My Daughter Durga Thursday, 20 January 2022: Episode 124-125


The Episode started with Rajveer saying we will practice hopping and jumping, see how I land on the ground, we will see rhythm jumping. He showed her and asked her to do it. Durga practiced and she did it well.

At the workshop, Amrita said I think no one needs me here, I will better do my work. Madhav held her hand and stopped her. He said I can see someone is jealous. She asked him to ask the girls. He said if Radha goes, how will Rasleela happen, Krishna’s flute just plays for Radha. Amrita smiled. The girls say you talk so lovely things. Madhav said just like that.

Amrita asked them to come and prepare for Rasleela. She asked Madhav to go and do his work. He said no, I will see you all, how you all are performing. Durga got tired and asked for a break. Rajveer asked her to continue and she practiced. He asked her to practice even at home,she agreed and he asked her to go.

Kuljit saw Durga’s practice moves and noted down. Madhav said I will show the steps and danced with the girls. Amrita got angry. He asked her to do the rehearsals. Amrita said I know, you go and focus on other things, I will teach them. Shilpa came and looked on. Madhav said there is one role left, I want a girl for it. Shilpa thinks I can do the role and impress Madhav. She said you need a girl to play, I was passing by and came to meet, I will play that role. He said great, I will explain about the role. She said no, I am expert, I will manage. He asked them to start the rehearsals. Shilpa smiled seeing him. Amrita said all girls are mad and Madhav saw her jealousy.

Dadi took care of Yashpal. Brij came and was upset. He said Yashpal has dengue as per the reports and Annaourna cried. Amrita hugged her. Durga came and cheered Yashpal with her talk and Yashpal smiled. Durga said laughter is the best medicine. He said I will get better. Brij go for your work. Dadi asked him to rest. Durga said I will become a joker for Yashpal.

Durga met her friends. She said Yashpal slept, and the doctor asked him to rest, what’s the matter. They told her about q new peon interviews going on in the school to replace Yashpal. She was shocked and said he will be upset knowing this. Sheela heard them and smiled.

She told Annapurna that very soon she won’t have any status. She taunted and said Yashpal is losing his job and they became shocked. Amrita took Yashpal there and Durga worried. Yashpal asked what’s the matter, I was bored resting so I came here. In the morning, Amrita prayed and the girls rehearsed. Amrita asked them to start the preparation. She thinks where is Madhav. A girl slipped and Madhav held her and Amrita was angry. The girl said you are very nice. Madhav asked are you fine, I will get the heavy bag, she thanked him and looked at Amrita.

Amrita got ready. Madhav asked her to come out. She asked him to go to his special Krishna. Durga and Kuljit run in the practice sessions.


The Episode started with Rajveer asking Durga if she is ready to make Kuljit lose. Durga said yes. Kuljit’s dad asked her if she is ready to make Durga lose. He asked Kuljit to focus and complete the round faster. Rajveer asked Durga to complete the round. Durga and Kuljit run in the round. Rajveer and Kuljit’s dad check their timings.

Amrita saw Annapurna working and said you are not free from the household work, I will stay back and help you in taking care of Yashpal. Annapurna asked will everything get fine if you worry and sit at home, go and do your work. Amrita told her about the play, she has become Radha. Annapurna asked her to fulfill her responsibility, who has become Krishna. Amrita said Seema has become Krishna, the girls are doing all roles and Annapurna blessed her.

Amrita came to the workshop and looked for Madhav. Seema fell in Madhav’s arms, he offered her help and he looked at Amrita. Amrita taunted Madhav. She was jealous. He asked why is she staring at her. She showed his phone. He said I was looking for my phone, thanks, Krishna’s role is important. She said I know, but everyone was looking for you. Seema asked Madhav to help. Amrita got annoyed. Shilpa asked Madhav to tell about her role. Madhav asked her to see that,she was shocked and he left.

Durga recalled Yashpal’s state and run. Kuljit’s dad asked her to run faster. Rajveer asked Durga to run faster. He saw her timing was 26 secs. Kuljit’s dad said you broke your own record, you completed the round in 18 secs, do better in the race. Rajveer said you decreased your speed, what was going on in your mind, is there any problem. She said nothing. He said you took training to win the race and get grace marks, if your focus diverts, training won’t help you.

Madhav and everyone saw the play and clapped. Madhav asked Murli to call all the girls and they came. Madhav asked where is Amrita and went to see. Amrita got ready. He asked her to come out, he wants to see her once. She asked him to go to Krishna, she won’t come. Seema asked what happened, shall I help you. Amrita heard her and was angry. She said I will come when my turn comes, you go and tell everyone. Madhav told his plan. Seema said you are really good and Madhav thanked her.

Bantu ironed Yashpal’s shirt while Yashpal talked to him. He asked Bantu to button the shirt well. Durga came and heard Yashpal talking about his love for his job. She cried and thinks she won’t let Yashpal lose his job and ironed Yashpal’s uniform. Yashpal said it should look tip top. The Rasleela began. Amrita danced as Radha. Madhav danced as Krishna. Amrita was surprised seeing her. Shilpa dressed as a peacock and looked on. Amrita and Madhav smiled and everyone clapped.

Durga met her friends. She said I have found a way, go and get my school diary and phone. Manohar asked what is she doing. Durga called the principal by changing her voice. She said Yashpal is not well, he will send Bheem for some days. Manohar asked who is Bheem. Her friend asked how will she go, she has race tomorrow. She said I am running the race for my dad, but his job is more important. He said everyone will identify you. She got an idea and smiled.

Madhav confessed love to Amrita and she was shocked. Durga took Yashpal’s uniform and he called her out…..Read more

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