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My Daughter Durga On Adom Tv. The story traces the journey of a Durga who aspires to become a runner. It revolves around the most beautiful and sensitive relationship of a father and his daughter. Highlighting the realities of life, Durga’s father, Yashpal Choudhary works as a peon in one of the schools in Haryana.

His only dream is to fight against all the odds and educate his daughter Durga for a better future. But despite trying hard to study and prove herself, Durga couldn’t reach Yashpal’s expectations.

Yashpal who works as a mere school peon has a very progressive viewpoint when it comes to educating a girl or a boy – unlike his other relatives. Durga, on the other hand, is a very lively and positive 12-year-old who is enjoying her childhood in and around the corners of Haryana. She loves running behind kites, climbing on the mango tree. Besides enjoying her childhood.

Durga tried very hard to fulfill her father’s dream. But somehow she just couldn’t understand the calculations and hence always found herself confused between alphabets and numbers. Influenced by her coach, Rana sir, Yaspal allows Durga to be an athlete. Durga emerges as the winner in the national race but her competitor, Arti who secures the 2nd position gets drugs mixed in her food.

In the blood test, Durga is found to be on drugs and is expelled from running for 5 years. As the consequence, her innocent family faces the villagers’ ire and Durga is so shocked that she quits running forever.

Still On My Daughter Durga

Five years later

After 5 years in My Daughter Durga On Adom Tv Durga is now grown up and she has the responsibility to take care of her family as well as her dreams too. She meets Sanjay Prince (SP), her old childhood friend. But things between them are not too good.

When Sp finds out that Durga has joined the same college as him, he threatens her to leave the college but eventually, they fall in love. Later Durga gets to know that SP’s mom, Gayatri Devi, had mixed drugs to her food five years back and tells the media.

My Daughter Durga On Adom Tv. Gayatri Devi gets angry and influences SP to make him Durga’s enemy and SP and Arti start a new play. In the midst of this, SP and Durga marry each other. After being tortured by SP and his family, Durga finds out that Gayatri was a national athlete who was expelled from the academy and helps her to keep it a secret. Eventually, SP gets to know that Durga is innocent and his mom was the behind her pains.

My Daughter Durga On Adom Tv. The family comes together and Durga begins training for her nationals. Arti’s father blackmails Durga that he will destroy her family if she takes part in the national race. He kidnaps her family on the day of the race but SP and Durga rescue the family and Durga wins the race. Durga gets admitted in the academy for being qualified for international games. She succeeds in her attempts.

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