My Daughter Durga Thursday, 30 December 2021: Episode 94-95



The Episode started with Durga saying Madhav looks good, but he acts like a stone age man. Amrita said you sleep now, you have to leave early. Durga thinks about leaving soon, as she has to go for training also. Durga went to Yashpal and saw him sleeping. She touched her parents’ feet and kept a note for him. She went to open the door. Madhav came and helped her. He opened the door and asked will you go alone. Durga said yes, I came alone and will go alone. He said I heard you are working hard to fulfill your dad’s dream, very good. She thanked him and asked him not to trouble Amrita, else she will come anytime and beat him. He smiled ,she left and he shuts the door.

Yashpal went to wake up Durga and he saw the note. Durga wrote you would be dropping me to Bua’s house, but I can go alone, I came home to tell you something important, I failed my papers, I got less marks, Bua lied to you, I could not stay without telling you the truth, everyone was happy for Amrita, so I did not wish to tell you yesterday, I promise I will get good marks, just forgive me for this time. He cried and said my daughter, you supported truth and passed me in life exams, you made my upbringing win, I am proud of you. Durga was on the way and thinks it’s first race to get marks, I will win this for my dad.

Shilpa got ready. Sheela came and complimented her. Sheela said go out, Madhav is leaving for the office, tell him you like him, I think he is rich, don’t miss him. Shilpa said I will fix the relationship today and come. Bantu came and said Billu is mad, if he goes to the police or tells someone then, do something. Sheela worried.

Amrita checked the note and said Durga told me to say the truth, I did not have the courage, you were so happy, Durga is working hard, she will pass next time, forgive me. Yashpal said no, you thought for good, I am upset that Durga was thinking I am not talking to her because of her low marks, I did not have hope this time, I told your mum, ask her. Annapurna nodded. He said Durga should have spoken to me. Amrita thinks of Madhav and tries to bring out Madhav’s truth with a proof.

Durga came home and thinks Bua will be angry, I did not tell her and went home. Uncle held her ears and said you came at the right time, Bua is having a bath, change your clothes and run to school, at least tell me if you have to go anywhere and she nodded.

Shilpa waited for Madhav. Amrita came out. Shilpa acted to be on a call. Madhav came and saw Amrita. Amrita thinks to expose Madhav by meeting Billu. He thinks I will meet Billu and get proof to shut your mouth. Sheela said Billu is mad, I will meet him today, I think money should be given to them. Shilpa stopped Madhav and asked for lift. He asked her to come.

Yashpal called Subhadra’s husband and asked has Durga gotten home. Uncle said yes, and made Durga talk. Uncle locked Subhadra in the bathroom. Subhadra knocked the door. Yashpal said I read your letter, you did good to tell the truth. You may have failed the paper, but you said the truth, I know you are fulfilling my dreams, remember you went there to study well and pass with good marks. Durga said I will surely do this. She ended the call and left. Subhadra came out. She asked has Durga come back. Her husband said yes, she went to school, I am going to the office.

Subhadra worried. Shilpa thanked Madhav. He said it’s my duty, come. Madhav got a call about Billu’s address. He asked Shilpa to take an auto and leave, sorry. She said fine, I will go and was annoyed and he left. Sheela scolded Billu for teasing her daughter. Billu said you said the girl is not beautiful, so I teased that ugly girl, I did not know she is your daughter. Madhav came to meet Billu. The man asked Sheela to give him the money. Billu said I won’t tease Sheela, she is also ugly, I know how to get my money, I will come home then you will double the money. She said fine, tell me how much. He said I want 10000rs. She payed him money and left. She saw Madhav coming and hid. Billu was tensed. Sheela went out and looked out the window.

Amrita hit Madhav’s head. Aarti asked Sanjay to stop Durga from running in the race. Sanjay run with Durga’s shoes. Durga fell and was hurt.


The Episode started with Madhav asking Billu who paid money to tease the girls. Sheela worried. Billu said I will tell you tomorrow. Madhav asked can’t you understand, I will beat more. Sheela signalled Madhav that she will pay more money. Madhav beats Billu. Sheela thinks I am done if Billu tells him anything. Madhav asked Billu to stop crying and tell the truth. Amrita asked someone for Billu’s house and came there. Madhav asked Billu to tell the truth and payed him money. Sheela showed money to Billu and signalled him not to say.

Amrita came there and saw Madhav. Rajveer asked everyone are they set, this is their chance, the winner will represent our school in inter school championship, if the winner can’t play by any reason, then first runner up will play. It’s the first step to get grace marks, stay focussed. Durga thinks to get those marks. Rajveer wished them best of luck.

Sanjay wished all the best to Aarti.Aarti thanked him. She said Durga looks much confident, you are my best friend, stop this girl from taking part in the race. Sanjay said fine, she has cheated us to get shoes, now she will run barefoot. He run with Durga’s shoes. Durga asked him to return the shoes and run after him.

Durga was hurt and her foot was bleeding. Sanjay stopped and was shocked. He saw the teachers coming. He dropped the shoes and ran. Amrita saw Madhav giving money to Billu and said he knew I am getting proof against him, so he came here, I will call the police. She called the police and complained about Billu. She thinks I have to stop Madhav here until the police comes.

Rajveer asked for Durga. Sanjay went with Aarti. They saw Durga hurt and Rajveer was worried. He asked how will you run with such wound. Durga said I will tell you later, I will run.

Madhav slapped Billu. Sheela showed money to Billu. Amrita came there and hits Madhav’s head and beat him. Madhav said wait, I came to make him say the truth. Amrita asked why were you giving money to him. Madhav said you feel you are right. She asked him to talk to the police now. Billu said Sheela gave me money to tease her. Madhav and Amrita was shocked. Madhav asked him to tell the truth. Billu said I am not lying.

Durga cried in pain. Rajveer looked on. Durga recalled her family and said I will run, she fell back and heard the announcement. Amrita checked the place and found Sheela’s earring. She told Madhav that Billu is telling the truth and Madhav was shocked. Billu said don’t give me to the police. Madhav said I can’t believe Sheela can do this with you. Billu said take the money back, sorry and an Inspector came there. Madhav sent the police away. Billu thanked Madhav and hugged him. Madhav and Amrita left.

Rajveer held Durga and said you can’t run. Durga said I have to run for my dad’s dream, I promised my dad that I will get 5 marks. Durga went to participate in the race. Amrita thinks of Billy’s words. Madhav came in her way. She asked him to move. He said listen to me. She said Sheela has sent goons, how can she do this, I will tell dad. He asked her not to do such things and she apologized. He held her hand and stopped her.

Rajveer said maybe your bone can break if you run. Durga said it won’t be bigger than breaking dad’s dreams and she run in the race. Amrita told Yashpal about someone sending Billu after her.