My Daughter Durga Thursday, 12 May 2022: Episode 278-279



The Episode started with Sanjay burning the letter while Durga stopped him and became shocked. Yashpal then held her. He said your dreams got burnt, a girl like you shouldn’t get a chance to run. She then thanked him for ending her weakness.

She said I warned you, don’t do anything that things go over head, you have hurt my parents today, you have seen my love, now you will see that avatar which you never imagined. Durga maa idol was shown and left. Rajveer went after her. Durga run on the road and thinks of Sanjay’s words and she fell down. Rajveer gave him his hand and asked her to get up.

Yashpal said I trusted you, I regarded you son, you have shattered everything, you made Durga fall, you didn’t do this right and Neelkant threatened him. Durga said I have to get courage myself. Rajveer said great, your courage is your identity.

Yashpal said you don’t know Durga, she is a tigress. He asked Sanjay not to be around Durga from now on. He removed the pagdi and dumped it. He said now her life has no place for you all and they all left. Sanjay said not so easily, Durga has to come back to me. Gayatri said no, we won’t let her come back.

Durga said now my steps will stop at the academy, I have become a metal now, even when I am burnt, I will turn stronger, I will ask my rights in the academy. Rajveer said admission won’t be possible without a recommendation letter. She asked is a paper bigger than my courage and talents, I have my elders’ blessings. He said I am so proud of you, I will come along and they went.

They got to the sport academy. Rajveer told the peon that they have to talk to some officials about training. Guard saw their dressing. The Peon said it’s tough to say whether you can talk to him or not, that’s the biggest coach of this academy, Bhagat.

Rajveer and Durga went to Bhagat. Bhagat scolded some guys and the guys said sorry. Bhagat said you know I don’t like indiscipline, how dare you, this is your first and last mistake, so I am forgiving you, next time I will throw you out of the academy.

Rajveer stopped Bhagat. Bhagat said come later, I don’t have time. Rajveer said just 2 mins, it’s about someone’s career and told him about Durga, she lost the letter. Bhagat asked what shall I do. Rajveer said see her talents and give her admission. Bhagat said Durga, you are that girl who made the truck lose in the race, did you not get a better plan to show your city down.

Durga said I just wanted to fulfill my dreams. He said everyone doesn’t have passion, if you had passion, you would have had the letter and Rajveer stopped him. Bhagat said discipline exists in my life, you are out. Rajveer said Durga’s circumstances were such. Bhagat said I don’t care for her, your 2 mins end here.

Rajveer said Durga, he won’t agree. Durga said I can’t go empty handed, he has to see my talent. She went to Bhagat and said I can’t go back, it’s not my option. Bhagat asked really, who will give you the recommendation letter. She said you…. she gave him a stopwatch. He asked what the hell is this and she started running.

He saw her timing. He asked the peon to catch her. Rajveer and Bhagat looked on. The Peons and guards asked her to stop but Durga kept running. Bhagat said this girl thinks she will get admission by doing this, she won’t get admission in any academy, that’s a promise.

Durga came and said total 500 meters distance, I have run in this lahenga in such a short time, is this not enough. Bhagta asked her to get out and a man stopped Bhagat. He said Durga, you don’t run, you fly and Durga thanked him.

He said I am Chetan, head of selection committee, I know she made a mistake, but she proved herself, I want to give her a chance. Bhagat said anyone can come like this. Chetan said we can’t ignore her talent. He asked Durga to get training from Bhagat, come here for 15 days, you have to stay here. Durga and Rajveer smiled.

Sanjay came home to take Durga. He looked for Durga and Yashpal became angry. Sanjay fell down the stairs and Yashpal informed Gayatri about Sanjay’s accident. She became shocked.


The Episode started with Bhagat asking Durga to get the papers and come to stay in the hostel from tomorrow. Durga thanked him and Yashpal came there. Durga said I got the admission and he blessed her. They left for home. Gayatri said Durga will get punished by hearing people’s taunts. Sanjay said no, I will punish her, she has to accept her mistake and apologize to you, my life’s aim is to ruin her.

Durga said I will go to Bhiwani, SP’s house is there. Yashpal asked have you gone mad, you have seen his real face. Durga said he is influenced by his parents, I have to show them the truth, I know he did wrong, I married him, I promised to support him. He said how can you think of this, they won’t allow you to go to the academy, I am against them and your decision.

Gayatri said you don’t need to bring Durga back. Sanjay said till I settle scores, I will not get peace. Gayatri asked what’s this stubbornness, their life will get worse, I will not tolerate her here. He said sorry, I want her to realize her big mistake, she would have no admission in the academy, I am going to get her.

Everyone worried for Durga’s admission and prayed. Rajveer dropped Durga to Sanjay’s house. He said we will go to the academy tomorrow, be ready and he left. Sanjay came to Durga’s house. Brij and the others became shocked. Gayatri stopped Durga and said you won’t step in. Brij asked Sanjay to go.

Sanjay said I came to take my wife and went to her room. Durga asked Gayatri to welcome her happily with aarti. She said I got a good news, I got admission to the academy, thanks, my fire got a wind blow because of you. Gayatri said you can’t go to the academy, you can’t step in. Durga said you can’t stop me.

Gayatri said fine then, I will permit you to stay with Sanjay, but I have a condition, you won’t go to the academy, you won’t become part of any competition, you won’t run in any race. Durga said I will run and win, I will bring your truth in front of SP, I will get him on the right path. Sanjay looked for Durga. Durga said I won’t go anywhere, my work starts now and Gayatri shuts the door.

Yashpal came home and saw Sanjay. Sanjay slipped on the stairs and fell down. He got hurt and they all became shocked. They all made SP lay on the bed. Gayatri threw the bags out. Durga thinks why has SP not come. Rajveer saw Sanjay and asked how did he come here, what happened. Yashpal said he came to meet Durga, he fell downstairs, I think he got internal injury. Annapurna cried and worried for him.

Rajveer asked Sanjay what happened to him. Annapurna said call the doctor. Gayatri looked at Durga. She said Sanjay went to get her, she is here, don’t know where he is, he should have come by now, he is not answering my call. Durga then felt cold. Neelkant said Prince would have known Durga is here, don’t worry.

Gayatri said I don’t find it right, where is he. He said he is strong, he will come, we have to think how to make this girl away, our truth can come out. She said Durga will stop this from happening, once she goes to the academy, I will not let her come home. The Doctor checked Sanjay.

Doctor said he is fine, it’s good he doesn’t have sever injury, just make him rest, give him medicines on time. Annapurna said we should inform Gayatri and Durga. Yashpal said Amrita, no need to call Durga, she would be going to the academy, I don’t want her training to get hurdle. Sanjay then tried to talk and Yashpal asked him to rest. He asked Rajveer to help.

He said you have to go and they left. Dadi said don’t know what they are planning. Durga thinks why didn’t SP come till now, he is sleeping there. Rajveer came there and held her. He asked her about the bags. He said you are here… She asked is everything fine at home. He said yes, we have to leave, I will tell you on the way.

Yashpal said your son met with an accident. Gayatri and Neelkant came to take Sanjay. Neelkant pointed a gun at Yashpal and shouted…Read more

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