My Daughter Durga Thursday, 23 June 2022: Episode 337-338


The Episode started with Amrita looking for her tickets. Brij asked her to keep her ID with ticket, she has to catch a train soon. She said I lost the tickets. He asked, how can she lose the tickets. She said it’s not there and he scolded her for losing the tickets. Madhav tore the tickets and said you can’t take Umang anywhere, he will just go with me.

Sanjay came to the academy and saw guards. He saw a window and got a ladder and climbed inside the academy. Durga came there in a guard’s disguise and looked for the file. Sanjay thinks before anyone sees me, I have to reach the truth fast.

Everyone was having dinner. Yashpal asked are you fine, tell me if you have an eye pain, you can consult a doctor. Madhav said no, I will be fine. Umang said I won’t have this. Amrita scolded him and asked him to eat. Brij said feed him with love, don’t scold him. Madhav said kids rebel if you scold, he can agree with love, I will feed him.

He fed Umang while saying a story. Amrita said I don’t know how Umang listens to him. Sheela said he is getting irritated as he misses his dad. Amrita said how shall I fill this space when he has no dad. Madhav said we will buy toys and chocolates, go and have food.

Madhav thinks I will take Umang with me very soon. Durga hurried as Sanjay can come anytime. Sanjay entered the record room and hid. She got the file and checked it. She then placed the file back and hid.

Sanjay got the file and was about to leave, but then he saw Durga and hid the file, thinking she was a guard. She became tensed and turned away. She thinks he will identify my voice. He thinks this guard won’t let me get any info related to mum.

Kaka called Durga out and she left. Sanjay also left. He got down the ladder. Gayatri asked Gagan where is Sanjay. He said I don’t know. She turned and saw Durga. Sanjay checked Jassi’s file and read Jassi was banned because of her unethical behavior.

Durga thinks I have changed the real reports, Sanjay will never know Gayatri’s past. She signalled Gayatri and went with her. Sanjay thinks of the sting operation and Durga’s words. He thinks Gayatri can do wrong with Durga, she just lied to me and he became angry. Umang asked Yashpal to play hide and seek and Yashpal asked him to hide while he counted down.

Umang came to Madhav’s room and hid. Madhav came and removed the fake beard and turban and Yashpal came there back. Madhav wore the beard and turban again and Umang looked on. Yashpal said I am looking for Umang, maybe he came here. Madhav said he didn’t come here.

Umang then came out. Yashpal laughed and said caught you, I couldn’t find you. Umang then looked at Madhav. Madhav thinks Umang has seen my truth, if my secret comes out, my plan to take Umang will fail, what to do. Yashpal asked are you fine. Madhav said yes, I will just do some work and come and Yashpal left with Umang.

Sanjay scolded Gayatri for her lies. He asked Durga how did she become so honest, why did she cheat him. He stabbed himself and they became shocked.


The Episode started with Sanjay shouting Maa and taking Gayatri with him. He asked her not to say a word, because you just lie, see this documents and threw the papers. He said it’s the truth of your cheap past, I got to know everything. Neelkant asked what are you saying.

Sanjay said maybe you don’t know this, Gayatri has cheated all of us, we have seen her one face, but she has hidden another face from me, she is Jassi, an athlete and they all became shocked.

Neelkant asked what nonsense is this. Sanjay gave him the papers and said ask her if am lying. Neelkant checked the papers and asked her to speak on what Sanjay is saying. Sanjay showed the tattoo on her leg and they became shocked.

Sanjay said this tattoo isn’t my birth time, it’s her record time, which no one could break till now, she has fooled us, I trusted her the most.

He got a knife and said no one will come close, why did you do this mum, and you Durga, you loved me right, love means honesty, you didn’t tell me the truth, you knew this, you both broke my trust, I don’t want to live now. He stabbed himself and they became shocked.

Sanjay then fell down. Gayatri said I had no courage to tell you the truth, open your eyes. She asked Durga to get away, she has broken the promise and told the truth to Sanjay. Durga said no, I didn’t say anything.

Gayatri said I will not leave you if anything happens to Sanjay, call the doctor, you will get mum’s curse, I wish I added poison instead drugs in the jalebi, my truth would have not come in front of Sanjay and she cried. Sanjay opened his eyes and got up. He said answer me, what did you say, get away.

He hit his hand at a wine glasses and his hand started bleeding. Sanjay said you lost the right to call me son, I am not your son, I hate you. She asked him to listen. He said you know the meaning of love, a child trusts his mum the most, knowing his mum will never cheat him, she will always be with him, a child regards mum as Lord, when mum breaks his trust, he loses trust on everyone, stay away, whom shall I trust, tell me, I hate you.

She said don’t say this. He said you lied to me about Durga’s sting operation, this started by your one lie, that you got me to the hospital, I remember Durga getting me on the cart, I thought I should find out if you lied more and this came out. He scolded her and left and everyone consoled Gayatri.

Sanjay recalled everyone and tore Gayatri’s pic. Durga then came to him. He said go to your parents, we are bad people, I don’t deserve you, we don’t know how to keep relations, we just know how to play with relations.

Durga said calm down. He said you are right, when I know the truth, I will regret a lot, I didn’t know I will burn in the fire of repentance, I have hurt you a lot. She wiped his tears and said you were helpless, stop blaming yourself, you didn’t know anything.

Durga said Sanjay will forgive you. Gayatri hid the gun when Sanjay came. Sanjay refused to forgive Gayatri. Umang said Madhav is my dad and Amrita said Umang is saying the truth.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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