My Daughter Durga Thursday, 31 March 2022: Episode 221-222


The Episode started with Gayatri seeing Sanjay and worrying and the bomb blast occurred and she shouted prince. Sanjay then moved Durga away. Gayatri run to Sanjay. She saw Sanjay fine and thanked the Lord. Sanjay moved Durga. Yashpal and everyone came there and saw Durga. Yashpal hugged her and asked what happened. They all got worried seeing the blast. Durga got numb.

Yashpal thanked Sanjay and said I can’t forget your favor all my life and he took Durga. Shilpa said sarpanch and Rana came there. Yashpal looked around. He found them and checked. He told Durga that Rajveer is no more and Durga became shocked. Yashpal said sarpanch ji’s breath is running and Dadi asked him to call an ambulance.

Gayatri said Prince would have died, get him home safely and the guards took Sanjay. Sanjay saw Durga and run to her. He said I won’t go anywhere but the Guards took him. The man said this happened because of this race. Yashpal talked to the inspector about Rana’s body. The Inspector said the body will go to the hospital for post mortem, you will get it after 48 hours and everyone came home. Dadi said why did this happen suddenly. Durga sat numb. Yashpal said we lost Rana. Shilpa turned on the tv. They heard blast was done by terrorists.

Gayatri said Sanjay risked his life to save Durga today. Sarpanch’s wife cried. The man said his life fell in danger, it was Durga and her family’s mistake, we will punish Durga, we will take revenge. The Guards got Sanjay home. Sanjay said what’s this, they got me against my will, I have to go to Durga. Gayatri worried seeing his wound. He said you were also there, are you fine. She said thank God you thought for me, why did you go there.

He said Durga would have died, you have many sources, find out who did this, I will not leave him, Durga got him. She get angry. He said you know I love Durga. She said I never liked her, she is not suitable for you. She has no place in my life and this house. She then asked the servant do to aid to Sanjay but Sanjay stopped the servant. Durga thinks of Rajveer and cried. Durga looked at the medals, recalled his words and sat crying.

The Villagers beat up Yashpal. Durga poured kerosene on herself and said you all think it’s my mistake, I will punish myself,she took a firetorch and Yashpal became shocked.


The Episode started with Durga recalling Rajveer and crying and the family consoled her. The angry villagers came inside the house to kill them. They all poured the kerosene. Brij and Yashpal heard the sound and went to see and yhe villagers caught them. Everyone came out and was shocked. Shilpa asked them not to touch Sheela.

The man said our village respect got ruined because of Durga, we didn’t say anything, but today sarpanch ji is fighting with death, burn this house right away, punish them, it’s time they get punished for their sins ans the Villagers caught everyone. Durga begged them to leave everyone. She said burn me, but leave all of them. The man got a fire torch and they all became shocked. Durga got free from the women’s clutches.

She run and caught the firetorch. Yashpal asked Durga to throw the firetorch away. Durga got the kerosene box and poured it on herself. She said I did the mistake, I should get punished, leave my family, I have lost my Rana Sir in this incident, everyone thinks it’s my mistake, I will punish myself and she took the firetorch. Yashpal asked her to stop.

Durga said when I won the national race, none respected my passion, you are doing the same today, you all give sorrow to my family always, you will be blamed for my death. She asked Yashpal to call the police, the police will see all these villagers, they will go jail for my death blame. The man asked are you mad, will you die.

The man asked them to leave, this girl will trouble them more. Durga dropped the firetorch and cried. Sanjay asked Gayatri how can she do this. Gayatri said I told you about our rich family status, how did you love a peon’s daughter. Sanjay said you didn’t even meet her, why do you hate her, this isn’t right and he praised Durga. She said you get respect by your surname and bank balance, I always lost to you, as it was my love for you, you can leave now and Sanjay angrily left.

Yashpal consoled Durga. She said I had to pay a big price for my dream, I don’t have courage to bear all this. Shilpa said Durga still thinks of herself and Brij scolded her. Shilpa and Bantu took Sheela. Brij asked Annapurna to manage Dadi. Yashpal hugged Durga. Gayatri woke up and saw the smoke filled in her room. She went out and saw Sanjay sitting inside the fire circle.

She asked him to come out. He showed her their pic. He said I love you a lot but I don’t want to hurt you, I just love Durga, if I can’t get Durga, I don’t want this life. She asked him to please come out but he refused and said you don’t know my love for Durga, she is in my breath and soul, I will not be alive, I will die now. She shouted and asked him to stop.

Durga read a chit. Villagers say we won’t forgive Durga for sarpanch’s state.

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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