My Daughter Durga Thursday, 21 April 2022: Episode 248-249


The Episode started with Shilpa saying this news will affect Durga and Durga recalled Sanjay. Annapurna prayed to come Durga Maa and asked her to punish her if Durga did any mistake. She said do justice with my daughter today. She then held the diyas in her hand and took rounds.

The race announcement was made. Vipul, Sanjay’s family and Durga’s family watched the news. Vipul said we will see how she dies. Aarti said if she wins then, it will be tough to compete with her. Gayatri said relax, you will win the national championship.

Durga got ready for her race and said I have to win this race any way. Sanjay also got ready. The man counted down and Durga began to run. Sanjay also drove the truck while Yashpal also waited for Durga.

The Truck Driver got his phone and called Neelkant. He said a young boy took my truck, I haven’t seen him before. Gayatri said it means Sanjay, why will he drive the truck. She recalled his words and became shocked. She said this can’t happen. Amrita held Annapurna while Durga run. Sarpanch kept an eye on the speed.

Durga was running faster. Shilpa thinks how can she run so faster. Yashpal was about to pull the ropes. Manohar was looking at Yashpal while Annapurna prayed at home. Everyone who was watching the news and cheered for her. Durga was about to come in front of the truck but she ran faster and passed by the truck and finally she won the race and the Truck also went after her.

Everyone was happy. Sanjay run to see Durga. Yashpal and everyone became happy. Brij shouted Durga has won. He became silent seeing the line. Amrita hugged Annapurna while Durga sat holding her aching feet. Dadi cried seeing the taunts on wall and Annapurna came to her.

Dadi apologized for saying bad things about Durga in anger. Annapurna then hugged her. Dadi said see where did Yashpal left when we needed him, leave everything now. Annapurna said Durga is your beloved grandchild. Brij cried and left.

Sanjay was also looking at Durga. Gayatri called him and asked him to come home fast. He said okay and ended the call. He then covered his face. Sarpanch was being interviewed by the media and he praised Durga. Sanjay thinks you are a real champion Durga, I am proud of you, forgive me, I am going very far and he looked at Durga.

Yashpal was singing and hugged Brij and Brij also blessed Durga.


The Episode started with the media asking the sports authority officer about Durga getting the wild card entry, is there any political pressures on them. The officers discussed about Durga’s stunt. Durga smiled seeing everyone praising her. The reporter asked what do you everyone think, will she get the wild card entry. The people said Durga broke all records, she should get a chance. Durga was interviewed.

She came home, knocked the door and Yashpal stopped her at the door. Annapurna got the aarti plate and Yashpal did the aarti. Durga smiled and asked him to mention her name once. He said you are my Durga and asked her to come in. She saw the line. Sanjay also came home. Neelkant talked to doctor.

Sanjay heard him and asked what’s mum and Aarti doing in the hospital. Neelkant asked did you think of your mum after saving your GF. Yashpal asked Durga why is she walking like that and he apologized. She said you sent me to jail as well. He said I had to do this for your safety.

She said I knew it had your blessings. He said even then you were stubborn and did this. She said I got this by you, Manohar told me about you putting barricades. She recalled Manohar telling her that Yashpal has come for her safety. Yashpal then blessed Durga. Dadi said I am also with you.

Sanjay asked what do you mean. Neelkant said we have seen you driving the truck, you did not think about Gayatri and me, you are our only son, she got high BP and sugar seeing you risking your life, you proved guy forgot mum after growing up. Sanjay worried and thinks what happened to mum suddenly.

Dadi hugged Durga and Yashpal and cried happily. Yashpal saw Brij crying. Durga asked Brij to let go of the anger now and they all sang together. Brij hugged Yashpal and Durga and he erased the line. He then apologized to Durga and she asked him to just bless her, as championship is still left. Brij blessed her for many victories ahead. Durga stumbled and Yashpal held her.

The sports ministry discussed and had a different opinions on giving a wild card entry to Durga. Vipul recalled Durga. Yashpal did the aid to Durga’s foot and cheered her. She asked him not to wipe his tear, it’s a blessing. He said you made us proud once again and she smiled.

Yashpal said Durga should get a chance, stopping her will be injustice. Vipul then looked at the voting result.

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