My Daughter Durga Thursday, 24 February 2022: Episode 173-174



The Episode started with Durga standing in the line but did not see Prince. Prince looked at her side. His friend came and hugged him. Aarti came there and took him away. Durga did her work and left. The guys got Durga’s Id card.

Aarti then became shocked seeing the card. Durga took the card back. Aarti failed to see her. Peon called for Durga Choudhary. Aarti then turned and saw Durga but Durga left. Aarti became angry and said this is the same Durga, she came back.

Aarti went to Sanjay and said she has come. He asked who. She recalled Durga and said Durga. He asked what, Durga in this college, you said this is a big college, she can’t come here, I got info about that Durga, she is a college lecturer. Durga got another ID. Sanjay reminded how Durga left school, she has no courage to meet our eyes.

The college guy heard Sanjay and thinks to teach him a lesson. New students were to called to write something. Sanjay and Durga wrote. Durga wrote that she hopes to meet new friends. Sanjay also wrote he hopes not to meet old friends.

The guy threw color on him and scolded Sanjay. Sanjay also threw colors on the guy but the guy moved and the color poured on Durga. They both fell down and saw each other. Durga said SP. He also said Durga…. Aarti looked on and Durga left. Principal asked them what’s happening. Durga thinks why should I hide, I did not do anything wrong. Durga pointed Sanjay hiding.

Principal caught Sanjay and scolded him. The guy welcomed Sanjay to his college. Principal gave warning to Sanjay. Aarti thinks Durga did not do right coming here. Sanjay acted to help Durga and applied more colors to her face and everyone laughed. Sanjay got angry and scolded Durga. Durga looked at him.

Annapurna asked Yashpal why is he worried. He said you know everything, Durga has kept her past within, she is not willing to get that out, she doesn’t want anyone to know her past, I want to heat that lava inside her, I want her to come out of that cage, and live life freely, I want her to clear that stain on that forehead, I want her to live as old Durga, it was necessary to send her to college, wait for some days and see.

Durga thinks Sanjay has applied black color to my face. Sanjay asked her did she cheat and get admission into the college. He told Durga’s past to everyone, that she had taken drugs to win the race at the age of 14 years, she had ruined our school and village name and called her a cheater. Everyone called her cheater and she run away.


Durga washed her face. Aarti came there and taunted her. Sanjay said it’s my bike. Constable asked from where did he steal it.


The Episode started with Durga going to the washroom to wash her face and recalled the insult. She thinks of Yashpal’s words. Aarti came there and threw water on her. She said this is your punishment. Durga asked who are you. Aarti said you don’t know me, it’s good for you and she left. Durga thinks I have to settle scores with Sanjay.

Aarti said Durga’s attitude did not go till now. Sanjay said don’t worry, I promise to remind her of that day and he saw Durga. Yashpal waited for Durga. He was worried and said she will manage by herself, she is not a kid, how will I spend 6 hours more, I am getting restless, I will go to work.

Aarti asked Sanjay to see Durga’s attitude, how is she so calm and the Principal came there. A Teacher told them about freshers party, every girl should have a pair, college will choose Ms and Mr Fresher.

Durga thinks of being at her vegs stall than going for the party. Aarti taunted that Durga won’t get a party to come and Durga said we will meet at the party. A Constable asked Sanjay about his bike. Sanjay said it’s my bike.

The Constable asked him to show his papers. He looked and the number plate was gone. The Inspector said show me the papers. Sanjay said I can never steal. The Constable then said every thief says the same. His College mates made video of him and spreaded it.

Amrita and her son came home. Dadi and Annapurna smiled and blessed her. Amrita hugged Annapurna while Brij hugged the boy. Amrita told them his mischief. Dadi asked who has set your hair. The boy said my Papa and they all became shocked. Amrita said your hair is like your Papa. Shilpa said poor boy, his dad is missing till now and Amrita felt bad. Brij played with him.

The Police took the bike and signalled Durga and she smiled. Sanjay thinks Durga has done this. He came in Durga’s way and stopped her. She asked him to think before saying anything about her, you did not trust me, and spoke big things about friendship, I hate you.

It will be better you stay away. He said feelings are mutual, so you accept you did this bike issue. She said it doesn’t matter and recalled telling her friends about Sanjay’s bike.

Sanjay thinks to teach her a lesson and they argued. He said till when can she get saved from him and she left. Amrita then recalled Madhav. Sheela smiled and taunted her.

Sanjay went on the top of the building and asked Durga will she become her partner. She thinks he wants to go to party with me. He said if you refuse, I will jump down. She thinks I don’t care, he can jump.


Aarti said Durga is back, if she knows we were behind that incident. Neelkant said she invited problem coming to Bhiwani.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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