will permit me to run. She placed the papers in book and said I have to study hard.

Amrita came and gaves her sweets. Durga asked what’s the matter to get sweets. Madhav also came and gave her icecream. Durga then understood that they needed something. She said I know everything, you both want me to convince the family. Madhav said no, it’s nothing like that. Durga said you want me to do this by having sweets, I am honest and daring, if you trouble Amrita, I will beat you a lot. Madhav said I got scared, forgive me.

She said Amrita loves you, but what did she see in you. Amrita smiled and said don’t call him frog now. Durga said fine, why shall I convince everyone and they requested. Durga said I have to think aboutsomething. Subhadra came home. Dadi asked what happened. Subhadra said I was upset and my husband has sent me here to stay till I want, I miss you all. Annapurna said Yashpal wants to buy laptop for Durga, so he is doing another job, Durga was playing with her friends, Subhadra saw her and smiled.

Shilpa said Sheela were on a strike and wanted Madhav to leave. Subhadra got some proof and showed to to Yashpal…Read more

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