My Daughter Durga Thursday, 16 June 2022: Episode 327-328



The Episode started with Gayatri asking so you have come back. Durga said yes. Aarti’s dad called Sanjay and asked how dare you cheat me, you had to stand against Durga and defame her, you didn’t do good by saving her but Sanjay scolded him. Durga said Guru’s place is equal to that of Brahma, I gave this place to you, it’s my important race, if I get selected.

I will get a chance to run in the nationals, bless me and she left. Sanjay asked don’t you have shame, you are a daughter’s dad, how could you defame someone’s daughter, be thankful that I didn’t expose Aarti’s doings, I have saved her and paid your favor, don’t call me again and he went out. Gayatri asked what’s the matter.

He said I have to drop Durga to the ground. She asked where were you last night and he recalled Durga. He said nothing, I am getting late and he left. Durga said how will I reach there, auto strike had to happen today and she prayed. Sanjay then came there.

He asked her to come, he will drop her. She said I will manage. He said if you don’t reach on time, it will be a problem, so your ego is bigger than the race and she stopped him. He asked her to hold him tight, he will drive the bike at high speed. She held him and they left. Yashpal, Rajveer and Annapurna got to the stadium and looked for Durga. Rajveer said call Durga and ask her where she is and Yashpal called her.

She said I am on the way. He then told them she is coming. A veg stall came in front and Sanjay applied the brakes. He asked Durga if she is fine. She said yes, are you fine. Her phone fell down and Sanjay went to get it. A truck driver was checking his message and wasn’t looking on the road.

But when he saw Sanjay and applied the brakes, It was too late. Sanjay got hit and fell far. The Truck driver speed up and left. Durga became shocked and shouted SP. Rajveer said I hope everything is fine, Durga maybe in trouble. Durga held Sanjay and asked people to help her.

A man asked Durga to take him to hospital, there is auto and taxi strike today. She asked people to help her while she prayed. She asked the man can she take the veg cart. She threw away the vegs and made Sanjay lie on it and she dragged the cart. Aarti’s dad asked is the plan ready. The man said Durga can’t win the race today. Aarti recalled men digging a pit and covering it with the grass patches. Aarti and her dad then smiled. Aarti said I can’t see Durga winning this race.

Sanjay fell down the cart and Durga worried. The man said Durga will be disqualified and can’t run in the nationals. Durga placed Sanjay back on the cart.


The Episode started with Durga fixing the cart and putting Sanjay on it while crying. Rajveer and Yashpal heard about some big accident from the men. They asked the men about the accident. The man said Durga’s husband met with an accident, a truck has hit him, Durga has taken him to the city hospital and they became shocked.

Durga got Sanjay to hospital and shouted for the doctor. She said nothing will happen to you. A nurse asked Durga to fill the form. Durga said treat him first, he is bleeding. The Doctor took Sanjay to the ICU.

Rajveer and Yashpal came to hospital and met Durga. The man announced the runners’ names and Aarti went for the race. The man asked Durga to come on the track. Annapurna called Yashpal and Rajveer. She told the man that Durga will come. The man said if she doesn’t reach on time, she will be disqualified and not be able to run in nationals.

Sanjay was being treated. Doctor then asked them to go out. Sanjay said Durga, you have to run, you have to make Aarti lose, swear to me and Durga cried. Durga asked will he get fine. The Doctor asked her to relax. Yashpal talked to Annapurna on a call and said SP met with an accident, I am with Durga here and she became shocked.

The Doctor said we have to do a surgery, his survival chances are less and they became shocked. Durga told Sanjay that nothing will happen to him. Gayatri and Neelkant came there. The Doctor said Sanjay’s state is critical, he started the surgery and they all prayed.

Durga cried. Yashpal said nothing will happen to Sanjay, it’s time now…. The man announced for Durga again. Durga said no, how can I go, SP is fighting for his life, I can’t fulfill my dreams, I won’t go leaving him. Rajveer asked her to take SP’s spiritual thread.

he has prayed for her win, he also wants her to run and win but she refused. Yashpal asked her to think if she will break their trust or win for her SP’s sake. He tied the thread to her hand. He then asked Durga to run, her win will be for SP’s life, a wife can get husband’s life from Yamraj. Durga recalled Sanjay and cried.

She then ran to the stadium. Aarti smiled on not finding Durga. The man asked Aarti’s dad to see the grass patch, no one will know what they did with the track. Aarti’s dad thinks Aarti will become champion by making Durga lose. Aarti thinks Durga you have to come here, I want to see you losing. Durga got to the stadium and Aarti looked at her.

She thinks Durga’s state will get more bad now. Durga thinks to focus on the race, Durga Maa will save SP. She thinks of Sanjay’s accident. She prayed that she doesn’t lose. The Doctor worried seeing Sanjay’s state and asked a nurse to get more injections.

Durga run in the race and fell inside the pit while Aarti ran ahead. Sanjay dropped his head.The nurse said the patient is no more…Read more