My Daughter Durga Thursday, 7 April 2022: Episode 231-232


The Episode started with Sanjay apologizing to everyone. Shilpa asked everyone to see, Sanjay always meets Durga by hiding. He said I got a message from Durga that there is some problem. She asked will he come to hide and meet if Durga has any problem, I sent that message.

She told everyone that Sanjay sent the gifts to Durga. Sanjay asked what gifts and Shilpa scolded him. He said I didn’t send any gifts, why are you blaming us, Durga also knows I didn’t send any gift. Brij became angry at Sanjay. Durga came in between and saved him. She then asked Sanjay to leave atleast for her sake, he left and everyone looked at her.

Brij asked her what does all this mean. Durga said Sanjay came to help me. Brij asked why did he come here and he scolded her. He asked what was the need to go and meet him. Dadi said I told everyone to tie Durga. She scolded Durga for disrespecting them and Durga tried to explain.

He said I knew my little innocent Durga, not you, you can’t be our Durga, you have put our family respect at stake, everyone has blindly trusted you. Durga told Annapurna to trust her, she can’t do anything wrong but Annapurna scolded her a lot and Durga cried.

Annapurna raised hand to slap and Yashpal stopped her. Sanjay prayed for Durga. Durga told Yashpal that he didn’t do anything wrong, Sanjay is more than a friend now and they became shocked. Durga said I didn’t do anything to break your trust, you don’t need to regret, no one is important to me than you all and she asked him to trust her.

Yashpal told Durga about the old incident. He swore that Durga will never run now. Sanjay came home and shouted. He asked who sent gifts to Durga’s house from his side.


The Episode started with Durga crying and saying I didn’t break your trust. Yashpal recalled her words. He then scolded her for shattering their trust. He asked did you not see what family did, Brij is your uncle, he loves you so much, he lost his job because of you, he is sitting at home.

He showed Dadi and said your Dadi got old, she came here when she was 16 years old, everyone respected her, today she is facing insult because of you. Durga and everyone cried. Yashpal asked Durga to see Annapurna, she had trust on you, she has stood against village, she has done so much for you.

Gayatri got informed about Durga. She was glad and said this should happen with her. She said Durga’s bad days started, see how things spoil. Durga said you are misunderstanding me. He asked her to see they lost water and ration, even then they didn’t leave supporting her.

He pushed her on ground and scolded her for ruining the family name. Sanjay came home angrily and asked who sent gifts to Durga. Anjana said she did this to surprise them and Gayatri scolded Anjana. She acted good to Sanjay and managed the matter.

Yashpal reminded Durga all her duties and she cried. He said you pledged of not running before, today I pledge that you will never run now, it’s all changed, my family has paid for your mistakes, I will never forgive you for this. He locked Durga in her room and they all cried.

Yashpal asked Annapurna not to melt heart for Durga. He saw Durga’s phone ringing. He saw Sanjay’s call and threw the phone away. He apologized to Shilpa for being wrong and believing Durga. Durga said I didn’t do anything wrong.

Sanjay came to meet Durga and thinks I will also bear the same punishment. Brij caught and beat him up.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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