Durga Faces SP After Marriage. My Daughter Durga Thursday, 5 May 2022: Episode 268-269


The Episode started with Sanjay telling his plan to Durga. He said I will take you towards ruining by this marriage, I will punish you for hell in this house in front of everyone and she became shocked. He said you are my wife now, welcome. Annapurna cried.

Dadi said Durga made me proud, just pray that she gets much happiness and kissed the bangles for Durga. Shilpa saw the worth of Ahlawat group and said Durga got a jackpot. She said Durga will be good now. Dadi said marriage happened in a hurry, but we have to do the rasams. She asked Yashpal to take shagun to Durga’s Sasural.

Durga asked Sanjay is this a joke. He said it’s the truth. She said you love me, you can never do this. He asked what love, the love in which you cheated me, if you can hurt my mum, then think what can I do for her. She said you are misunderstanding me, what cheat are you saying, I didn’t cheat you. He said stop acting, your truth is in front of me and he hurts her. He said this is just a start, see what I do, I will make your life worse than death.

She said whatever you have seen in the video was true, they are lying. He asked her to stop it, if she tells anything against his mum, he will kill her. She asked why will I lie. He said I wish I knew this, you cheated me, stop this acting now, you will get punished in front of them and he hurts her.

Gayatri said I have given birth to Sanjay, you should have thought of it. She asked Anjana to take care of Durga. Yashpal saw Durga’s running shoes and hugged it. He then saw her trophy. He looked at her pics and cried.

He thinks of Durga and said she went in between enemies, don’t know what will they do. Annapurna said I am also worried, Sanjay is with her, he will not let her get sorrow. Yashpal said I don’t understand, there is something. She said her worry won’t end soon, everything will get fine soon.

Anjana dropped Durga into the room. She asked her to have courage, think of the future now, see this house as bahu. Durga looked at the decorations. Sanjay came and held her close but she pushed him away. He asked what happened, are you scared.

He said we are married now, we have to celebrate first night, come, we will make it unforgettable for you and pushed her away. She asked have you gone mad. He said this is your real place, get habitual to this and ruined the decorations. He said tomorrow will be a special day, there is a surprise for you, be ready and he went to sleep. He said I have the keys, you can’t go anywhere and she cried.

Yashpal came to see Durga. He heard the guards talking. Durga run on a treadmill and threw her jewelry. Durga came home and Yashpal became shocked.


The Episode started with Yashpal coming to Sanjay’s house. He thinks how to meet Durga. Durga cried and missed Yashpal. Yashpal heard the guards talking about Sanjay marrying a girl of his choice, Sanjay will keep his wife happy as he is good hearted.

Durga saw a treadmill and runs on it to vent out anger. Gayatri said I am very happy, she was dancing at a press conference, her plan ruined her, Sanjay proved color in blood is more dense than color of love, he got Durga to our feet, her life is hell, congrats, you did great, how did you arrange the video soon.

He said I have asked my sources to change Durga’s words in the video by using a dubbing artist, Sanjay didn’t doubt, how did you attempt suicide. She said I was scared thinking everything got ruined, you changed everything. He said I pity our innocent son, he doesn’t know I used him to win this game.

Durga recalled Sanjay’s promises. She threw away her jewelry and recalled her family. She thinks Sanjay’s lie was a cheat and she cried. She said whatever SP does, I will fight, I will not lose and looked for keys. She took keys from his pocket,she then opened the lock and left.

Yashpal stayed awake. He went to check the door and became shocked seeing Durga. Everyone saw Durga and worried. Yashpal asked what happened. Durga said nothing is fine and they became shocked. She started laughing and said I came here for peace. Yashpal asked did they treat you well, is SP taking care of you well. She said let me come in and she cried. She praised Sanjay and Annapurna hugged her.

Shilpa acted good. Durga said it’s a big house. Shilpa asked how many cars are there. Dadi asked Shilpa to let Durga rest. Durga said that house is big, but it’s not good like ours, I came here to take something important. Yashpal asked what is it.

Durga said my running shoes and clothes, Sanjay reminded me and sent me here, he didn’t want me to forget my dreams, I am not hurt. Annapurna asked her to go. Yashpal doubted when he sees Durga’s walking like her feet is hurt. He thinks why do I feel like Durga is hiding something.

Sanjay woke up and looked for Durga. He told Gayatri that Durga is not at home. Yashpal asked how did Sanjay let you come along at night. Annapurna got food and feed her. Durga then smiled. Sanjay said she would have gone home. Neelkant said if she doesn’t come back. Sanjay said how will our plan complete then, she will come back.

Sanjay went to pick Durga and told everyone that Durga has run away, getting saved of our tortures and they became shocked…Read more

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