SP Learns About Gayatri’s Lies. My Daughter Durga Tuesday, 21 June 2022: Episode 333-334


The Episode started with Sanjay saying just my mum’s life is true, I don’t want to share it with any other relation, my wife didn’t come to look after me in the hospital, I am taking a big decision now, you shall know it. Durga thinks of Sanjay.

They became shocked seeing some pandits coming home and blessing Sanjay and Sanjay joined them. He said this is my Guru, I called them for Maha puja, it’s a big day, I will be reborn today, like a Sanyasi and they became shocked.

Sanjay said like I married Durga, I will accept a solitary life and they all got shocked. Durga and Gayatri stopped Sanjay. Gayatri said I won’t let you ruin your life, stop this. Sanjay said no one can stop me now and sat for the puja. The puja began and he sat praying. The man went to shave off his hair.

Durga stopped Sanjay. She stopped the puja and asked them to stop the drama. She asked the pandits to leave and Sanjay became angry. Pandit said this puja has gotten a hurdle, it can’t get completed now and they left.

Sanjay then went to his room. Gayatri called doctor home. Durga came to Sanjay and asked what did you say, you don’t want to see my face, what happened, tell me.

Sanjay said why will I leave you, we just united, calm down, everything is fine and she moved back. They fell on the bed and he said I will make everything fine and kissed her. Gayatri told the doctor that she doesn’t know why is Sanjay doing this.

Doctor said maybe it’s a post accident trauma. Sanjay asked why did you call the doctor. Doctor said we have come for a routine test. Sanjay said I am fine, you can go but they take Sanjay for a test. Sanjay asked Durga and Gayatri to stop them.

Gayatri asked Durga did she take revenge by doing this with Sanjay and scolded Durga. But Durga argued and said I know what you did at the hospital. Gayatri said I will take Sanjay away from you. Durga said if you are his mum, I am his wife, I have vowed to live with him, you can’t break our relation, I won’t let you break it and Sanjay looked on. He then thanked the doctor for helping him. He said tell them what I told you and the Doctor said don’t worry.

Gagan came to Sanjay. The Doctor asked the family not to stress Sanjay with anything. Durga then asked about medicines. The Doctor gaves her prescription and he left. Sanjay then thanked Gagan for his help. Flashback showed Sanjay asking Gagan who got him to the hospital. Gagan said I won’t lie to you, we got much late, you were taken for the operation.

it means Durga got you here, I heard a doctor saying if Durga didn’t get you on time, maybe you would have not survived. Sanjay asked why did mum lie to me, why does mum want to make me against her. He said I want your help and Gagan agreed to do anything for him.

Gagan said I didn’t understand, what do you want to do. Sanjay said I want to bring the truth out, if mum can do this to make Durga fall in my eyes, it’s important to know if Gayatri lied about the sting operation, their love will be proved, they both love me, true will be one who can keep truth in front of me for saving me.

Durga brought food for Sanjay and thinks I have mixed medicines in this food. He thinks Durga shouldn’t doubt that I am fine. He acted to sleepwalk and she held him. They fell on the bed and had an eyelock. He then thinks Durga can doubt on me.

Sanjay dressed as Durga and wveryone becamw shocked. Durga said I didn’t get scared, you should be scared, very soon, Sanjay will see your real face.


The Episode started with Durga making Sanjay sleep. Gagan came and said you are here. Sanjay signalled him and acted to be asleep. Durga said Sanjay was walking in sleep. Gagan said maybe because of the injections and medicines.

She recalled the doctor’s words and thinks what injection is he talking about. He asked her to let Sanjay rest, he will sit with him and Durga left. Gagan said your plan preparations are done. They all became shocked seeing Sanjay dressed as Durga and Durga asked what’s all this.

Sanjay beat the plate and asked them to hear a story about a dad’s princess. He wore Durga and become Durga and reminded Durga of her childhood. He said someone was jealous about that fairy and framed her for cheat, she has lost all her happiness.

someone snatched her name which she has won by hardwork and he looked at his parents. Sanjay said the fairy’s life got ruined, her parents were hurt and insulted. Durga looked on and recalled. Sanjay said their faces were blackened and blackened his face.

He said the house got stained, don’t know who had added the medicine in the jalebis. Durga cried, while Gayatri and Neelkant became shocked. He asked who is that devil who did this with the fairy, then there was a sting operation after 5 days, elders were framed, whom shall one trust and why.

He took the black color towards Gayatri and she kept her hand to cover her face. She became
shocked seeing Sanjay putting the black color on himself. He asked who ruined the fairy’s life, who added the medicine, who is it, I want to know. Gagan asked Sanjay to stop it and calm down and took Sanjay away.

Durga looked at Gayatri. Sanjay hid and said I will know the truth now. Durga said I am not scared, Sanjay will see your true face soon. Gayatri said stop it, I won’t tolerate you here, get out of here. Gagan said mum is making Durga out, go and stop mum.

Gayatri said I love my son, I don’t want wrong for him. I gave birth to him, I can’t tolerate if anyone raises a finger at my love. Gagan said I will go and stop mum. Sanjay said no, this is the only way to know the truth. Gayatri said this is just because of you, leave from here.

Durga said you are the reason for everything, I would have been glad that you knew the meaning of motherly love, you lied to him before and even in the hospital, I am bahu of this house, no one can make me out. Sanjay said it means mum lied to me. Durga said your secret is safe with me till now and showed the tattoo on her foot. She said I have one more relation with you, you made me swear.

I made you Guru, you made me student, just do your duties. Sanjay asked what other relation. Durga said SP is already getting doubtful, I am not threatening, I am just reminding the truth and she left. Sanjay said what are they hiding from me, I don’t know.

Gayatri thinks Durga is using my past. Durga was practicing. She got Yashpal’s call and told him what Sanjay did. He asked why did he do this. She said I am glad that he wants to know truth, he will learn his parents’ training. He asked how can you be sure that he is not ill and trying to know the truth.

She said Gagan lied to me. He said maybe Gagan didn’t know about the injection, talk to the doctor. Durga said I have spoken to the doctor, I saw black color on Gagan’s hand, it means Gagan helped me, I know Sanjay is doing this to find the truth, but how will he know about it.

Sanjay said what does Durga know about me, it’s a big truth, else mum can’t come in anyone’s control. Gagan asked Sanjay to clean his face and Durga came there. She said I will clean Sanjay’s face. She cleaned Sanjay’s face and said whatever you did in front of everyone. He asked what happened, how did black color got on my face, tell me, I don’t understand. She said you threatened Gayatri to say the truth.

Sanjay scolded Gayatri. He asked her to stay away and cried. He said I feel ashamed that I am your son, I hate you and Durga looked on…Read more

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