Sir Rana Learns About Sanjay’s Evil Plans. My Daughter Durga Tuesday, 10 May 2022: Episode 274-275



The Episode started with Durga shouting I hate SP. Everyone became shocked and run to her room. Yashpal asked are you fine, what did SP do, tell us, what happened. Durga thinks all of their happiness changed to tension. Rajveer asked her what’s the matter. Yashpal asked her to say something.

She said why won’t I hate Sanjay, he has burdened you with so much work. Yashpal said I was so tensed, I was nearly getting a heart attack, every parents dream is to keep daughter’s marriage function, we will celebrate sangeet and he hugged her.

Brij said worrying makes the bride’s face pale, don’t worry, we will manage everything. Annapurna said our dreams will also fulfill, it’s a matter of one day and they all left. Durga cried and thinks Sanjay is not doing right, I need to be patient and she looked at the diya.

It’s morning, Durga got mehendi applied and everyone smiled. She saw the diya and recalled Sanjay’s words. Brij danced and made Yashpal was also dancing too. Durga thinks if Sanjay gets a chance, he will blow off the diya, it’s the last chance to get the letter, I have to protect the diya. Everyone danced happily.

Sanjay said Durga is very smart, her focus won’t move. Gayatri said she is an athlete, if she misses the aim, her focus will be moved, you just have to distract her. He said you are so good, you said the right thing. She said a mum knows everything. Durga came downstairs and everyone smiled seeing her. Annapurna the complimented her. Dadi applied black dot to her neck.

Sanjay and his family arrived and everyone welcomed them. Annapurna got the aarti plate but Sanjay stopped her and they became shocked. Yashpal asked what happened. Sanjay said Durga promised me, she will welcome me, if I don’t agree to her, she won’t let me come here and Shilpa teased Sanjay.

Durga came to do aarti. He thinks I will blow off this diya any way today. Annapurna saw Durga holding the diya and asked why this diya. Durga said I have a mannat. She did Sanjay’s aarti with the diya.

He smiled and thinks I have to fail you. They all got seated. Sanjay starred at Durga and she held the diya away from him. She thinks I will never let the flame blow off. The girls then started dancing. Sanjay also danced with everyone, he then went to Durga and tried to take the diya from her but Durga shouted stop all this.

They all became shocked. Gayatri also stopped Neelkant. Annapurna asked is this the way to talk to your husband, it’s your sangeet today, will he just sit if he doesn’t dance, you are just sitting with this diya.

Yashpal said whatever the mannat, what’s this way to talk to SP, he supported you, he respects you so much, these are not our values. Sanjay signalled Durga and smiled. Yashpal said we will manage your diya. Dadi asked Durga, is she hiding anything, is there something else. Durga said no, there is no other matter. She thinks everyone is happy with this marriage, how to tell them SP is making me helpless.

Durga danced with Sanjay while holding the diya. Sanjay threw the flower petals on her to blow off the diya and she became shocked.


The Episode started with Durga dancing on and Sanjay tried to blow off the diya. He threw dupatta on her and then flowers. She saved the diya and continued dancing. Shilpa fell down and Durga asked her is she fine.

He looked for the diya and she recalled hiding the diya. He saw the diya and smiled. Durga run to save the diya. She then stopped Sanjay, by putting her hand near the flame and her hand got burnt. Sanjay became worried and blew air on her hand and kissed it.

She then looked at him. Sanjay looked at her and dropped her hand away and Durga starred at him. She then took the diya. He said you got saved today, else your dreams and career was going to get ruined along with this diya, until when will you light your hopes diya. He smiled and left. She became shocked seeing Rajveer.

Rajveer asked what happened, why did SP say that. She became worried. Rajveer asked what did he mean. She thinks did Sir hear SP. He asked what does Sanjay want to do, if he loves you, why will he stop your dreams, if there is any issue, you can tell me.

I promise the matter won’t go out, I don’t feel right since you got married, you lost the recommendation letter, I can’t digest this. She said don’t think much, Sanjay is just troubling me, he is joking, he is not bad hearted. He said how can he tell this as a joke, I hope you are not hiding anything from me.

She said no, he loves me a lot, he went against his family and stood with me. Durga then went to meet Sanjay’s family. Sanjay said I want to take seven vows in front of the world. Annapurna said Durga is blessed to have you.

Sanjay said everything will change tomorrow, right Durga and Durga nodded. She thinks what’s going on in his mind. Sanjay asked Yashpal to get Durga to the farm house on time. He asked Durga to be ready. She asked what’s the task. He said it’s our marriage, this task is a surprise and he left.

Durga said Sanjay won’t tell me the task and thinks to call him. She then got a message from SP. He wrote, you will get a memorable surprise tomorrow and she became worried.

It’s morning, Durga got ready in bridal wear and Dadi hugged her. Durga looked worried. Rajveer looked on and thinks she doesn’t look happy, why does her eyes have loneliness, what is she hiding. Yashpal saw him and asked are you fine, what happened.

Rajveer said I am worried for Durga, I saw her sad, she is not happy, she has hidden some problem, she is not that Durga whom we have sent, Yashpal said you are right, I understood why she is worried, she married in an enemy’s house, SP is with her, but there are others.

Rajveer felt something is wrong. Sanjay got ready and said no one can save you and your family from me, I truly loved you, this marriage will be true when I take revenge from you for my family’s insult, you ended everything. Durga said I regarded this marriage as a new start, Sanjay’s baseless revenge changed everything.

Rajveer said SP made me think so. Yashpal said we would have not been alive without SP, I trust him. Sanjay said their trust will break now. Sanjay and Durga took then the rounds…Read more

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