My Daughter Durga Thursday, 4 November 2021: Episode 15-16


My Daughter Durga Thursday, 4 November 2021 Episode started with Durga and her friends getting to the temple. Her friend said we will make baba bless you. Yashpal woke up from a dream and smiled. He said if my Durga grows up, she will look like that. Annapurna heard him. She asked what happened. He said I have seen a dream, Durga became a big officer, a white car with red light came to our house, everyone was looking, Durga got down the car, I saluted her and hugged, it was a nice dream, see this will happen and she smiled. He said things seen by open eyes are fulfilled.

Durga and her friends run to the lake. Durga said we can’t breath here. They all went ahead. Baba bawandar played music and sang. His man came there. Baba said I already did planning to sell poor villagers’ land, I will sell it, go and make my album in bollywood. The man said yes, you have a good talent, I will go and see the devotees. Baba said fine, I am going to bath, check the main gate, no poor person should come.

Durga said this basket is coming to us. Her friends said no, it was coming to us. They got scared and shouted ghost and they run. A cat came out of the basket. The guard was at the entrance. They all apologized to the guard and asked him to say something. Manohar felt nausea and ate lemon. He asked him to let them go. Durga also requested the man. The man was actually sleeping with open eyes. They heard his snores and silently run. They saw baba bawandar taking selfies. Bansi said Baba has taken his bath, what will we do now. Durga said I will hold his legs and request him. The boy said he will not help you. She said how to trap him. Bansi thinks to get some junk to make Manohar vomit.

Bansi made Manohar smell junk. Manohar went and vomited on baba. Baba bawandar became shocked. He asked what did you do, who are you, are you mad, I have to bath again now. Durga and her friends smiled. Baba went to bath. Manohar scolded Bansi. The boy said first lock the bathroom door.

Yashpal said I will wake up Durga. Annapurna said why, it’s a holiday. He said she has exam in the coaching centre today. Amrita woke up and smiled seeing the phone. She did not find Durga and said did Durga wake up early today. Yashpal came and asked for Durga. She said she maybe studying. He said you said right, she needs love and support also. She asked him to brush his teeth, then she will heat water for him to bath.

Devotee came to meet baba bawandar. Baba found the door locked and asked who locked it. Bansi said we kids locked it. He asked why. Manohar said first help me. Baba said it’s a sin to do this. They ask him to help Durga. They told him the story. Baba asked who is Durga, who is Shilpa, what is this story, open the door. Durga tensely said I am Durga, I came to ask for your help, I don’t have 500rs to give you as fee, just you can make maths line in my hand, do magic and get marks for me. Baba became worried. They all ask him to help.

Yashpal thinks did Durga sleep, she doesn’t have the habit of sleeping early, I will see her once. The kids asked Baba to help Durga. Baba said maths is my enemy also. He told them his maths problem. Durga thinks I am not alone in world whom maths scared. Baba said maths means my spirit will always trouble you. Durga said you understood my problem, just you can solve it now. He said sure, but get me out of here first. Yashpal looked for Durga. Amrita asked him to take his bath. He said I am not hearing Durga’s voice, maybe she is aslep. She said I look for her, you go. He said fine, make her ready. Amrita looked for Durga.

The kids freed baba and fell into his feet. They apologized and say they did not had money to meet him. Baba stopped his men. The kids say baba has forgiven us, thanks. Baba asked them to close their eyes and do dhyaan by true heart and he left.

Yashpal asked for Durga. Durga run back home. They all looked for Durga. Amrita looked for Durga on the road and fainted. Rishi asked are you fine?


The Episode started with Baba making some powder. He asked the kids to open thier eyes. He acted to be performing a miracle and gave some magical powder to Durga, saying you will succeed in exam, eat this before starting your paper, be confident, your hand will run. Durga thanked him and promised to study hard after passing in the exam. He blessed her and asked her to go.

The man asked why did you help them. Baba said when the kids go, they will tell more people. Durga and her friends were on their way and they rushed home. Amrita looked for Yashpal. He said I know Durga hasn’t woken up. She said Durga is not here. He said where can she go in the morning. Durga run to the house. Her friends got tired and sat. Durga went ahead. They think will Durga reach home before Yashpal wakes up. Manohar said she will reach in time, she runs very fast.

Yashpal looked for Durga and asked Annapurna. She said I was in the kitchen, I did not see her. Amrita said she went somewhere. Sheela came and said what happened now. Amrita said Durga is nowhere to be found. Sheela asked did she run away being afraid of exam?. Durga run and got home. She heard them and entered the house silently and went to the bathroom and came out from there. She asked him to shout slowly. He said we looking for you. Sheela asked can’t you tell us, there is no peace. Yashpal said you have a paper today. Durga said yes I know so I got up early. He asked are you prepared, she smiled and said yes.

Amrita made Ganesh idol and prayed for Durga. Annapurna said this time, Durga is working hard, she will pass. Shilpa told Amrita about the sale in the market. Annapurna said Yashpal did not give you money. Shilpa said it’s okay, Amrita can choose clothes and know the rate and can buy them later. Amrita said no, I have to make an idol, I don’t like crowd. Shilpa said I am with you, will you take Annapurna to the in-laws with you. Annapurna said Shilpa is right, go and see something for yourself.

Durga was given the paper. The man said exam time is one hour, Saraswati Sir will check it, start. Durga saw devil in paper and threw it. She recalled baba’s words and took the powder. She looked at the paper again and prayed. Yashpal waited for her.

Durga wrote the exam. Amrita came out of the house and was scared seeing people. Shilpa also came. Amrita asked her not to leave her alone. Shilpa asked the rickshaw driver to take them to the market. Durga’s friends shared jokes. Shilpa and Amrita saw some clothes. Amrita asked about discount. Shilpa said that will be old clothes, check the new dresses. Shilpa liked one of the dress.

Amrita said its costly, why are we looking when we can’t buy costly clothes. Shilpa scolded her for spoiling her impression and went out. Amrita became scared seeing a man and recalled her childhood incident. She went out of the shop and called out Shilpa. Durga said let me write. The man took her paper.

Yashpal asked Durga about her paper. Durga said questions were tough, now Sir will decide. The man gave Durga’s paper to teacher. The teacher crushers samosa in it to remove oil and scolded the peon. The man said what will we tell Durga, you made her paper a tissue. The teacher said it’s fine, I just want money, my institute will be number one. He asked the peon to send for Yashpal. Amrita became worried and was alone in the market.

The teacher praised Durga’s paper. She thanked baba bawandar. Yashpal asked will you give her admission. The teacher said yes, you send her to my institute tomorrow. Yashpal thanked him. The teacher asked him to deposit 10000rs fees tomorrow. Yashpal and Durga became shocked.

Amrita cried and run in the market. She became dizzy and fell over Rishi’s bike. He asked are you fine madam. He saw Amrita and smiled.

Yashpal said return my 550rs, you cheated us. The man scolded him and asked him to get out and insulted Yashpal. The Peon helped Yashpal. Rishi and Amrita had chat.


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