Prince Writes A Letter To Durga. My Daughter Durga Thursday, 3 February 2022: Episode 144-145



The Episode started with Brij and everyone telling Yashpal that Madhav is right for Amrita. Yashpal asked Brij to stop it, does he feel Madhav is right for Amrita, how did Sheela’s hunger strike end, what did Madhav give Sheela. Amrita said Madhav is not such. Yashpal said Amrita got sensible than my experience and he scolded Annapurna. Subhadra was glad and thinks his daughters are ahead.

Rajveer taught the students table tennis. He played and showed them. Sanjay played and the ball hits Aarti. Rajveer asked Sanjay to concentrate, the ball should come on the table, it should not hit anyone and Sanjay said sorry.

Annapurna said I think you are misunderstanding Madhav. Dadi said he is not bad. Brij said give him a chance, see his happiness, does Amrita has no right to stay happy. Yashpal said if everyone decides, what shall I do.

He said we got cheated before also, Amrita has grown up, I am not asking her to stop, but whenever she turns, she will see her mistake, think well and tell me is this your final decision and Madhav looked on. Amrita looked at Madhav, she said yes and Yashpal left.

The teacher told everyone about the scholarship and asked them to take the forms. Rajveer thinks Durga would be thinking about her dad and the teacher left. Rajveer asked everyone to go to thier classes and the students left. He stopped Durga and asked were you thinking of your dad. She said if I gave this exam, he would have gotten glad, but when he hears everyone mentioning my name, he will feel proud and I will be happy.

Rajveer told her that the state championship is on the 14th, she has to practice for the level 2 and she agreed. He said I trust you and your running, you don’t give chance to anyone to make you lose, we have to practice hard to win. She said I will do anything to win, without lying to dad and he asked how.

Yashpal met a man and asked for Madhav’s details. The man said he is good, he has architect degree, he manages work well, he is taking many leaves these days. Yashpal thinks he tells everyone that he is going to work daily. He said maybe he told you what work he had. The man said he goes to his relatives in Alekhpura village. Yashpal confirmed and was shocked. He asked do you have the address. The man said no, he used to get temple prasad.

Durga came home and asked everyone why are they upset, what happened. Amrita said mum spoke to dad about Madhav, he got much angry, don’t know what to do. Durga thinks how to ask him about coming late, I can’t lie.

Yashpal told Annapurna that he has lied to everyone, he has relatives in Alekhpura, he said he is an orphan, he never told this to us, why, he did not tell this to Amrita too, when his boss knows us, we got cheated from the same village people, my heart said Madhav is wrong, he is lying.

Annapurna asked him to go to the village and find out. Durga said I will go and see Yashpal’s anger and she prayed. She saw Yashpal worried. He asked her to go and study and she left.

Sheela danced with Amrita and said Yashpal will agree soon while Shilpa got annoyed. Sheela said this is good for all of us. Subhadra thinks Durga’s truth will come out on the 14th, it will be a huge drama. Sheela said it will be fun when family fails to cope up by Madhav’s cheat. Durga sat studying. Yashpal came to her and gave her milk. He asked her did she come to ask for something.

She asked will it work if I get late tomorrow. He thinks I know you have to prepare for exam. He said yes, there is no problem, you focus and do your work, I trust you, it will be good for you, drink the milk. She said if its right for me and wrong for you then…… She thinks did anyone tell him I am running in the race. He said no, you won’t do anything such to break my trust, I trust you a lot.

Durga said I have hidden something to make you proud. Yashpal found out about Madhav. Pandit said he came to meet his relative.


The Episode started with Durga making her friend write the letter to Yashpal. She said I want you to come and know what matters to me a lot in life. I want to make you feel what I felt for the first time, you may not understand if I tell you, when you see me, you will say my pride, that I am your Durga. She wrote her name in the letter.

She apologized to Yashpal for going against her. She then placed the letter and said I will give this letter to him on the race day. Her friends ask her to practice well and show him by winning. She said yes, I will win in the competition. She said no one touches my english book, so I placed the letter in this and she smiled.

Yashpal told Annapurna that he will be late, he has to go to Alekhpure. Madhav talked to Dulaari and asked her to meet him in the temple. Annapurna asked will this look good to spy on someone. Yashpal said I am daughter’s father and has to secure his future, I will find out who are Madhav’s relatives. Madhav came and saw him but Yashpal left.

Sanjay tried to convince Aarti. He promised he will never talk to Durga and Durga smiled. Aarti shook hands with him. A boy gave Sanjay’s letter to Durga. Durga thinks why is he writing a letter to me. Sanjay wrote, Aarti did not allow me to talk to you, but we can still be friends by letter. She tore the letter and went to Rajveer.

Yashpal reached the village. Madhav met Dulaari and Rishi in the temple and prayed. Yashpal stopped a pandit and asked about Madhav. He showed him Madhav’s pic. Pandit said Madhav is here, he came to meet his relatives. Yashpal saw Madhav and thanked the pandit. Yashpal collided with a boy, he helped him and apologized and continued to go and see Madhav. He saw Madhav with some old man. Madhav acted good to Kaka and went to pray. Yashpal stopped the old man and asked about Madhav. The man said he is a nice guy, he takes care of me a lot, he is an orphan. Madhav then looked at Yashpal. Dulaari and Rishi hid.

Durga came to the sports room and she called out Rajveer. He showed her the presentation and showed the rubber synthetic track, so that she wins in the state championship.

He asked her to mend herself. He asked her to start with 50 times skipping and made her practice. He asked are you ready. Durga thinks I will face any hurdle to make Yashpal meet my new life and she said ready. He asked her to come for practice. Durga and Rajveer did skipping. She run over the hurdles and they trained.

Dulaari asked Madhav how did you know Yashpal will come here. Madhav smiled and recalled Amrita calling him. Amrita said dad has gone to Alekhpura to find out about your relatives. Madhav was shocked and thinks to do something before Yashpal sees him with Dulaari and Rishi.

Amrita said we got cheated before, so dad wants to go ahead by checking well, don’t feel bad. He thanked her for the trust. He sent Dulaari and Rishi. He gave money to the old man and bribed him. Dulaari then praised him.

Durga got tired and said I could not make you lose. Rajveer said if you run this way, you will win, have water, you have to make me lose in the next round. Sanjay came there and called out Durga.

Rajveer saw him and asked why is he here, go to class. Sanjay apologized and left. Sanjay wrote a letter and threw it to Durga. He signalled her to read it. Durga thinks this guy is mad, Rajveer may slap him. She placed the letter in her socks and Sanjay smiled.

Yashpal said whatever I got to know, according to it…. Durga took the letter from Subhadra and a lady taunted Amrita. Dadi shouted enough…Read more

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