Finally, Durga To Get Justice. My Daughter Durga Thursday, 28 April 2022: Episode 258-259


The Episode started with Rajveer and Durga coming to a construction site and he showed the proof to her. She watched the video. He said you will be proved innocent. She said we should give this to the sports authority. Neelkant asked how can this happen.

They became shocked seeing Neelkant and his goons. Neelkant said if you are proved innocent, we will be proved the culprit. He said Rajveer is smart to hide the evidence in my own house. He asked him to hand over the proof. Durga placed the phone in Rajveer’s pocket and signalled him and she tried to run. Rajveer fought with the goons.

Neelkant pointed a gun at Durga and asked Rajveer to give him the mobile. Durga asked Rajveer not to give it to him. Rajveer said I will give it, here it is. He threw the phone to Neelkant and Neelkant pushed Durga. He said Rajveer will have a note, check him.

The Goon got the note and burnt it. Neelkant shot at the phone and asked the goons to beat them. Yashpal came and beats the goons. Durga told Neelkant that she will take revenge from him. Neelkant asked her what is she threatening, she can’t do anything. He left and Durga fought with the goons. Yashpal held Durga and she saw the phone.

They all came home sad. Yashpal said atleast we got to know the real culprit. Durga said yes,the Lord will show us the way. Gayatri said so they learnt the truth. Neelkant said they can’t do anything without proof. She said Durga won’t be quiet. He recalled her words and said she can provoke Sanjay against us, she becomes stronger every time. She said Durga’s family is her weakness, we don’t know what will burn in the revenge fire and they smiled.

Rajveer thinks of the incident. Durga thinks he is worried and signed to Yashpal. She talked positively and cheered up Rajveer. She said I will get the family support and love, my courage got strong. Rajveer looked on and smiled. Some men entered the house.

The man said we got information from the sports authority that Durga started taking banned medicines again and became shocked. The men checked the house. They placed the medicines and framed Durga. Durga became shocked. The man said Yashpal got the medicines for Durga.

Annapurna said Durga is innocent. The men insulted Durga and she was arrested.


The Episode started with the officers insulting Durga and her family. Rajveer asked them to show their ID card. He said it means you all are fraud, we shall take them to the police station. Neelkant called and threatened Durga and the fake officers laughed.

Gayatri said Durga you can know what we can do, we can send real officers and police also, your life has nothing special, keep everything you have safe, if you tell anyone the truth, you know what can happen,they all heard it and Durga recalled everything. She said I want to meet you in private. Gayatri said you have courage. Yashpal thinks why Durga wants to meet her. Durga said I will wait for your call, the meeting is important. She ended call and signed Yashpal.

Gayatri and Neelkant talked about Durga, that she didn’t get scared by their threatening. He said she has no proof against us, she can’t do anything. Durga said this is my plan. Rajveer asked is she mad. She said we have no proof now, we just have courage, things changed. Yashpal said we can’t guess what they can do. Durga said you didn’t teach me to lose, I was called zero before, you and Rana Sir made me reach national level and she convinced them. She said Sarfaroshi ki tamanna.

Yashpal, Dadi, Rajveer, Brij and Annapurna joined her. She got a call from Gayatri’s and said she called me to meet tomorrow. Sanjay and Durga think of each other. He composed a message and deleted it, thinking he can’t deny the promise made to mum. She thinks of Yashpal’s words.

Gayatri got the gun and said this time we will not let enemies get off, what will happen to Durga, I won’t let her know and Aarti came there. She said you can trust me, Sanjay also came there. He asked Aarti if she had any work. Aarti said I came to invite them for jagrata. He said mom needs rest, I will send Anjana. Neelkant said you can go, puja is kept for you and Aarti. Sanjay said no, who will take care of mom. Gayatri said Neelkant will take care of me, you should go.

Sanjay agreed and they left. Gayatri said it will be easy to face Durga after Sanjay leaves. Durga got the spy cam and told Yashpal about it. Manohar asked her to start recording when she is ready and placed it in her kurta button. Annapurna did her aarti.

She said I will expose him, I have to face this alone, you always supported me. He said I will get the police there if there is any problem, go. She got everyone’s blessings and went to Sanjay’s house. Gayatri welcomed her. She said I don’t leave any witness after some crime. Durga thinks I won’t go without getting the proof.

Gayatri said enemy shouldn’t be underestimated and she checked Durga. Durga apologized. Someone then pulled her.

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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