My Daughter Durga Thursday, 2 June 2022: Episode 309-310


The Episode started with Yashpal going to kill Sudhir. Sanjay held his hand, smiled and Yashpal became shocked. Gayatri said you have cheated us Durga. Durga said Sanjay has cheated me by having an affair, I will not tolerate this. She then asked the inspector to come in.

Gayatri told them about the family members. He asked where is Sanjay and she lied to the inspector. The police searched for Sanjay in the house. Yashpal asked how did you come here. Sanjay said you wanted to hide the secret, now I also know it, did you forget Sudhir, you came here to kill him.

I have heard you talking to Sudhir, the secret came out in front of me. He recalled beating up Sudhir and making him speak the truth. He said I k]now everything now and Yashpal started crying. He asked him to keep the personal enmity away from this secret, else his family will break.

The police found Aarti in Sanjay’s room. Durga said she is our maid, she is very poor, so she stays in other’s house and the Constable joked. Durga said we are supporting her, she insulted Aarti and asked her to clean the room.

Sanjay asked Yashpal not to beg him, he won’t tell anything to anyone. He said don’t worry for Sudhir, I have given him money, he won’t trouble you now, that’s my promise, I helped you, you have to help me now.

I will not tell this to Durga, you have to do as I say, tell Durga to accept her lie and tell everyone that the sting operation was her plan and Yashpal became shocked. Durga made Aarti sweep the room and told the inspector about the girl’s bag. He asked her to get concrete proof against Sanjay. He took the bags in custody and the Police left.

Aarti and Gayatri got angry at Durga. Durga warned Aarti and asked her not to take her place till the divorce happens. Gayatri raised hand but Durga stopped her and threatened her about filing domestic violence case against them. She said I can do anything for my love.

I will not leave Sanjay and Aarti. Aarti said Sanjay called me here, he wants to be with me. Durga said I know everything, he will be punished, you will also face this if you stay here and Gayatri took Aarti with her. Durga thinks Sanjay is home but it was Yashpal instead.

Annapurna cried and prayed to the Lord and Rajveer looked on. She protected a diya and he thinks why does she look worried. Durga made Yashpal sit and asked what’s the matter, are you fine. He said yes, I had to talk to you. She asked what happened, don’t be hesitant go on. He thinks how do i tell Durga to take false blame on her head.

Sanjay said I know your dad’s secret, I can make him do anything. Durga asked Annapurna about it and Yashpal threatened to kill himself.


The Episode started with Yashpal asking Durga to promise him first and she promised him. He said you have to call the press and tell them that the sting operation was your plan to frame Gayatri and Neelkant and she became shocked. She asked him what is he saying, they have tolerated so much, we have seen mum getting tortured.

when she proved her truth, why is he asking her to spoil everything. She recalled the past and cried and asked him to answer her, what did they face because of her defaming. He wiped her tears. She said I have seen you hurt, how shall I send you to that phase again and he said I have no answer.

Yashpal said you have just two days now, you have to do this. Sanjay came home and saw Yashpal and Yashpal left. Sanjay asked what happened Durga, your dad looked pale, he didn’t scold me. She said he was not my dad, my dad never lies to me, he has asked me to accept a lie, it’s just your profit.

you are after me only for this thing, tell me what did you tell him, how did you force him. He clapped and said if anything happens in your house, will you blame me. She asked him to tell her, what did he say to threaten her dad. He said I am not into this matter, just chill.

Yashpal came home. Annapurna asked what happened. He said Sanjay got to know everything, he is threatening me and she cried. She said Durga will never agree, if our secret comes out….Rajveer asked which secret and they became shocked seeing Rajveer. Rajveer said she will never agree to lie, what are you hiding from Durga.

Durga thinks what did Sanjay tell dad, maybe about my life. She was thinking of her friend’s words when Sanjay came to her and irritated her. She asked him to move and dumped the icecream. He said I am your husband, I should solve this puzzle, just think of the game, you don’t have time, so I am helping you and he stopped her.

She asked how did you threaten Yashpal. He asked her to accept her mistake. She said never. He said secret, I am blackmailing your dad by a secret, I can make him do anything. She became shocked and thinks what secret does dad have.

Yashpal stayed worried. Rajveer and Brij pacified him. Rajveer said Durga won’t accept lie, I have to know the matter, as it’s about Durga, our mistake can be proved costly for her and he called Durga. Yashpal threw his phone and said no one will talk to Durga. Brij asked what’s the matter, tell us. Yashpal said I can’t tell it. Durga came and stopped him.

She asked Annapurna to speak. Annapurna said there is nothing. Durga said there is nothing as such?. Annapurna said your dad never lies, come and have food. Durga said I know Sanjay learnt dad’s secret, tell me what is it. Yashpal asked Durga does she not trust him, that she started asking.

Yashpal thinks of Durga’s words. He held her hand and they went somewhere. Yashpal then threatened to kill himself. He cuts his wrist and they all became shocked.

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