Breaking News! Sanjay Is Dead. My Daughter Durga Thursday, 17 March 2022: Episode 201-202


The Episode started with Neelkant saying Gayatri is doubtful of me, we have to be careful, if Gayatri knows this, you don’t know what she will do, she may have fixed a camera here, don’t worry, I will find Rana. Aarti said Rana is missing, Sanjay is angry, I can’t let him get away from me an she left.

Gayatri saw them on the camera and said I regret, I wish Neelkant learnt something from me. Sanjay stopped Aarti and asked what’s wrong and she showed him the letter. He asked what’s this, are you mad, why are you leaving the college.

She said what’s the use to stay here if I don’t have your friendship, it’s very important for me, my dreams will break, it’s fine, maybe I will get your forgiveness. He said yes, more important than that, okay, superb, you gave me a good idea, and I have forgiven you, I shall leave. He said it’s time to prove Durga’s friendship is very important to me than my life. She thinks what is Sanjay upto.

Durga and Sanjay came to class and got seated. He said I will not leave without your forgiveness. Durga thinks what will Sanjay do. Gayatri did puja and felt something wrong was happening. Sanjay prayed to make Durga’s name clear. Neelkant prayed to find Rana before anyone else gets him. Elder bahu thinks to counter Gayatri. Gayatri gave aarti to everyone.

Shilpa saw the food and thinks who will eat this boiled food. Durga came and looked at the food. Yashpal also ate the same food. Sheela and Shilpa worried. Durga asked where is their food. Yashpal said it’s food for all of us, we will also support you this way, you are taking a big step for the village, we can also contribute. Shilpa said I can’t looked at such food, I won’t eat. Yashpal said just this food will be made in the house now and they all ate.

Durga said blessings are fine for me, you make your favorite food for yourself from tomorrow. Dadi said Durga is right, she is more sensible and Durga smiled.

Durga woke up and looked at the time and found herself tied. Yashpal came and became shocked. Rajveer came and stopped him from opening the ropes. He said I have to see if she has that courage in her, she will untying the ropes by herself. Annapurna and Amrita came and looked on and Yashpal signal them. Durga freed herself from the ropes, Rajveer left and she smiled.

She got ready and came out. Rajveer threw dirty water on her and said what happened today, you were talking big things, you are 10mins late, even a second is valuable for an athlete, you are much late, you come for training when you value time and he left. Yashpal said it’s limit, I will talk to him, you wouldn’t have been late if he didn’t tie you. She said no, he wants to see fire in me, I will show my passion.

He went to Rajveer and said will you workout in one day, anger sometimes comes out as a volcano, give rest to your body. Rajveer saw the food and said I can’t eat the food which I can’t let my student eat, take this away. Yashpal said you have all qualities of a devil, you trouble her a lot. Rajveer asked what. Yashpal said nothing. Rajveer said leave Durga’s training to me.

Gayatri said our relation will be deep, tell me the truth, there won’t be any cheat. Durga got to know about Sanjay.


The Episode started with Aarti worrying about Gayatri. Elder bahu informed Gayatri that Aarti is coming to her. Durga got Sanjay’s message and said what did Sanjay write and why. Sanjay tied his hands and went to the chemistry lab. He said Durga has to forgive me today. Durga thinks where did everyone go. A guy told her about SP and asked her to come and Durga run. Sanjay started coughing. Durga saw Sanjay inside the lab and they all knocked the door.

She asked him to come out. Gayatri said it’s a special day and sent the servants out. She said our relation will get stronger today, there won’t be any cheat and lies, you have to tell everything true and Aarti nodded. Gayatri said you have to tell me what you have hidden. Aarti stammered and lies. Gayatri asked her to speak the truth, it’s a chance to trust her, the result of breaking her trust is a bit painful.

Aarti worried and said it’s nothing like that. Gayatri said you had last chance, it’s fine, go. Aarti stopped and said Durga’s coach Rana Sir, we have fed him wine and caged him, now Rana has run away, SP is coming close to Durga. Gayatri said you are sensible, I know, I just wanted to hear this from you, tell me who has troubled you. Aarti said Durga.

Sanjay said sorry Durga. The guy said the door is not opening, check the message SP has sent you. Durga recalled the message. Sam smiled seeing Sanjay and thinks he is eager to die. Gayatri said I can help you, you do as I say, I can forgive mistake, not smartness. Neelkant came and looked at Aarti. She signaled nothing and left. Durga read the message and tried to know it’s meaning. Sanjay became dizzy.

Durga said history… and went to the library. She checked for the keys. She fell down and the keys dropped far. She worried and tried to get the keys. Sam looked at the drama. The man said SP has locked himself and kept harmful gas on, he can die. Sam thinks my good will happen when SP dies.

Durga asked the guy to get magnet. She managed to get the keys by using a magnet. She run to the lab and opened the door with the key. She reached Sanjay and closed the gas. She found Sanjay unconscious. She asked him to open his eyes. Sam said we have to take him out.

Gayatri confronted Neelkant. She ordered him to sit on the chair. She said you did good to save Aarti from losing to Durga, you have won Aarti’s dad’s trust and became MLA, your try would be better if you didn’t do this big foolishness, you have no mind, are you seeing your failure here.

He said Rana doesn’t know anything. She said Durga was on Rana’s mind, did you control him this way, how did you let him run away, you know you took a big risk. Sam got SP out. Durga worried for him. Sam checked Sanjay and said he is no more. Durga and everyone became shocked.

Durga and Yashpal were burning coal. Rajveer asked Durga to cross this hurdle in time. Gayatri locked Neelkant in the dark place….Read more

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