My Daughter Durga Thursday, 26 May 2022: Episode 297-298


The Episode started with Sanjay talking to Aarti’s dad and telling him that he will vacate Yashpal’s plot. Durga prepared milk with badam and ghee. Gayatri stopped her from drinking the milk and asked her to be on salad and water. Durga said I have been on that diet from one day, let me have this now. Gayatri said you can have food once you make bhog, you have one hour to do this. Durga thanked her for giving that responsibility to her and Gayatri left. Durga didn’t find any kirana and thinks Gayatri has done this intentionally and she went to her room.

Sanjay threw the brick and broke a water pot. He came inside the house and told Yashpal that he got a gift for him, it’s the same brick which he has given to him, but today he will need this to make a new house. Yashpal asked what nonsense, are you drunk. Sanjay said no, you may need to drink to digest this truth, you gave me a brick, and I will take each brick of your house. He showed the plan passed by zilla parishad, a river will pass this area, your plot will be taken for this plan, it’s a sad thing, just vacate this house, I will fix a tent for you on any road. Yashpal asked what nonsense, have you gone mad.

Sanjay said no, maybe you will go mad, I will read it, you all won’t know english. Durga found grains in her dupatta. She smelled and checked if it’s fine. She said dada’s blessing, this rice was given to me in kanyadaan, it will help me in making bhog. She smiled and left and Anjana looked on. Yashpal raised hand on Sanjay. Annapurna stopped him and said Sanjay is our son in law. Yashpal asked what shall I do then and he scolded Sanjay.

He said I don’t believe all these papers and burnt the papers. He asked Sanjay to do anything he wants. Durga started cooking halwa with the rice. Anjana hid and looked on. Durga checked the gas and said gas is finished. She worried seeing the time. Yashpal asked Sanjay what will he do. Sanjay said the project got permission, no one can stop this now. Yashpal asked him to do anything. Annapurna asked Sanjay how can he be so stone hearted and requested him to forget the fights. Sanjay asked what shall I forget, I can’t forget what he did with my family, he will get punished, just two days, you have to vacate this house, else bulldozer will run on it anyway and they all became shocked.

Pandit asked Gayatri to get bhog. Anjana acted and stopped Durga and Durga helped him. The govt officers came and checked the house. They then asked Yashpal to vacate the house, they will be starting the work soon. Yashpal became angry at them. Annapurna got pushed away and fell down. Anjana asked Durga why did you get me here. Durga said Gayatri will take care of you. Pandit said time is passing. Gayatri said you have 15 mins, I hope you have made the halwa. Durga said yes and she thinks how to make halwa without gas. She looked at the Lord idol. She went to pray and got help to make bhog. She said show me some way….

Yashpal said I feel something terrible is going to happen. Sanjay wrote parents… He said I have shot an arrow at your parents, bulldozer will run over your house and Durga became shocked.


The Episode started with Durga praying for help. She saw a diya and smiled and she thanked Maa for helping. She lighted many diyas and kept the bowl over the glasses and she cooked the bhog while Gayatri did the aarti. Durga found all ration boxes empty and looked for sugar. Gayatri and Anjana looked at the time. Durga said they have hidden even sugar. She saw the dates and said it will bring sweetness in my halwa. She grinded dates and added into the halwa. She checked the halwa and smiled. Pandit said we have to keep bhog on time and Durga brought the bhog. Gayatri and Anjana became shocked. Pandit said you came at the right time. Durga asked him to take the bhog and he placed down the bhog. He asked her to give prasad to everyone now. Durga then gave the prasad to Gayatri and Anjana. Durga said now that my work is over, can I drink milk and she drank the milk.

Sanjay came home and said I will throw away all the hurdles of my life, I have done something, a big river project is starting in Banwara, many plots will get cleared, one of the plot is Yashpal’s house. Durga became shocked and asked him not to joke. He said it’s true, come I will explain to you. Yashpal beats the men and they fought but Annapurna stopped him. The man took a stick and beats Annapurna. Rajveer came and stopped Yashpal from fighting. He said use your senses, please listen to me, calm down, don’t be angry, try to understand. He asked the men to do the work peacefully and pacified Yashpal. He asked Yashpal to take help from panchayat and govt and they took care of Annapurna.

Sanjay wrote Parents and asked Durga did she get shocked, P for parents and she cried. She said that’s my ancestral house, my parents stay there, where will they go, they will come on the road, stop joking now, you won’t do this. He hurt her and asked her to accept her mistake. It’s morning and everyone packed their things. Shilpa vented out anger and Brij scolded her. He said Yashpal will get some good news. Yashpal said don’t have any false hope, panchayat refused to help us, panchayat said our house was not in the plan, Sanjay included our plot to take revenge and Dadi cried. Yashpal said we won’t let our ancestral house get ruined. Rajveer said the plan got changed because of SP. Yashpal said I feel something terrible is going to happen. Durga came and said nothing bad will happen, I will not let any problem come on this house. Dadi asked what will you do. Durga reached the ground for training. She said I can’t waste any day, training is important. Gayatri said yes, when your house breaks, when your family comes on road, you will become their support, right.

Gayatri tied a ropes to Durga’s feet and asked her to stand inside the ring. The bikers pulled Durga. Durga got her family home.

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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