Race Begins! Durga To Win. My Daughter Durga Monday, 7 February 2022: Episode 148-149



The Episode started with Amrita giving her savings to Annapurna and Madhav looked on. Annapurna asked her to keep it. Amrita said I don’t worry for anything, you do a lot for me, can’t I do this for you, I will get married and go to my in-laws, you can talk to me on phone and she hugged Annapurna. Madhav thinks I can’t believe Amrita cheated my mum and brother, when I see her goodness, I can’t stop myself from loving her.

Durga was packing her bag and saw the letter for Yashpal. She hoped he reads it before the race. Yashpal saw her and prayed for her exam. He asked Annapurna to iron his clothes, everyone should know Durga’s dad came to school, when I give her the laptop, she will be very happy. Durga said I will work hard and hope that you feel proud of me, I want to make you feel proud.

It’s was morning, Durga saw everyone sleeping and she placed the letter down for Yashpal and took his blessings and hid from Annapurna. She then left the house and went to the to school. Sanjay wished her all the best.

She thanked him for the gift and asked him to help, save the seat for my dad so that he can see me running. He said fine. Yashpal got ready. He called out Durga and thinks how did she go without telling me. He asked Annapurna is he looking like a hero. He sat to eat and the letter fell down.

Annapurna picked it and gave it to him. He asked her to open it, glasses are inside, I will see later and she placed it under the plate. Amrita took the tray and complimented Yashpal. Amrita saw Madhav and did not read the letter.

She collided with Subhadra and the letter fell. Subhadra asked where is your focus and saw Madhav. She said so your focus was on him. Amrita smiled and left.

Subhadra read the letter and said Durga thought to ruin my hardwork by this letter, I won’t let this happen. Yashpal said Durga did not tell me before going.

Subhadra said can this happen that she goes without telling us, maybe she called and we did not hear. She asked him to see what Durga left for him. He got the scholarship ad and smiled. He said you are right, maybe I did not hear her, I will go and bless her. Subhadra said I will come along. He said fine, come.

She thinks when he sees Durga running in the race, his hope will break. Amrita and Annapurna saw the clothes. Sheela asked the lady to show the latest design to Amrita. They all became shocked seeing the saree getting torn.

The lady scolded her assistant. Amrita said its not so bad, don’t scold her, it’s fine. Madhav came and looked on. The lady said she has to pay for this, I will not let her get job anywhere. The girls got a panic attack, she fell down and Amrita became shocked.

She helped the girl and asked them to let some air come. Madhav said feed her water, this will not help. Amrita said no, water will spoil her health. Amrita massaged her back and the lady became okay.

The Lady said thank God, I was scared, thanks for saving her life, you managed with patience, how did you know this, were you a doctor. Amrita said no, there was a time when I used to get such attacks and Madhav became shocked. He recalled Dulaari’s words and thinks Amrita said this easily in front of me, how.

Amrita said water is not given at this time, I forgot to tell this to you, I used to get such attacks since childhood till some time back, when my marriage with Rishi broke, I got courage and managed myself, from then I did not get any attack and he became shocked.

She asked what happened, what are you thinking. He said nothing. She asked him to say which lahenga will suit her. Madhav thinks Amrita said this so easily, if she wanted to hide this and cheat, why did she tell this to me, what is it that I am not understanding, it’s not Amrita’s mistake, I have to know what happened before and why.

Durga run in the race and Yashpal became shocked seeing her. Madhav said I want to make everything fine, so I want to say the truth, I am Dulaari’s son, they made me against you. Amrita slapped him and cried.


The Episode started with Durga preparing for the race. Yashpal and Subhadra came there to the school. Yashpal said Durga is not here, we will check the exam list. They went to check the list, he said we are looking her, she is there. He checked the girl and saw someone else.

Subhadra asked him to check for Durga’s name in the list. She thinks Durga is running in the ground, while he is looking for her name here. He did not see the name and looked again. Rajveer was then training Durga. Subhadra asked him not to worry, Durga will be around, we will ask someone.

Yashpal asked a teacher about Durga. Teacher said she will be in the stadium today, there is a state championship race, go there. Subhadra asked really and the Teacher left. Subhadra said Durga went for the race.

Yashpal said she can’t go there, don’t say this again. She said we will go and see once,maybe she went there by mistake, we will go and get her. He scolded her and she went after him. Sanjay stopped Yashpal and asked him to come with him, he has booked the seat for him. Yashpal asked for Durga. Sanjay said she is on the race track, come with me.

Durga was on the track. Yashpal came there and looked for Durga. Subhadra smiled seeing Durga and thinks my work is done. Yashpal said what is Durga doing here. Subhadra said we will go and see. She did not let Sanjay speak. Yashpal asked Sanjay why did he come home. Sanjay said I came to congratulate her for the race. Yashpal asked what.

Subhadra said we will go and see, come. Durga thinks did Yashpal get the letter, or did not understand the address, come soon. Rajveer thinks Durga looks worried and waiting for her dad. He asked Durga to focus on the race and not look here and there.

Madhav showed Rishi and Amrita’s picture and asked the pandit but the Pandit did not tell him anything. Madhav scolded him and didn’t let him go. Madhav asked him to tell him, he is asking for the last time. Pandit said see he is threatening me. Madhav slapped him and said I am not threatening. Pandit said it’s Dulaari’s son’s marriage photo and told Madhav everything.

He said Rishi wanted to marry my daughter, but his kundli had dosh, he had to marry some other girl first, Dulaari did not tell them the truth and wanted to break the marriage in mandap, she has used the girl’s weakness, but then the truth came out, Dulaari and everyone got insulted, I was helpless and did this for my daughter, it’s not my mistake and Madhav became shocked. He thinks of Dulaari’s words and thinks I was hating Amrita, I was so wrong, I was such a big fool.

Durga’s name was announced and she looked for Yashpal. Yashpal became shocked seeing her. Sanjay asked Yashpal what happened. Durga wished Yashpal came fast, as she has to make him meet her life’s biggest happiness and she smiled. Yashpal held the laptop gift and looked on sadly.

Durga turned and saw Yashpal. She thinks I want to make him meet my dreams, when I win the race, he will be proud of me and say she is my Durga. Rajveer wished her all the best. Durga run in the race and a man said Durga is ahead of everyone and Yashpal looked on.

Madhav said I am Dulaari’s son, they made me against you and your family. Amrita slapped him. Durga run to win the race and yes she won and Yashpal cried…Read more

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