Durga Gets Support. My Daughter Durga Thursday, 18 November 2021: Episode 36-37



My Daughter Durga Thursday, 18 November 2021 Episode started with Durga hiding from Rishi and his friends. She run and got into an old car. They asked who is it, come out and look for her. Sheela and Yashpal found Shilpa holding a hand with a guy. Sheela run to Shilpa and hugged her. Shilpa asked why did you leave me, this guy saved me from an accident. Yashpal said thank the Lord you got saved, thanks for saving her. Sheela said I am her mum. The guy said I am Madhav. Shilpa smiled. Sheela asked about his background. Yashpal asked her to come, they took Shilpa. Sheela asked him to go and pay.

Madhav said I am an architect, I got a work to make goverment. Office. Sheela and Shilpa were glad. Shilpa smiled seeing him. Sheela asked him to come to their house, promise us. He said fine, I will come. He answered a call and said yes I am on my way and he left. Sheela said he speaks good english. Shilpa said Madhav means Krishna, did his gopi has any Shilpa. Sheela said you can become his gopi, who is stopping you, come. Subhadra asked Shilpa where was she.

Shilpa told Amrita about Madhav. The car seat fell over Durga. The sound made Rishi turn. Rishi and his friends looked inside the car but did not see her. Dadi coughed. A lady came to help and gave her water. The lady asked where did everyone go. Dadi said everyone went to Bhiwani to do shopping for Amrita’s marriage, Durga is studying. The lady asked, why hasn’t Durga come to take care of you. Dadi said let her study, Yashpal slapped her and made her sit to study.

Durga came out of the car and run on the road. Coach Rajbeer saw her and stopped her holding her hand. He smiled and said you are Durga who took part in the race that day. Durga said leave me. He said tell me you are Durga.

Everyone sat in the restaurant and gave the food order. Shilpa thinks of Madhav. Subhadra said Brij should have been here. Annapurna said I want something cheap. Yashpal said how does it matter, have it. He asked Amrita to have pizza if she likes. Amrita said no. He said it’s fine, have it.

Yashpal saw a boy playing with bottles and thinks to go and ask how he is doing it. He asked the boy how does he do this tough work. The boy said tough thing gets easy by practice. Yashpal said you solved my problem, thanked and hugged him. Yashpal smiled. Durga said sorry, forgive me, I will never run. Rajbeer said no, I want you to run. She said I am regretting to run once. He asked her to listen. She looked for Rishi and her friends. She said this happened because of that uncle, I wish his slipper breaks. Rajbeer’s slipper got torn. He said it’s a new slipper, maybe it got torn due to that girl’s curse, there is some connection, I will take her to Bhiwani with me.

Rishi talked to her friends and said Amrita is not my type. His friend saw Durga’s pic on the phone. Rishi said she is my sister in law. The guy said I have seen her somewhere. Rishi joked. Yashpal came home and told Dadi that he has some work from Durga. She said she is in the room and studying all day, how will they do the shopping now. He said I got a good idea for Durga’s studies, so I came home early. He went to Durga. She said one daughter’s marriage is on the head and he is getting mad for Durga’s study. He went to the room and did not see Durga. He said where did she go, she is not here. Durga slipped out from the bed and said my pencil fell, but you were coming tomorrow. He said I got an easy solution, I will teach you, you will come first in maths.

He said I have forgiven you but you have to study and he left. Durga thinks of Rishi and said how do I help Amrita, I don’t know. It’s morning, Yashpal asked the book vendor to help him in teaching Durga.

Brij asked Sheela to apologize to Yashpal. Sheela argued. Shweta and Neha stopped Durga and she run towards them.


The Episode started with Durga and all the students playing the game in school. Durga stood lost and didn’t support her friends because she was annoyed with them. Shweta said now they can’t win, as Durga is not with them. Durga’s friends tried to seek her help. She moved back and did not play and her friends lost. Manohar said we wanted to make the studious students lose by our game, but we lost in the game also. Bansi said we lost to them. Durga heard them talking.

Yashpal gave tea to a teacher. He said I got this book for myself, so that I can teach Durga at home, whatever you teach Durga in school, I can check. The teacher asked what will you teach her. Yashpal said I wanted your help, I tried everything, it’s not working, I want to see if she is working hard or not. The teacher said your thinking is right, but you have to work hard. Yashpal said I will work hard, just help me.

Durga started playing. Her friends cheered for her. Shweta and Sneha tried take out Durga from the game. Durga was saved when they hit the ball on her. She kept all the stones back to win the game. Shweta and Neha mad hand chain and stopped Durga from going to take the last stone. Durga went back and jumped over their hands and placed the last stone back and won the game. Durga and her friends were glad. Her friends went to hug her. Durga signalled them to stop. Bansi asked her to forget what happened. She said you did not support me, my friendship is important than life, even if q friend does right or wrong. She was sad and left.

Durga came home and sat to study. Yashpal asked her to show him a maths problems. Durga said whose book is this. Yashpal said it’s my book, I am taking your teacher’s help, I got a good idea to match your books with mine, atleast I can know what you do. He could not see without glasses. He checked the books and told her how to write. She said it’s the same. He said the teacher will find your mistake, you do these mistakes else numbers will go away from you, write now, if you repeat the thing again and again, you become expert, see how I prepare you.

He heard Sheela arguing and went to see. Sheela said Dulaari and Rishi’s shopping happened, what shall I do, Yashpal wanted to shop from the mall, there was no money to buy Amrita’s dress. Yashpal asked what, you did not buy the bridal dress. Sheela said you also blame me, when money the money got finished, what can I do. Brij said when the money was about to finish, you should have bought Amrita’s bridal dress first, and then shopped for others. Sheela said even Annapurna and Subhadra were there, Yashpal should know that he is leaving Amrita’s shopping for Durga’s studies. Yashpal said it doesn’t mean that bride’s clothes is not bought, do you do duty like this. Sheela said father has duty also. Brij asked her to accept her mistake. She said I did not do any
mistake. Brij and Sheela argued.

He asked her to apologize to Yashpal. She refused and badly talked to them. Everyone became shocked. She said everyone knows how to just blame me. She asked Bantu to get the diary, she will write the expenses. Durga looked on. Brij asked Sheela not to take things ahead. Sheela said everyone insulted me by calling me an illiterate I can’t bear it now and she sat crying.

Durga wished Yashpal heard her. She thinks how do i break this marriage, Yashpal was putting efforts, he is keeping eye on me, how do i collect evidence. She prayed to stop this marriage. Durga’s friends came to meet her and told her that they decided to support her even if she is wrong, if she wants to find out whether Rishi is cheating Amrita, we will support you in reaching truth, so that you can see happiness in Amrita’s life. Durga told them everything she found out about Rishi till now. Her friend thinks what’s the reason that Rishi wants to leave Amrita, maybe there is someone else, we will regard that third person as X. He said we have to find that X, think what’s the reason. Manohar said did they fight. Durga said yes, but Yashpal solved the fight. Manohar asked does Rishi want dowry. Durga said Rishi won’t ask dowry as he works in a court. They think someone would know about Rishi well, we will go court. Durga said it means I have to lie to Yashpal again.

Rishi and Pooja romanced. Durga came there and went towards their side to see them.


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