My Daughter Durga Thursday, 9 June 2022: Episode 319-320


The Episode started with Durga talking to Yashpal and saying Rajveer is with her, don’t worry. Sanjay and Aarti looked on. Durga said SP didn’t leave any option for me. Rajveer and Durga asked for Sharma ji. A waiter dropped the curry on Rajveer’s clothes and he apologized. Durga was cleaning his clothes. Aarti then went and replaced the sweet box.

She thinks Durga is gone this time. Sanjay said I will stay here till this gets over, thanks Aarti, my revenge won’t be fulfilled without you. She thinks I also have to take revenge and asked him to take care. Yashpal said we have to find out about this school. Amrita asked don’t you trust me. Annapurna said he is not refusing.

Amrita said but he is not agreeing. Sheela and Shilpa looked on and smiled. Yashpal asked can’t I explain to you right and wrong, it’s my duty to protect you. She said you would have supported Durga, but your fears come out when it’s about me, no one is important than Durga for you, you just want to see her successful. She left and he worried.

Durga came to meet Sharma ji and gave him sweets box. He saw money and asked why did you get this, I can’t take this. She said it’s jalebis, please keep it, it’s for your kids. She entered the hotel room and he did her medical checkup.

Sanjay said just ten mins more, then Durga is done. Sharma asked Durga to go to washroom and give a him sample and she thanked him. He said you are the best athlete, this was my duty and he made her stumble. He said sorry, it’s my mistake.

She said it’s okay and left. Rajveer thinks why is Durga taking much time. Durga came downstairs and he left. Sanjay called Sharma and asked him to frame Durga for bribing.

Durga came home and saw a puppet show. Sanjay was narrating about Durga’s ego and she came there. She asked what’s this drama. He switched on the lights and took her to show the next challenge. Aarti told Neelkant that everything went fine, Durga will get a shock now.

Neelkant drank and switched on the tv to check the news. Sanjay said everyone will be seeing the news till you think of it, your running career will end forever and he took her to watch the news. Gayatri smiled.

Yashpal was worrying for Amrita. Umang said I want to watch tv. Durga became shocked seeing the news. Rajveer told Yashpal that everyone is fine. Sharma accused Durga of bribing him. Durga looked at Sanjay. Yashpal said Sanjay did this to frame her. Durga thinks of the incident and cried.

Durga slapped Sanjay. Gayatri and Neelkant looked on.


The Episode started with Dr. Sharma framing Durga and accusing her for bribing him. He proved his word by showing the CCTV footage. Durga thinks when did Sanjay change the parcel. Sharma lied that Durga offered herself to him when he denied money.

Durga and her family became shocked even Sanjay too became shocked. Rajveer said it means Sanjay did this, how can he fall so low and Durga stumbled. Sanjay asked what nonsense. Sharma said when I refused, Durga pushed me inside the room. Durga cried.

Sharma said Durga tried to abuse me, I was refusing her again and again. Yashpal said they are defaming my Durga and Rajveer stopped him. Sanjay said what nonsense. Sharma said SP said right, Durga can do anything to get victory and Durga cried. Aarti and her dad smiled.

Sharma said Durga got so dirty and shameless, I can’t even tell you, I can’t show you the CCTV footage, it will be a shame to any woman, I kicked Durga out from the room, what could I do, I was so ashamed seeing her doings. Aarti recalled sending Sanjay and talking to Sharma about framing Durga for the abuse charge.

Yashpal said I will not leave Sanjay, I never thought he will do such a thing. Reporter said Durga’s intentions were bad. Sanjay called the news channels and asked them to stop these reports. Durga cried and went to her room.

Gayatri asked what did you do, we decided to blame her for bribe, how could you do this. Sanjay said I didn’t do this. Aarti said yes, don’t know why Sharma did this. Sanjay asked what’s going on. Aarti’s dad said no one knows what happened there, maybe Durga did this. Sanjay said Durga can never do this. Aarti said maybe Sharma has something in his mind.

Durga locked herself. Sanjay asked her to listen to him, he didn’t do this, it was his plan to frame her in a bribe charge. Durga recalled everything. She then opened the door and slapped Sanjay. She said you have killed me today, tell me who did this, just leave. Sanjay said I can’t do this with anyone, I will not leave Sharma, I will prove your innocence and he left. Gayatri saw Durga crying and felt sad.

Gayatri recalled her career and past. She cried and thinks this happened with me before, I was wrong, but Durga can’t do this. Neelkant held her and asked are you fine. She said whatever happened is wrong, I can understand what she is going through, I will bring out Sharma’s truth and she fainted.

Rajveer, Yashpal and Annapurna came to meet Durga and Neelkant argued with them. Annapurna said your son has crossed the limits today. Durga saw Sanjay’s pic and recalled his words. She threw away the photo frame and everyone heard the sound.

Neelkant said Durga has left this house forever. Sanjay became shocked and asked how can she leave, why didn’t you stop her. The women came to beat up Durga and everyone became shocked.

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