SP Proposes To Durga. My Daughter Durga Tuesday, 1 February 2022: Episode 140-141



The Episode started with Durga sitting and doing a tantric puja at night. Dadi, Brij and Sheela looked on. Durga asked Dadi has she found Amrita happy with Madhav. Dadi said yes, she was very happy.

Durga said she is sensible if she has done this, but we have a way, we will ask Dada ji about this, I will call his spirit and ask him what will be right for Amrita’s future. Amrita and Madhav looked on. Dadi said spirit can come, do you know the way to call. Durga said yes, I read from this book and learnt, you all sit. Sheela said you all do this, I will go and help Annapurna. Brij and Dadi stopped her and they all sat.

Subhadra said I will not leave Durga, I will find her truth, she would leave some clue. She checked Durga’s books. She said I should get something and she got the competition form. Annapurna came there to called Durga. Subhadra then hid the letter. Annapurna came, took the clothes and left.

Subhadra said I got saved, I got this proof now, I will show this to Yashpal, Durga has a race on 14th, my race will be to make Durga fall in Yashpal’s eyes. Durga chanted mantras. Her friends helped her and they placed some light. Dadi and Brij were shocked. Sheela sat tensed by hearing sounds while Durga’s friends made things fall down.

They created the supernatural effects. Durga said Dada ji has come, Dadi ask anything you want. Dadi turned shy and greeted her husband. Durga said not all this, ask about Amrita’s future. Dadi asked for Amrita’s proposal, is it good or not.

Durga signalled her friends. She moved the coin by the magnet to Madhav’s name and they all became shocked. Brij smiled and said dad gave the blessing, Madhav is the right guy for Amrita, ask anything else if you want. Dadi said yes, Brij and Yashpal take much care of me, but I miss you a lot, come in my dreams sometimes.

Durga said Dada ji is going, he is gone and the lights came. Brij said Madhav is the right guy for Amrita, I think even Sheela is agreeing to this, so she is silent. Dadi blessed Durga for making her talk to Dada ji and Durga smiled. Durga thanked Brij for his idea. She said everyone agreed in one time.

Flashback showed Durga asking Brij to help. Brij said I have hurt by choosing a guy for Amrita, this time I will do anything for her happiness. She asked what will we do. He said I have an idea in mind. Brij said we won, he hugged Durga and left.

Madhav and Amrita came there. Durga said I learnt this in science about magnets. Madhav praised her. Amrita said I feel we did wrong by lying. Madhav said feel everything is fine today.

Durga said dad did not say yes till now and she took Amrita along. Subhadra went to Yashpal. She asked him to check something. He saw the laptops range online offer. She asked how did you like the offer, Annapurna told me you want to buy a laptop for Durga. She apologized to him and asked him to give a chance to repent. She said Durga is like Shri for me but he just left. Subhadra thinks I will show Yashpal that Durga is running in the race, all his hope will break.

Durga took the form and thinks I will be making Yashpal feel proud. Subhadra said I will be glad when Yashpal sees her running, he will stop even her education, see what I do with Durga.

Sanjay gave chocolates to Durga. Dadi asked why does Yashpal want to make Madhav leave. Yashpal asked what’s happening. Durga said I have to win and show dad.


The Episode started with Amrita saying Dadi agreed, and now Sheela has to agree. Durga said don’t worry, she will agree. Yashpal asked for what and they became shocked. Sheela was tired and was resting when Shilpa came to talk to her. Sheela asked her to sleep and talk tomorrow and Shilpa worried.

Durga said I was telling mum to make my favorite dish. Yashpal asked Annapurna to cook what Durga said. Yashpal gave colors to Amrita and asked her not to go the workshop, good people are not there, you can be at home and make paintings, your life will also get beautiful with the colors.

He asked did Madhav leave or not. Annapurna said Brij said he will talk to him. Yashpal asked why, I will go and see him. Durga stopped him asking for her gift. He said you will get your gift as well. He said I am relieved as Annapurna is taking care of Amrita and keeping her away from Madhav. Annapurna felt guilty.

Durga run in the practice. Rajveer said you want to take yourself to new heights. Durga said yes, I got a passion, thanks for asking me to call dad, he will come and see me winning in the race, now I won’t need to play hide and seek from him, I will make another round and then leave for school. He smiled and wished her all the best.

Dadi asked Brij to talk well and Madhav came there. Annapurna gave him food and asked him to go upstairs, Yashpal doesn’t like him. Brij also sent Madhav away. He said you did good to make Yashpal’s favorite food, we have to talk to him about Madhav. Yashpal came and asked them what were they murmuring, is there anything and they worried.

Sanjay stopped Durga and gave her chocolates. Aarti then looked on. He asked will you become my friend. Durga said yes, but on one condition, if you get friendly with Aarti again. Sanjay then looked at Aarti. Durga said you are stupid to leave old friends and making new friends, old friends are best, you should not stop talking to Aarti, she gave chocolates to Aarti and Sanjay left.

Yashpal said I will leave, I don’t know what’s happening here and he left. Shilpa came crying and said it’s all because of Amrita. She said Sheela is unwell, she is on a hunger strike. She smiled and acted to cry. Sanjay asked Aarti to become friends again but Aarti refused. Durga looked on. Rajveer came and asked Durga to come and Durga left, Aarti also left annoyedly.

Dadi beats up Sheela. Sheela thinks what did I do, I did not do anything, what happened to them. She asked what did I do. Dadi asked her why is she doing hunger strike. Sheela thinks why did Shilpa say this. Shilpa asked all of them to support Sheela. Dadi asked Sheela to do anything, I will see what you get doing this. Shilpa asked Sheela to do this for Amrita, as she is also like her daughter and Madhav looked on.

Durga asked Yashpal to take a leave. Yashpal was busy with work in the school. Yashpal gave Madhav just 2 days to leave the house. Subhadra said I will show Durga what I am…Read more

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