My Daughter Durga Monday, 8 November 2021: Episode 20-

my daughter durga


The Episode started with Durga answering the Maths problem. Teacher asked what, say it again. Durga repeated. Teacher said wait, and wrote it down on the board. He said right till here, what next, tell me. Durga recalled the coaching class lesson and She answered it. The Teacher wrote it and asked what next. Durga kept recalling. She recalled how she fell down and missed to see and she cried. She said I don’t remember. He said how will you say, I did not teach this yet, Durga you did great today, amazing. The students clapped for Durga. Teacher explained it in class.

Durga and her friends left the class. Her friends praised her. Bansi said now you will pass in the exam and they danced in the field. Durga recalled Yashpal’s aching state and struggled. She said I can just see my dad’s pain, he made me stand on his shoulders so that I can see what Saraswati Sir is teaching, he would be so hurt, he made me stand for two hours, he can’t even drive cycle well, he said his shoulder is getting stronger, but I know his pain, I don’t want to write any exam by breaking his shoulder.

Brij disliked the tea. Sheela was angry and argued with him. He asked what’s the matter and she cried. Yashpal returned the earrings to Dadi and said I could not buy anything for you, how can I get dad’s last sign from you for my poverty reason. Dadi said you and Brij are his last sign, keep this. He said like Brij and I are equal for you, Shilpa and Amrita are equal. She said this is one, and Amrita’s marriage is on head now, Brij will manage Shilpa’s marriage.

Brij said what does Dadi has, you think she has gold earrings, even if she has, what the big thing if she gave that to Yashpal. She said why did you marry me then, you don’t see me in front of them and she cried. He asked her not to talk of old things and she complained. He asked what do you want. She said half share of the earrings. He asked her to listen. She said I asked them to do division, now what shall I do and she sat crying.

Durga thinks of Yashpal. Her friends came there and met her. Bansi said you are worried that Yashpal’s shoulder is getting hurt, we will keep a stair there, instead Yashpal, there will be no problem. She said I have to hide this, I don’t want to tell anyone, think something that he doesn’t take me to a coaching class. They think. They told her about Shweta, who will do our work without telling anyone. She asked what will you do. The man said we will end Yashpal’s shoulder pain, go to coaching the class tomorrow and they left.

Brij recalled Sheela’s words and drank. Sheela came there and thinks just Dulaari can do something for me. She called Dulaari. Sheela cried and told her why she wants to throw Yashpal and the family out of the house. She told her everything. Flashback showed Yashpal asking Brij how can he marry Sheela, she is an illiterate. Sheela as a bride heard them. Yashpal said I was an illiterate and got Annapurna, but you were educated, why did you marry Sheela, literate person gets respect. Brij said I married Sheela. The family became angry. Dadi went to beat him. Yashpal asked where is bahu, when do we to get her. Brij said she is standing outside. Yashpal said you are mad, how dare you make the new bahu stand outside the house. He asked Annapurna to get the puja plate. Annapurna, Yashpal and everyone did aarti of Sheela. The neighbors taunted Sheela for being an illiterate. Sheela said, that’s why I hate them. She became shocked seeing Yashpal at window.

Amrita and Durga talked. Amrita said Yashpal’s uniform got dirty. The boys made Shweta hear about Durga learning in the class. Shweta said I will tell this to Saraswati Sir. Yashpal was arrested.


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