Durga Hits Training Grounds. My Daughter Durga Monday, 7 March 2022; Episode 185-186



The Episode started with Durga giving special tea to Yashpal. He said you have many problems in the college, take this correspondence form. She asked how do you know, what did you do, tell me.

He said nothing, fine I just came there to see you, no need to go to college now. She said you ask me to have courage and answer the world, then you are asking me to run away, no, I will show who I am. She recalled Aarti and Sanjay’s words.

She said this correspondence form is not needed and tore it. Yashpal asked the Lord to be careful, earthquake will come in the college, Durga will run now, if Rajveer knew you will run, he would be much happy.

Durga went to the college. She got Sanjay’s letter in the class and crushed it. Sam saw Durga with some bag. Durga went to the library and saw Sanjay. She asked him to stop all this while Aarti hid. Aarti stopped Sam on the way and the guys caught Sam. Durga said I can’t tolerate this now and the Principal looked on. Durga gave him the bag. Sanjay asked what do you want.

She said you know why I am doing this, you remember all my bitter words, else I will give you to the police. Sanjay made a sad face. Sam threw away all the guys and Aarti became shocked. He warned Aarti and left and Aarti still asked the guys to stop Sam.

Durga said you don’t do such thing again and she scolded him. Principal thinks SP was right, Durga can go to any extent for her motives. Sam came there and called out Durga. He asked Durga is everything fine. Durga said yes and left and Sam also left.

Sanjay saw the principal and made a face. He went after Durga and asked her to take the briefcase, he doesn’t want this money, he did not think she will fall so low to make him quiet by bribing him. Durga and Sam became shocked. Everyone talked about Durga and she became angry.

Principal said Sanjay was right, you would have cheated and stained your state’s name, all blames will be true. Shilpa looked for Amrita. She signalled Sheela and thinks now Amrita will be gone. She asked Umang where is Amrita’s chunri. He said I know and took her.

Durga said Sanjay offered me money to accept blames and leave from this house, he is lying. He said how do I believe you are saying the truth. She said I am not lying. Sanjay said she is lying, why would I call you and alert you of her game. Durga thinks of the letter and said I have proof, come with me to the classroom. Principal agreed and said it’s important to find the innocent one and the culprit.

Umang said I know where mummy kept chunri and Shilpa smiled. She saw the letters he writes for Madhav and smiled. She hid the letters in chunri. She made the letter fall down and asked him did he not send the letters. He said mummy has sent this. She asked about his dad and he became sad.

Durga came to the class and picked the paper. Principal asked what do you want to proof by this blank paper. Durga checked and became shocked. Sanjay smiled and recalled keeping the note for Durga. Aarti said if Durga shows this to the principal then….

Sanjay said this ink will disappear in 15mins. Principal asked Sam not to ruin his image by supporting Durga. He scolded Durga and left. Aarti said you will be out of college and Durga became shocked. Sanjay said clean bowled and smiled.

Neelkant said you made Durga out of the college. Aarti said I have some important work. Sanjay asked her where does she go often. Aarti went and met Rajveer.


The Episode started with Amrita and everyone worrying that Umang locked himself. Amrita asked him to open the door. Umang asked Amrita why did she not send his letters to Madhav, she is a liar and they heard a sound.

Amrita pushed and broke the door. She got in and saw Umang crying. Umang became annoyed with Amrita. She consoled her and asked him to show his wound. Yashpal came and they all worried.

Sanjay stopped Durga while Sam looked at the drama. Sanjay said Durga will be out of college tomorrow, her truth will be out and everyone laughed. Sam said let the decision come, till then calm your fire, you will go from the college tomorrow, not Durga, no innocent can get punished as long as I am here. Sanjay said you are flying thinking you will throw me out of the college, cut your feathers and come on ty3 ground. Durga looked on.

Amrita made Umang talk to someone as his dad. Umang asked Papa where are you, come home, I want to talk to you, mumma lied to me. The man said I was busy but I will come soon to meet you, you dont cry. Umang said I want to meet you. The man told Yashpal that Umang can’t stay without meeting his dad, I can’t help you more, sorry.

Sanjay recorded Durga and smiled. He said you did not break by this insult, friends see and learn, cheaters’ ending is never happy. He held her and said you will disappear now like you disappeared five years ago. She made him fall down and said I have come to prove myself innocent and shut your mouth, you will come to meet me when I win the national championship race by making Aarti lose, you will come to apologize to me.

He asked is she running again. She said yes, if I did not do anything wrong, why shall I let go of my dreams, the wrong people who doubted on my true friendship will break, what happened, did you get scared, don’t worry, I will show this pic when I shut your mouth by running in the race.

Sanjay looked at her and she left. Yashpal gifted shoes to Durga and showed her the track and she recalled the past. He asked her to forget everything and jump back on to the track, once she jumps, she will win and encouraged her. He said I will see who stops my Durga from winning.

Aarti thinks of Rajveer and Sanjay came to her. Aarti said I have to go, I have some work. Neelkant said we should celebrate as Durga is removed from the college. Sanjay asked where do you go often, you can tell me if there is anything special thing.

She thinks SP should not doubt. He asked again lost, what’s the matter. She said I think we should celebrate today. Neelkant asked Sanjay to get juice and Sanjay left. Neelkant said none should know we are behind that conspiracy, Rana is drunk and won’t say anything to anyone, but you should be safe and she nodded. Rajveer became conscious and tried to leave. He called out Durga and fell down.

Neelkant said our secrets should always be secrets. Durga got back on the track. Yashpal smiled seeing her and blessed her. Durga recalled Sanjay’s words. Yashpal counted down and whistles and she started running.

Yashpal said you need good training. Durga said just Rana Sir can do this. Druga said Aarti knows I have won that race and Sanjay got slapped…Read more