Will Durga Win The National Race? My Daughter Durga Thursday, 17 February 2022: Episode 164-165



The Episode started with Madhav asking the men to get a tv and bring it. Sarpanch asked what’s this. Madhav said when Durga runs in the race in Bhiwani, we can see her live here. Sarpanch and everyone became glad. Durga came to her friends, and see them arguing. They wished her all the best. Yashpal said Durga should win by her happiness.

They asked Durga to give her best. Madhav told Amrita that he will come back in some time, and then they will go and watch the race. Amrita said but I had to leave with Durga. Yashpal asked Madhav to finish his work and come there. Madhav asked Durga to run faster in the race. Everyone also asked Durga to win and come and she left.

She met Sanjay in the hospital. He gave her a chocolate and said have this from me, it’s good luck, I am not going to come to race. She said your words are enough. He thinks how can you refuse to the prasad I kept in the temple.

She then wrote a message on his plaster but someone changed the prasad plate. Durga said we will go and have chaat pakodi when you are fine and she left and went to Yashpal and they prayed at temple. She took jalebi to eat and Yashpal asked her to come soon.

The race announcement was made and Sanjay got seated. Rajveer asked Durga to run well, focus on what is taught to her. They all became shocked seeing Aarti and Neelkant smiled. Rajveer asked Durga to live this moment and give her best.

they were waiting for this moment to fulfill everyone’s dreams, just think of your aim and run with same happiness, victory will be yours. Pandit did puja of the tv and everyone prayed for Durga. They all got ready to see the live race. Rajveer said you will win Durga. They all saw Durga on tv and became glad.

Durga got prepared. Sarpanch said railway track will be made once Durga wins. Everyone cheered for her. Annapurna thinks of Durga. Amrita waited for Madhav while Aarti starred at Durga. They all got ready for the race. Durga recalled Rajveer’s words and smiled and the race began. Everyone cheered for Durga.

Rajveer asked Durga to run faster. Sanjay said I could not miss your race by sitting in the hospital, come on Durga. Aarti went ahead of Durga. Rajveer became shocked and Yashpal became worried. Everyone tensely watched on.

Durga then ran ahead again and recalled Rajveer’s words and finally Durga won the race. Rajveer, Yashpal and everyone became glad. The man said Durga is the new champion. Aarti came second. Rajveer said you have done it Durga and she jumped happily. Rajveer and Yashpal ran to Durga and everyone became glad.

Aarti became angry. Neelkant talked to Aarti’s dad and said it’s part of my plan, Aarti will get the medal.


The Episode started with Durga jumping happily. Rajveer and Yashpal ran to Durga. Everyone became glad while Aarti got angry. Neelkant talked to Aarti’s dad and said don’t worry, it’s part of my plan, Aarti will get the medal. The man praised Durga and proudly announced that Durga is their national champion. Everyone cheered for Durga and she smiled. Aarti was announced as the first runner and she got the prize.

Durga was called on stage and everyone clapped for Durga. Durga got the medal. The Media asked Yashpal what will he say now. Yashpal smiled. Durga said our village will get a railway station now. Aarti’s coach went to the judges while Durga was about to leave.

Durga and everyone left for the village. The villagers welcomed Durga’s family playing dhols. Minister made Brij wear garlands, a lady made Annapurna wear garlands and praised Durga and they all got seated.

Minister said we will make Durga lay the foundation of railway station, according to my promise, I will give 50000rs to Durga and honor her. He asked pandit to start the bhoomi pujan rituals.

Amrita tried calling Madhav. Sheela asked where is Madhav. Amrita said he will be coming. A man stopped Rajveer and said Durga broke all records, we have to do enquiry. Rajveer asked why, for what. The man said we got a complaint, some questions are raised on her victory, we want to ask her.

Yashpal said what is there to ask, she has won in front of everyone. Rajveer asked who is asking for enquiry. Aarti’s coach said I did this. The man said we want to know if she has won by having some medicines. Yashpal said she is fine, why will she have medicines.

The man said we mean such medicines which will boost her energy, it’s banned in sports. Rajveer asked what are you saying. The men argued and said we want to do Durga’s blood test. Yashpal said she is a little kid, she is honest, she doesn’t even cheat in exams, she has reached here by her hardwork.

Rajveer asked Durga to go for the tests and then slap the truth on their face. Neelkant recalled seeing Sanjay giving chocolate to Durga but she refused to take it. Neelkant asked Sanjay to give prasad to Durga. He said I will keep this prasad in Hanuman temple, she will have it.

His goon then placed the drugged jalebis in the temple as prasad. Durga took the jalebi to consume which she did. Neelkant thinks Durga has eaten the medicine, poor girl. He asked Yashpal not to worry, he is Durga’s school trustee and knows Durga’s capabilities, she can’t do this. Yashpal said yes, she can’t do this.

Everyone became worried seeing the news about Durga. The man said I regret to say that this is not Durga’s victory. Rajveer said this can’t happen. The man said we found drug traces in her blood. Durga and everyone became shocked. Rajveer then checked the reports.

Reporter told about Durga failing in the dope test and Durga cried. Sheela and Shilpa smiled. The Reporter asked Durga what does she want to say. Durga said I did not do any cheating, I have won by my hardwork. Rajveer, Sanjay and Yashpal looked on and everyone became sad.

The people insulted Durga’s family name. Rajveer asked Durga what did she eat in the morning. Durga said I have eaten the temple prasad and Rajveer became shocked. People threw stones at Durga’s family.

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