My Daughter Durga Tuesday, 2 November 2021: Episode 11-12

my daughter durga

My Daughter Durga Tuesday, 2 November 2021 Episode started with Baby asking Dulaari to come and have food. Dulaari said wait, am coming. She went by this excuse and fart. Durga’s friends covered their nose. Dadi asked Dulaari to come and eat and Dulaari left. Durga’s friends met her. She asked do you think you will help me, maths is my enemy who snatched my happiness, I feel like crying, how will I study maths by leaving Amrita’s marriage. Rishi and Amrita smiled looking at each other. Baby saw them and smiled. Rishi asked Baby to come and eat. Baby asked him to eat the food first.

Yashpal thinks about hearing Baby say that the food is less for everyone, I can order it. Annapurna refused. Yashpal asked Rishi to eat, I will eat later. Rishi insisted and asked him to eat with him. Yashpal said I having Sankranti fast, you eat, I will eat later. Pandit said fast is with heart, see how good son in law you got. Durga said I thought to dance in Amrita’s sangeet, and get mehendi applied, I had many dreams.

Yashpal gave money to the pandit. The pandit said this was to give marriage date, you can give more as relation when the relation is fixed. Yashpal said it’s dakshina. Brij said it’s a happiness matter. Sheela pinched Brij to stop him. Dulaari said it’s my work to give dakshina as Laxmi is coming to my house. She ward off bad sight from Amrita and gave the money to the pandit. Durga and her friends looked on.

It was morning, the boy explained maths to Durga. Durga said I will fail. He asked why, I taught you well. She said I did not understand. He asked her not to look at it and try harder. She said I am trying, I am forgetting everything, maths devil will eat me, I won’t be able to enjoy in Amrita’s marriage. She saw other boys studying and said if maths devil don’t run from me, dad will make me run to Bhiwani. They asked her to listen. She became annoyed and crossed the track. They became shocked seeing the train coming. She run ahead of the track and they called her out.

Amrita gave sweater to Yashpal. He said give it to me, I feel much cold. He said I like Rishi, he is mature. She said Durga’s punishment is much strict. He said it’s for her own good. She said I know, she is like a raw pot, she needs support, you are everything to us, we will shatter without you. He asked, where is Durga. Annapurna said she is your daughter, she got annoyed and went to school early.

Durga prayed in the assembly. She studied in class. Yashpal saw Durga and thinks I am being tough, but it’s for your future. Dulaari came home. Sheela took her aside. Amrita did not see her. Sheela asked why did you not tell me that you are coming. Dulaari said I wanted to surprise you and they had a funny talk.

Durga and her friends exercised in PT. The man told them about the race competition, the winner will get great prize. The PT teacher asked Durga and her friends where are they going. The kids made excuses and left. Sheela and Dulaari talked about their friendship. Dulaari asked why did you fix this proposal. Sheela said I can’t forget what happened with me. Dulaari asked what happened, your in-laws look simple. Sheela said you have to make them cry by heart.

Amrita washed the clothes. Rishi met her and de held her hand and she became tensed. Annapurna saw Dulaari. Durga heard about baba bawandar.


The Episode started with Durga talking to his friends. Her friend ask them to help him with the work. Another boy asked Durga to understand why she doesn’t like maths. Durga said I pass in other subjects, I just fail in maths, why. Her friend asked her did she lie by keeping a maths book, did Vidya Maa get annoyed. Durga recalled everyone asking her to swear on Vidya maa. Durga said I swear to Dharti Maa, I think my fate is bad.

The girl Shweta came their way and they hid. The boy Bansi said maybe Durga’s hand doesn’t have maths line, so she doesn’t understand. Durga asked him to show her his hand. They all had four lines in thier pam. She said I just have 3 lines. The boy said I have 15-20 lines, I am gone. Durga said that’s not a problem, the problem is why does my hand has fewer lines. Shweta asked what are they doing here, why are they hiding thier hands. They said nothing. She said I will tell the teacher that you all are hiding something and she left. Durga said everyone by S name troubles me.

Amrita washed the clothes and drained the water. The water poured on Rishi. They had an eyelock and smiled. Shilpa and Bantu teased them. Rishi greeted Annapurna. She asked you suddenly came, when did you come. He said mum came along, I was parking the bike. Bantu said she is in mum’s room. She became worried if everything was fine. Dulaari said I came to give them the first shock, then I will give them more shocks. Annapurna came there and apologized.

Dulaari said now the marriage is close, so I thought to end all the talk. Sheela said yes, now this is also your son’s house, come anytime, you have all right to this house and Amrita, come I will show you other rooms. Sheela asked Annapurna to wear proper clothes.

Durga thinks of Yashpal’s words. Yashpal came there and gave her jalebis. She smiled and got annoyed. She said you were angry and insulted me, I was burning the kites. He said sorry and fed her jalebis. He said I understand everything, I wanted Amrita’s marriage to happen after your exams, but could not do that. She said it’s all fate, my hand doesn’t have a maths line. He asked her to close her palm then fate lines can’t go anywhere, then she can work hard and make her fate. She asked sure, then I will make my fate by my hard work and he laughed. She took the jalebis and run. He thinks if Durga is ready to try, I should also try more and talk to the principal.

Amrita got tea for Rishi. Shilpa saw them having an eyelock and smiled. She asked Rishi where is his attention. Rishi said I have to wash my hands. Sheela asked Amrita to take him and Amrita took Rishi along. He washed hands, she gave him a towel and he held her hand. She became tensed and he thanked her. He gave his mobile number asking her to call him, he will be glad. She said I don’t have a phone. He said call from your dad’s phone. Dulaari asked him to come. Amrita took his number. He asked her not to feel bad of Dulaari’s words, her heart is clean. She said I can understand, even Sheela’s nature is similar. He said I will wait.

Dulaari said we should fix the engagement rasam date, it will take time for the preparations. Sheela smiled. Yashpal meet the principal. The principal said coaching class will be good for Durga, students prepare well, Durga is a smart girl, she told me she is a good girl and will study hard. Yashpal said it’s tough for me to pay for a coaching fees. The principal said I will give recommendation letter, give that to the coaching class teacher, he will cut down the fees for you. Yashpal thanked him. He got a call and disconnected it. He went out and talked to Annapurna. He said how did Dulaari come now.

Durga and her friends were in the market. The boy calculated the change amount. Durga praised a boy for being so smart. They heard about baba bawandar who will solve even big problems. Durga went to see.

Yashpal met Dulaari and Rishi. He suggested they perform two rituals on the same day. Dulaari said no, this can’t happen, the rasam is very small, we can do that on Sunday, you get Ganesh idol and some sweets to my house, we will do kirtan bhajan at my house and then fix the engagement house, you don’t need to do anything unnecessary. Yashpal said fine, we will come. Dulaari said then we will leave. Dulaari and Rishi left. Sheela thinks fat expenses will come after small expenses.

Sheela talked to Shilpa. Durga was stopped by the man. The coaching class teacher asked Yashpal for money. Durga saw Yashpal coming.


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