Sir Rana Begins Training Durga. My Daughter Durga Tuesday, 15 March 2022: Episode 197-198


The Episode started with Rajveer scolding Durga for hiding like a coward. Yashpal signalled Durga to stop. Rajveer said you are that Durga who sworn not to run ever and Durga cried. Yashpal said you can’t go leaving us.

Durga said you can’t go, please. Sanjay came home and threw things and shouted Maa. Lady said it’s Janmashtami puja going on. Sanjay said Durga won’t get out of college, this won’t happen. Neelkant asked what’s happening, we can talk later.

Sanjay said it’s needed as mum takes all decisions and Sanjay’s mum came there. He said I have to talk to you. She said just fight can happen in anger, not talk. He said you can’t remove Durga from the college. She asked are you challenging me, you know this house has habit to hear just my loud noise.

Sanjay said Durga is not a cheater, don’t remove her from the college. Neelkant said listen to me. She asked him not to talk in between. She said yes, that Durga, Aarti told me, she told me that girl is creating misunderstanding between you and her, Aarti is my would be bahu.

Durga has to stay away, relations have to be kept, her mistake is Aarti doesn’t like her, you have a royal blood in you, we have to give people what they ask sometimes. She asked him not to get friendly with poor people, it’s time for puja, come. Sanjay said I have to see if Maa agrees to Aarti or me.

Durga said please give me a chance, how could I let that sport stay in life, I lost my name and identity because of it, my family was insulted so much, now I understand you, I want to run again, please. He got angry and left. Annapurna hugged Durga and consoled.

Sanjay’s family did the puja and aarti. Sanjay’s mum Gayatri Devi gave 5 crores cheque to her elder son for his business. She said this is the last chance for making name. She gave a ring to her elder bahu. She then taunted her bahu over managing the house responsibility. She asked Neelkant where is Prince. She thinks Prince doesn’t know everything has a time.

Sanjay sat eating grapes and said I got everything by you, I have royal blood, I have anger, hatred and stubbornness of you, you can’t take me lightly, Aarti is just a good friend for me, if you make Durga out of the college, I will leave the college and sell vegs with Durga. He asked her to decide now.

Rajveer came to Durga and said you all have made me capable of getting fine, I can walk now, I can find a place for myself now. She said you can’t go in this state. Yashpal said you insulted us saying you are burden to us, you go after some days. Gayatri said fine, Durga won’t leave the college, have prasad now. Sanjay took prasad and smiled.

Sanjay met Durga and broke the dahi handi. Gayatri said I want to secure your future.


The Episode started with Gayatri asking for Prince. Neelkant said he doesn’t sleep without getting a hair massage by you and she went to meet Sanjay. Sanjay hugged her. He asked her to show the magic of her hands fast and he lay on her lap and she massaged his hair.

He said why do you work so much, anger comes by sleep disorder. She said you stay angry when you have good sleep, I have gems and property business, I am doing all this for you, I want to secure your future, I love you a lot.

He said I know, Durga was telling me…. She asked when will you marry Aarti, she loves you a lot. He said I like Aarti, but as a friend, I think something is missing, I didn’t see her as a life partner. She said get married, don’t think much. She said I am feeling sleepy and left.

He thinks I have to make Durga forgive me and break dahi handi. He recalled Durga’s words. Umang talked to Durga. She recalled Sanjay and said just I will break the matki, none can break my record, you see this tomorrow and Sanjay came there. She saw him and became shocked. She asked him why did he come.

He then shut her mouth and showed her Gulel and showed his perfect aim by hitting at the pot. She said I came to show what will happen with you tomorrow. She asked him to go somewhere else. He said I came to apologize, you can’t get a better friend, I can prove that. She asked how. He said I saved you from insult.

She asked which insult, you are mad. He said you will come and I will break your record, I advice you not to come tomorrow. She laughed and said I am not interested in your dreams, no one can make me lose, you don’t come, you will get insulted to lose to a girl. He held her and said you have won till now as I was not here, but now I have come Miss Radha. She asked who Radha, my name is Durga. He said I am Krishna and you are Radha and left. She said he always speaks nonsense.

Sanjay’s brother asked his wife to keep wearing the rig, else mum will feel bad. She said it’s hurting me, think what you want, I will tell her and she cried. Neelkant said Gayatri doesn’t know what we did with Durga 5 years ago, if she knows our truth, you don’t know what can happen.

Aarti said I can’t bear Durga in the college, I had to talk to her. He said calm down, we don’t have Rana, if Gayatri knows our plan, she can’t tolerate this. Gayatri came and asked whose name…. They became shocked.

Durga placed a flag as a start point and run. She stopped and was shocked seeing the goons. The goons scolded her for ruining the village name again. She said I want to clear that stain, no one can stop me from running, let me practice.

The Goons threatened her and laughed. Yashpal and Rajveer looking on. Yashpal said now she will attack them like injured tigress. Durga fooled the goons and ran and they followed her. Durga was saved from them and teased and Rajveer came there.

Gayatri did tilak to Aarti and asked what mistake did she do. Aarti said uncle was asking me not to make Sanjay angry, I did wrong to annoy him. Gayatri said Neelkant started talking sensible things, Aarti I thought you understand Sanjay well, I regret this did not happen, I am going to link your relation, learn to tie him, if he flies once, you won’t get him in hand. Her elder bahu keeps hand behind and asked them to have breakfast. Gayatri asked Aarti to come along.

Rajveer took the flag and threw it far. He showed the mark and said you have to run there 50 times, without stopping, you can take this as training session. Durga said my training. Rajveer said focus and work hard, remember 5am morning and she smiled. Yashpal looked on and smiled. Durga greeted someone going to the Krishna’s getup and thanked the Lord.

Sanjay and Durga run to break the matki. Yashpal found Durga tied up. Rajveer stopped him from helping Durga.

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