My Daughter Durga Thursday, 9 December 2021: Episode 66-67

my daughter durga



The Episode started with Subhadra asking Durga to come and eat. Durga came and saw two plates. She took the plentiful food plate,Subhadra said don’t sit there, come sit with me. Shri said there was so much food on my plate and just dal roti in Durga’s place. Subhadra said Durga just came and so water change can affect her, I will increase her food when I know what food suits her. Shri asked will one roti be enough for her. Subhadra said I will make more food for her if she feels hungry, she should have less food to stay healthy, you think I am doing partiality with her, she is my brother’s daughter, I don’t want to make her ill. Durga nodded and smiled. Durga thinks of Yashpal and went to sleep.

Yashpal asked for his kurta. Annapurna asked him to wear any other kirta. Durga had the kurta with her. She hugged it and slept. Subhadra looked at her and said emotional drama, she is sleeping holding Yashpal’s kurta. She asked Durga to wake up soon, it’s her first day of school and she moved her. Durga woke up calling Yashpal. Subhadra asked what’s this, did I not give you any blanket. Durga said I was missing dad. Subhadra gave her a uniform and asked her to get ready fast. Durga asked about Shri. Subhadra said she goes to two classes and then goes to school, you try to wake up soon, I have much work, I will sweep the room and then go. Durga said no, I will sweep the room. Subhadra asked really, you are so lovely, fine sweep room, I will go.

Yashpal asked for the same kurta. Dadi scolded Brij. Yashpal went and asked what happened. Dadi said Brij is mad. Brij said we have a big house, everyone has their own rooms, why don’t we give one room on rent. Yashpal became shocked. Durga asked Subhadra to do her work, I will do all the work here and she acted sweet.

She said Amma never gets glad even if I do much work, there is much work, there is no one to help me. Durga said I will help you. Subhadra said thanks, I love you, get ready, I will prepare your breakfast. Brij said we can get money, is that bad. Yashpal said no, but we have young girls at home, strangers won’t be good. Brij said we both will secure the family, who will dare to do this, it’s better to give a room on rent than taking loan, think well. Yashpal said don’t worry, I will manage.

Durga cleaned the room. She placed Yashpal’s kurta in her bag. Brij said fine, as you wish, there is no forcing. He said it will be Durga’s first day in big school. Yashpal said yes, it’s important at school, I would have fed her curd and sugar. Dadi said Subhadra also has my values, she will feed curd and sugar to Durga. Subhadra gave one rupee to Durga. Durga sat to have food but Subhadra said wait, you are getting late, have the food on the way, I gave you one rupee, have sweets and go, it’s your first day, run, else the school gate will be shut. Durga run and thinks was this the route. She became hungry and saw a shop. She asked for one samosa. The man said samosa doesn’t come in one rupee. She saw 15rs samosa rate and went to a small stall. She did not get anything for one rupee.

Yashpal prayed in the temple and gave prasad to the pandit. Pandit placed a bhog and gave the prasad back. He asked do you have any lottery tickets?” Yashpal said no, Durga has a big day in school, she would be reaching school now. Durga run and the school gate was closed. Yashpal said I saw a big dreams for her. Pandit said when it’s a special thing, you should have been with Durga, she would have gotten courage. Yashpal said no, when she left, I could not see her leaving, I would have not come back if I went there, it takes courage to make a heart away and he left.

Durga asked the guard to open the gate, I just came late by some time, it’s my first day. The guard said this door won’t open now but she requested him and he said it’s the rule, once the gate shuts, it doesn’t not open, just go, you can jump over the wall and fly to go and she run.

Amrita thinks anyone would have not tolerated Madhav, if I am not wrong, why should i get scared, he did wrong with Yashpal, I should be strong. She came to the workplace. Madhav saw her and said very well, I expected this from you, you good decision. She said I will also keep personal things separate, village girls can break, but not bend in front of anyone, check my work. Madhav checked the file. He was surprised and said very well, you can join the job from today itself, welcome and she left. He said see how I break your ego.

Durga raced with Aarti in the school. Aarti became tensed and turned and the Color fell over Madhav’s shirt.


The Episode started with Durga running to jump over the wall and enter the school. Prince dropped the milk for the snake and thehe boys got shocked. Durga run and stopped at the fence. She talked to Hanuman. She said I am very hungry, I have been running since morning. She jumped inside the fence and entered the school. She saw the milk kept in a bowl. She said milk, how did this come? She thanked Hanuman for sending milk for her. She drank the milk and run.

Madhav went to Amrita, she was teaching someone drawing, she became tensed and turned, the colors fall on his shirt and she became shocked. Shilpa said I have no new clothes. Sheela said don’t worry, when your Bua comes, we will go with her and get new fashion clothes, be happy now. Shilpa said girls are going mad after Madhav. Madhav scolded Amrita and said we respect work here, try to control your hands. He asked her to listen carefully, you have to make such a painting that will showcase Haryana’s work, that can make Haryana famous, do you know it, Panipat’s war. She said but it’s war. He said listen to me first, I want all detailed info, am I clear and she nodded.

He said I don’t like any mistakes in work, sorry I forgot you are an illiterate, if you want my help, you can ask me, good luck. She thanked him. She said I don’t need your help, I am not educated, but the Lord gave me the mind, I will do something. He said I like your confidence, show this in your work, we will meet tomorrow and he left.

Sheela asked Shilpa to talk well then good will happen, I will do something, I will go and ring the temple bell for your work. The Postman brought a letter and Shilpa received it. Shilpa said it’s electricity bill, it’s 6800rs. Sheela asked how can this happen. Shilpa said there was much lights for Amrita’s marriage, power will get cut if the bill is unpaid. Sheela smiled. Shilpa said you have to pay this. Sheela said it’s a way to make you meet Madhav.

Yashpal wished Durga studies well. Annapurna said this time she will not let you down. Sheela came and argued with him about the electricity bill. Durga looked for her class and asked a girl. She thanked her and run. Sheela told them about the expenses. She asked Yashpal to pay the bill. She said I told about giving a room on rent, no one listens to me, is this right to put all the burden on Brij.

A girl asked the teacher can she could go and have water but teacher refused and asked her to speak english. The girl asked in english and this time, the teacher allowed her. Sheela asked what’s bad in giving a room for rent. Dadi said I objected before, I think Sheela is right, we can keep a tenant, I will keep an eye. Sheela said it’s just three days to pay the bill. Yashpal said I will arrange money, if I fail, you can do anything. Sheela thinks how will Yashpal get money.

Durga asked can I come in and entered the class,the students laughed. Aarti signalled Prince about Durga. Durga told them she was late and the guard has shut the gate, I requested but he did not allow me, so I jumped over the wall and came. The Teacher asked what, first of all you have to introduce yourself to the whole class in english. Prince told her to say something about herself in English. Durga thinks of her friends. She tried and said my name is Durga Choudhari, I am a good girl and I will study very harder. Teacher said very good, this was nice, it was good for a start, please go and have your seat. Aarti made her stumble. Durga looked for seat. Aarti wrote a note for Prince and passed it.

Prince read, she is that girl and Durga sat. Sanjay Prince replied to Aarti that he will show her.

Sanjay said we will keep the race between you and Aarti. He said Aarti is the school champion. Aarti and Durga run.