Durga Begins Running In Truck Race. My Daughter Durga Tuesday 19 April 2022: Episode 244-245


The Episode started with Yashpal reading news that Durga is meeting death, she has challenged to break the record of 400m, she will race with a truck, if she fails to run in time, truck will go over her, she is inviting death to get wild card entry inter the district race. Manohar told Durga that no one will agree to drive the truck knowing her plan. She said I have made the plan and she explained to him.

She drew T junction and told him about the truck coming from one side at a maintained speed, she will break the records and run at faster speed, else the system won’t change. He said if your speed gets less, if truck runs over you. She said I will run in front of the truck. He said what if truck passes you then. She said that failure will be bigger than ending life, I know this won’t happen, don’t worry. Yashpal shouted Annapurna. He showed the news to her and everyone looked on.

Brij read news. Everyone read the news and they all became shocked. Yashpal said Durga won’t let us stay in peace. Sanjay said how can Durga do this, I have to stop her. Gayatri read the news and became angry. He said she wants us to have burden of her death. Durga said no, I won’t die and won’t let your belief fail but be scolded her and tore the newspaper.

She thinks it’s my failure both ways and she practiced. Sanjay came there. He asked what’s this, don’t do anything, I will help you but she asked him to leave her. He said I promise, I will get you into the race, I am trying. She said did I tell you, this is my race, I will manage. He said risking life is wrong, it’s suicide, think about me once and she argues.

Aarti said why will SP marry me after all this, why will he take my dad’s help. Gayatri asked her to calm down, SP will marry her. She said we have to be united at this time. She sent Aarti and Neelkant nods. Sanjay asked Durga to at least think of the family and not do this. She said you also risked life to get my friendship, if war is big, risk should be bigger. He said it was wrong, don’t do this for our friendship.

She pushed him away and said I have hurt my family a lot, not anymore, I will do what I have to, it’s better if you don’t come between me and my aim, don’t stop me. Durga thinks sorry to hurt you and they thought of each other. Sanjay picked the newspaper, look at her and left.

Sanjay came to Durga’s house and asked Yashpal to stop Durga. Annapurna slapped him and said it’s all because of you, you are asking us to stop her, don’t say a word now, Durga’s life is at risk because of you. Sanjay said just Yashpal can stop her. Yashpal scolded him and said you ruined Durga’s life by love, you are getting engaged to a rich girl, I know your truth. Annapurna sent Sanjay out of the house and shut door. Sanjay begged them to listen and they cried.

Police reached Durga and stopped her from practice, saying FIR is lodged against her, they have to arrest her. She asked what did I do and he showed the warrant. They then took Durga to the police station. She asked why did you get me here. Yashpal said I filed Fir and she became shocked.

Sanjay hurts himself and Gayatri scolded him. Yashpal met Gayatri and shouted why did you get Durga’s bail done, you did this to put her life in danger.


The Episode started with Durga getting shocked seeing Yashpal. She asked why did you file FIR. He said you did wrong to publish about your suicide. She said it’s not against the laws, I can do this race stunt. He said maybe, but other kids can imitate and lose thier lives and the Inspector agreed with him. She said this is my last chance, I did all preparations, don’t do this, please, I have to run today. Yashpal cried, left and she shouted.

Sanjay came home and broke things recalling Yashpal and Annapurna’s words. Gayatri stopped him and asked why are you punishing yourself, you got insulted by Durga’s parents and ruining our respect, you are my son, don’t you have a duty towards me. He asked what shall I do, Durga can lose her life, it’s impossible, I can’t help her, what shall I do. She said please calm down. She recalled his words and thinks this is the right chance to make Durga away. She said I won’t let anything happen to Durga and hugged him.

Annapurna asked Yashpal why did he put Durga behind bars. She said you should have forgiven her, you went out of limit today. He asked anything else to say, she will stay to jail, I am not a bad dad, you are a mum and worry for her, am I stone hearted, she was preparing to die, do you have good idea to stop her, tell me.

Durga was in lockup and cried. Yashpal said Durga got us divided at home, I can’t forget she is my daughter, I can’t give her a chance to do this mistake, she is safe in jail, if anything happens to her, I can’t live. She said I always supported you, I will protect her and she left.

It’s morning, Durga heard the lawyer coming to bail her. She thinks who is he. Yashpal asked constable how is Durga, did she worry much. Constable said she will come out on bail. Yashpal asked bail…..

Durga signed the papers. Gayatri said it’s important for you to run for me Durga, you will surely run. Lawyer said Verma has sent me. Durga said maybe it’s some well wisher, I will thank him after race. Yashpal said who did the bail and stopped the lawyer. Durga said I will not stop till I win in this race. Manohar came and asked how did you get to jail. Durga asked did you get any driver. He said no, no driver is ready. Durga said find some anyhow, make me meet the truck driver. She asked Annapurna to go home, she needs her and Annapurna blessed her.

Yashpal asked who is Verma and took the papers from the lawyer. Durga met Manohar and the truck driver. She drew the plan and explained. She said you will have no risk, I got statement written if anything happens to me you won’t be blamed. She told Manohar that she has no option than doing this. Sanjay saw Durga and said I have to make you realize this danger, my love won’t let you do this stunt and he came to her.

Sanjay said you have a race with me and she asked him to go. Yashpal scolded Gayatri and a guard slapped him. Yashpal then shouted. Sanjay said I want to have a race.

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