My Daughter Durga Thursday, 14 April 2022: Episode 239-240


The Episode started with Brij saying you are not my brother now, we have no relations. Shilpa said Brij is right and made a line. Yashpal asked have they gone mad. Shilpa said this side is ours from now on. Yashpal asked Brij not to do this, the house can’t be divided, everything will be ruined. He asked Dadi to explain to Brij, he has gone mad.

Dadi went to Brij’s side and said you got blind in Durga’s love and have given pain to all of us, you have no right to expect from us and Dadi scolded Yashpal. Shilpa then took Brij. Durga tried to talk. Yashpal said your dad is dead and they became shocked. He said I am telling you for the first time, I regret that you are my daughter,he left and Durga cried.

Aarti took food for Sanjay but he didn’t eat. She told him that she needs her best friend, as she has also lost her love like he lost his love. He asked her to say, who is he, he will talk to her love and get him back. She said you….and he became shocked.

She said I was always surprised when I knew I love you, I can’t think of anything else, I love you a lot, when we went for college trip, I planned the surprise for you, I wanted to share my feelings with you, you told me about Durga, my love was left incomplete, I also went through the same pain, I can’t do it and she cried.

Sanjay then apologized. He said I didn’t know you…. don’t cry and she smiled. He then gave her water. Brij thinks of Yashpal and he came out. Durga apologized to him and asked him to support her, she needs him. Yashpal looked on. Brij left and shut the door on her face. She cried and looked at Yashpal and Yashpal also left.

It was morning, Gayatri was at a meeting, she saw Sanjay and he fell down. Gayatri and Neelkant asked if he is fine. Sanjay said it’s a small sprain, don’t worry, go back to the meeting. Gayatri asked do you think I can focus in the meeting seeing you in this state, I love you a lot, you are my life, I am doing this for you. He thinks if mum can leave her work and come for me, then Durga….. she was right, our love is a distraction for her.

She asked what are you thinking. He said nothing, I am feeling pain. He thinks I misunderstood Durga, this time I will become her strength, but how…. Bantu asked Yashpal to get up, it’s Dadi’s cot and will come in their area. Yashpal tried to stop Brij but he didn’t listen. Shilpa said Durga’s shadow is bad for us, I will make my Lord away from her and Durga felt sad.

Durga prayed and said I will clean the stain on my career. She met Rajveer and wrote something.


The Episode started with Durga coming to the temple and praying. She cried for her family. She said I always tried to do good, but I always gave them sorrow, show me some way. Pandit said Maa Durga is a symbol of power, she is an example to make failure in success, she can end all evil. Durga looked on, smiled and thanked Maa.

Sanjay got a sketch made and said he is the one who kidnapped me. He recalled the guy. The Inspector showed the kidnapper’s sketch to Gayatri and she recalled talking to the guy.

Durga said I got your name, I will try to end all evils and save my family, I will make failure lose but not lose hope, this trishul is your weapon, my weapon is my running capability, I will run to get my family’s lost respect back. She thinks of her failure in race. She asked Maa to show her some way,she then got an idea and smiled.

Gayatri asked the inspector to find this man soon, they can leave now. She asked Sanjay not to worry, she will find the guy soon. She gave him tickets for him and Aarti. She asked him to go and lighten his heart. He refused and asked her to help Durga, he will be glad.

Durga came to meet Rajveer. She asked the man about him. The man said he is better, but he will need some time and he left. Durga told Rajveer that she lost the district race because of her mistake and told him everything. Rajveer signalled her. She asked what does he want. She gave him a pen and paper and he wrote something. She read Wild card and smiled and thanked him. Sanjay asked Gayatri to help Durga reach the district level and she agreed. She got a call and left.

Durga came to the state sports academy and tried meeting Vipul but a Peon stopped her. She fooled him and got Vipul’s number and he asked her to leave. Neelkant saw her and left. Umang asked Amrita to give him food. Shilpa got a fridge home. She told Brij that she got a job at a jewelry store, she got advance and got the things for home. She asked Amrita not to bad eye her success. Yashpal said we are very happy that you took family responsibility on your head.

He went to do her tilak but she stopped him. She started insulting Yashpal and Durga. Durga came home and heard Shilpa. Durga thinks I will not say anything to Shilpa, I will do and show, I will become Durga of Yashpal. She called Vipul and got an appointment. She said I will tell SP and stopped. She said I will not talk to SP. Sanjay came near her house and looked at the terrace. Sanjay thinks of Durga’s words.

Durga cried thinking of SP. Sanjay then saw her. She turned and felt why do I feel SP is here. She went to her room and cried. Sanjay said I am proud of you, I will make you reach your destination.

Vipul asked Durga to come to his farmhouse. Gayatri asked Vipul to make sure Durga doesn’t have courage to get back in the race. Vipul misbehaved with Durga and he slapped him.

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