My Daughter Durga Wednesday, 13 April 2022: Episode 237-238


The Episode started with Yashpal thinking of Durga’s failure. Durga said I have to go away from you SP so that I can return my dad’s respect, even if this is tough, my family has tolerated a lot, I don’t want any moment in my life that makes me weak, no one can be my weakness, I will never meet you and Sanjay became shocked. The lady scolded Dadi and Shilpa and said now we will punish you.

They dragged Shilpa. Durga said whatever I felt for you was true, but the bigger truth is my family, I am their Durga, I have to do a lot for them, I can’t think for myself. Sanjay asked her to understand. She saw the bracelet, Durga no 1 and cried. He said you are no. 1. She said no, you couldn’t make me wear this and gave it back to him.

She said your and my relation ends here, sorry. He asked her to come back. Aarti looked on and smiled. The man said blind belief are lost, we will present an example to show what happens with people who do as they want. The men laughed at Brij. Yashpal passed by. Brij’s moustache was removed and they all laughed. Brij sat in shock. Amrita asked Durga to listen.

Durga said I have lost Yashpal’s trust forever, everything got finished. Amrita consoled her and went to get water. She saw Durga gone and called her out. Aarti showed her medal to Gayatri.

Gayatri said I am proud of you. Sanjay came home. She became shocked seeing his injury. He said Durga is saying my love is her weakness. She said maybe she got hurt and said this and he cried.

He asked what shall I do, how can I be her weakness, I love her a lot. She asked him to get up and pacified him. Yashpal heard people’s taunts on the road and recalled Durga.

Durga walked on the road lost. Sanjay thinks of her while Durga also thinks of Yashpal. Sanjay ruined his room. Gayatri stopped him and asked what is he doing, Durga cared for her dad but my son doesn’t care for me. Amrita pulled Durga and saved her from getting hit by a car.

She asked have you gone mad, if you got hurt. She hugged Durga and took her home. Gayatri asked Sanjay to think about her, he always stood with Durga, but she went with her family, this means his love is not valued. He said it’s not like that, you love me a lot, I don’t want to hurt you, but I love Durga a lot and he cried. She said Durga chose her family, what are you doing for your family. Yashpal came home. Dadi slapped him and he became shocked.

Brij argued with Yashpal and separated his family from Yashpal. The house got divided.


The Episode started with Dadi slapping and scolding Yashpal. She said why did I give birth to you, you supported your daughter and left your brother to get his respect ruined and Yashpal became shocked.

He said Brij’s moustache was removed in front of panchayat, you are his culprit, you have ruined his respect, what did you get doing this, Annapurna also lost her respect before, what prize did you get, did Durga get a medal, she lost and they cried. Durga and Amrita came home.

They saw Brij drinking and became shocked. Brij said welcome Durga, my champion, come. He entered the house and fell down. Dadi cried seeing him. Brij asked them to clap for Durga, she is a champion, she has come. He got Durga in and said she is a champion.

Bantu and Shilpa clapped. Brij asked them to play dhol nagada, Durga has got first place in district race and Durga cried. Brij said Yashpal said no one will talk to Durga, lock her in the room and he laughed. He said I was mad to go to panchayat and swear that Yashpal is not allowing Durga to race.

He folded his hands and said Durga has lost in the district race, there is another news, I went to the panchayat. He told them everything and said you made fun of my respect well. He asked Durga to stay away. He said whatever happened with me in front of the panchayat, how will my respect come back.

Durga cried. Brij said I will manage myself, don’t call me Chachu now, from today your uncle is dead and you are dead for me. He asked Yashpal not to say he came drunk. He went and threw the cot. He then poured wine and made a line.

He said that’s your side now and this is mine, Sheela said same thing always and now she got on a chair, I never agreed to her, but now the house will be divided, our kitchen will be separated now, we can’t sit together here, I separate myself and my family from you and your family and they all cried.

Brij shouted I have no relation with you and ignited fire. Sanjay watched the race on tv and cried hearing Durga’s losing the race. Sanjay recalled Durga’s words and Aarti looked on. Yashpal placed off the fire and asked Brij to talk.

He said Brij is just over drunk, he is fine. He said I didn’t know you went to tell the panchayat, listen to me and he justified. He said I didn’t forget my family to go with Durga, you are my brother, I have raised you as my son. Brij said you were like a father for me, till you became a father, you never saw anyone except Durga.

Dadi scolded Yashpal. Yashpal said I am sorrowful that you are my daughter and Durga cried. Durga prayed to Maa to show her some way.

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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