My Daughter Durga Tuesday, 17 May 2022: Episode 284-285



The Episode started with Sanjay saying its my promise, I will never let you run in any race and Durga threw a water jug at him. He woke up from sleep and hits a jug. Gayatri asked what happened. He said nothing. He thinks Durga has to pay for this.

Bhagat asked Durga to focus on training, he didn’t see strength like Jassi in anyone, leave your dreams untill you eat non veg. Durga said I can do this. He said I challenge you, start eating non veg, else you will run out of this academy. Chetan looked on and Bhagat left. She thinks to find out who Jassi was, she can give me better training.

Neelkant said you will get well soon while Gayatri worried. Durga looking through the files and the Peon came. Durga asked for Jassi’s file. Peon said leave it, if Jassi disappeared from the academy despite being the best athlete, there will be some reason.

She helped the peon and arranged the files and he praised her. She said I used to help dad during my childhood, he was a peon when I was a child. The Peon said, I was not going to tell you, but I can’t see your problem, I have seen Jassi’s pic, wait I will get it. He got the pic and they saw the picture has defaced.

He said it’s a 25 year old pic, time blurs pics. She asked can I know anything about her. He said there are important files in the main office, just the academy people can go there, don’t do anything that you have to leave from the academy. She thinks even if I don’t do this, Bhagat will remove me. Bhagat saw her and asked Tara to keep an eye on Durga.

Everyone sat with Sanjana. Yashpal brought tea and samosa but Anjana refused to eat. He insisted and made her eat and he asked them to be grateful. Sanjay asked Gayatri to send someone to get Durga. She said Durga won’t come to that house and your life. He said Durga will come back, I will drag her, my revenge hasn’t gotten fulfilled, your name hasn’t been cleared yet. Yashpal heard this and thinks Durga will go to SP’s house, SP will trouble him, I have to think of something.

Durga fooled Tara. The Peon told Durga that the watchman will lock the room and go, Bhagat won’t be here at night, it’s a good chance to find answers, he will get her out in the morning, if she trusts him and she agreed. Yashpal said Brij, they will create a problem for Durga, we have to do something to protect her and Brij agreed. Durga saw the watchman and she entered the room.

Bhagat said I know Durga wants Jassi’s info, she will get an excuse to avoid non veg, I can’t tolerate her here, she gave me a chance to remove her. Yashpal gave the papers and asked Gayatri to sign. She asked what’s this. She said you can’t harm Durga, if she gets any problem, Sanjay will be responsible and the laws will punish him.

They became shocked and asked what nonsense, we won’t sign. Yashpal said fine, then forget about your son. Yashpal and Brij lifted Sanjay and locked him in a room. Yashpal said Sanjay will go out when Durga gets secured, just sign the papers and take Sanjay from here. Durga looked for Jassi’s file. She opened the cupboard with a stick and got Jassi’s file.

Bhagat and Tara came there and Durga hid. Yashpal gave Sanjay a brick as shagun.


The Episode started with Durga getting Jassi’s file. Tara said I didn’t find Durga and Bhagat went to the record room. Durga read that Jassi was removed from the academy as she insulted the sports master, she has made a record in the race, she wanted to take part in the under 16 championship, but her age was 17, she couldn’t participate, when the coach stopped her from participating, she took a wrong way to participate.

she kept a bad proposal in front of the coach, she asked the coach to make fake certificates, she offered him of making a physical relationship with him, coach agreed to her, but the authorities caught him red handed, then the academy removed the head coach and Jassi from the academy and she became shocked. She said why did she do all this if she was a good athlete, she has placed her career at stake, I have seen this number somewhere.

Neelkant said I will not tolerate this, leave my son. Brij said so that Durga’s life falls in trouble and Sanjay shouted. Neelkant argued with Yashpal. Yashpal said I have gotten the complaint written against Sanjay, I look simple, but I am also smart.

They stopped Neelkant and he became angry. Yashpal asked Brij to make a video. Sanjay shouted stop, I will sign on the papers. Yashpal said Sanjay is more sensible. He opened the lock and went to Sanjay. The Peon worried seeing Bhagat and asked Durga to hurry. Bhagat came and asked what are you doing here.

The Peon said, here was a rat inside and Durga tried to leave. Bhagat said I know what to do with rats. He then went inside and looked around and Durga hid. They saw a file fallen on the ground. Neelkant asked Sanjay not to sign. Yashpal took Sanjay’s sign and said if anything happens to Durga, you will go jail with your family and Shilpa looked on.

Bhagat sent the peon out and asked him to come later. Tara then showed a stick and Bhagat went away and Durga was saved. Yashpal and Brij left Sanjay. Shilpa came to Gayatri and said you would be worried for Sanjay, don’t worry, I will take care of him and you, I will get that papers for you before you leave from here.

She gave her the ring and smiled. She asked her to get papers before morning. Shilpa said the task is big and she may lose her place in the village. Gayatri then gave her gold bangles. Shilpa smiled and said don’t worry, I will get you your freedom. She left and Gayatri smiled.

Bhagat said I know Durga was here and why she was here, she broke my discipline, I will remove her from the academy and punish her, even her name will disappear in darkness, he left and the Peon became worried. Durga came to her room and said I can’t go there again, don’t know what Bhagat will say.

She doesn’t see the picture. Shilpa looked for the papers. She saw the papers and replaced them with fake ones and she left. Sanjay tried to walk. Shilpa gave the papers to Gayatri. Gayatri thinks Yashpal did a big mistake to fight with me, I will teach him a lesson.

Durga saw Jassi’s pic. She saw the tattoo and became shocked. She said Jassi is Gayatri…Read more

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