Durga Finally Confess Her Love For SP. My Daughter Durga Thursday, 24 March 2022: Episode 211-212


The Episode started with Sanjay asking Durga what will go wrong if he doesn’t meet her. She said you are my friend, that’s why and asked for everyone. She said no, but you are my childhood friend. He said fine, tell me why you get hurt if you don’t see me. He hits the pole and asked why did you try to find me in the crowd, why.

She stopped him and held his hand, saying you will get hurt. He asked why are you hurt, tell me. She said because I care for you, I…. and turned away. Goon cuts a current wire to fix to shagun plate. Sanjay asked Durga to complete her sentence, don’t you have to say anything, it’s fine, I came to make you realize your love, if you don’t want to show your love, go, if you don’t have love for me.

She stumbled and held him. The light bulbs wire fell on them and they had any eyelock. Rajveer talked to guests and a goon looked at him. Sanjay removed the wires and Durga left. Sanjay looked at her,she then stopped and ran to him.

She hugged him and he smiled and then slapped him. He asked why did you slap me. She said you are a liar, you said you won’t let me go again, why did you let me go now. He smiled and said I promise I will never leave you, I will always love you, but you didn’t say what I want to hear.

She said I am different, I believe in doing, not saying, so I didn’t say and made you realize my feeling. He said fine, I am SP and I am also different, I did love, not any theft, I will shout and tell you how much I love you. She said I love you SP. He looked at her and smiled. He asked what did you say. She said I love you Sanjay Prince. He said say again. She said I just said it, she turned shy and he hugged her. The goon switched on the current and hid the wires inside the table cover.

Aarti came to Gayatri. Gayatri asked how are you. Aarti told her what Sanjay said. Gayatri said it’s good, I can take your marriage talk ahead.

Aarti got SP’s message and said he called me to meet, I will leave, thanks, always bless me, so that I can win the national championship. Shilpa took pictures with everyone. Durga and Sanjay looked at each other and smiled and he signed her to come.

The Goon acted and asked Rajveer to pass shagun plate to him. Rajveer went to get the plate. Sanjay and Durga talked. Durga said I have to meet someone else. Sanjay asked who. She said Rana Sir. Rajveer was also about to hold the plate.

Gayatri argued with Neelkant. Sanjay told Aarti about proposing Durga and she became shocked.


The Episode started with Durga telling Sanjay that she has to meet Rana Sir, she has a practice training, she will meet him in the college tomorrow. Sanjay said I don’t mind waiting, you are just mine now and asked for a kiss but she signed no. He said then I will go and she smiled. They all became shocked hearing Sheela’s scream and run to see her. Sheela got the electric shock.

Rajveer recalled Sheela stopping him from taking shagun plate and scolding him. The Goons were shocked seeing her too. Durga hits the plate and saved Sheela and they all hold Sheela. The Goons informed Gayatri. She threw things and asked how did this happen, how did anyone else get the current shock.

Neelkant sent the manager and asked her to calm down, Rana doesn’t have memory to get them punished. She said I can’t tolerate the risk, Rana has to die, it’s important. Doctor then checked Sheela.

Yashpal said such a big incident happened and those people didn’t say anything and left. Brij asked the doctor how is Sheela. Doctor said she got an electric shock, she got saved, but her body got stiff and they became shocked.

Sanjay met Aarti and gave her flowers and she thanked her. She said I just found this way to make you realize your feelings. He thinks of Durga and said your way was best, I would have not done this, thanks to you, I have finally proposed to Durga and she became shocked. Doctor said I gave her injections, I will try my best and he left. Shilpa cried and asked will mum not be fine. Yashpal said she will be fine. Shilpa clapped for his drama.

He said you never wanted Bantu’s relation to happen, so you did this, you went to the room to connect wires and left them open. She blamed Yashpal for all this and scolded him for doing this. She cried and said mum used to say right, Brij we will get separated, but Brij never agreed and Brij slapped her. She said you still find these people right. She cried and went to Sheela.

Sanjay said Durga also loves me and I have tied my friendship with the bond of love, like you said. She said it means you went to propose to Durga that day. He said yes, you explained friends become important, it was not easy, she refused to my love, I ignored her and made her restless.

I made her realize and today she told me she loves me, I love you for being my best friend, mum misunderstood our friendship, I knew you will be much happy so I came to tell this to you, you are happy right and she cried. Sanjay celebrated and fed the cake to her.

Yashpal checked the wires and said even the switch was on. Rajveer said it was done intentionally, the girl’s relative has sent me there. Durga asked do you think someone tried to kill you, why will anyone ask you to get the plate. Dadi said why will anyone kill Rajveer. Rajveer said I have no enmity. Annapurna said I think it’s a coincidence, we will take care of Sheela, she will be fine soon.

Aarti came to meet Gayatri and thinks to tell her that SP doesn’t love her. Gayatri scolded her elder bahu. Aarti looked on and thinks what to tell her now and greeted Gayatri. Gayatri said you are my bahu, my morning got good with you, I am proud of you, you learnt to control my son before marriage. Aarti thinks she will be annoyed knowing SP doesn’t love me.

The foreigner got into an argument with Durga and challenged her for a race.

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