My Daughter Durga Tuesday 22 February 2022: Episode 169-170


The Episode started with Yashpal playing dhol and giving sweets to people at the temple. People looked on. Chandni asked what happened. Yashpal played the shank. The man said he is playing dhol and meeting all villagers today. Yashpal prayed to Lord for Durga’s happiness.

Pandit said you finally came to the temple after a long time, is there anything special. Yashpal said yes, you all have to come my house, you all are invited. He rang the bell and left. Chandni said last time, their face was blackened, don’t know what will happen this time.

Dadi talked to Amrita and said I can’t hear anything, oh you will come after 2 days. Brij took phone and talked to Amrita. He got work call and talked. Yashpal playing dhol came home. He asked the men to keep things. Brij asked is there anything today. Yashpal said I will say, wait. He called out Durga and laughed.

Durga was at her veg stall, selling vegetables. She helped an old lady and the lady blessed her. People moved their stalls. A van came to tow small stalls and Durga run with her stall. She recalled the past and dropped the stall. The man then asked her to hold her stall. She said now you both will run. She smiled and went to the van. She drove their van and said I will see how they stop me now. The men run after her and everyone clapped for her.

The men run after the van and asked her to stop. She got them tired, driving far. Sheela came to panchayat and everyone greeted her. The men blamed Durga for stealing his van and damaging it, she has to pay 25000 rs fine. Sheela said she will not have anything to eat then. Durga said no, I will pay the fine, check this first. Sarpanch asked what, will you take money from the municipal officers.

Durga complained that they come to tow her stalls even if they have license, I want 50000rs and the man argued and tore the paper. She smiled and asked her friend to give her the phone. She showed video of municipal officer asking for money and the man apologized. He then tried to bribe Sheela. Sarpanch asked Durga to be careful from next time. Manohar came and said Yashpal is inviting everyone home.

Yashpal said it’s time, you run in the national race championship and prove what you can do and everyone became shocked.


The Episode starts with Dadi asking the men to do work fast. Durga comes and makes Dadi wear the hearing machine. She asks where is Yashpal. Dadi says she is working since morning. Durga asks her to sit, she will see arrangements. She goes to Annapurna and recalls the past. Annapurna gets sad and covers her hair. Durga says I will oil your hair. She tells the municipal officer incident. She makes her hair plaits. She tries to make Annapurna speak up. Annapurna asks her to take care. Durga thinks to make Annapurna like before soon. She hugs her mum.

The villagers come home. Chandni says I will talk to Yashpal. Durga and her friends talk about Shilpa’s husband and laugh. Sheela compliments Shilpa. Bantu asks Sheela to sit. Durga waits for Yashpal.

Yashpal comes and greets everyone. Durga asks did you get drunk. Yashpal says no, we will talk later. Brij asks Dadi did Yashpal get drunk. Yashpal says I heard you all enough, today I will speak. He tells them about the ban on Durga’s running, ban on her dreams and his respect, our entire family got insulted, I did not say anything, Durga’s character and my intention were blamed. They all recall that day. Yashpal says everyone has blamed Durga, and humiliated us, I did not answer you all, I waited for 5 years and thought the day my daughter runs and wins, I will ask all villagers about my daughter, she is a champion, is she a stain.

He reveals Durga’s large photo with a medal in her neck. He says my daughter will get a gold medal. Durga gets shocked. Yashpal gets shoes for her and gives her. He says I got this for you, this is your freedom and respect, take this and fulfill my dreams. They all look on. Durga takes the shoes and keeps aside. She says I will not run. He gets shocked.

The man says last time she made our village name spoiled. Durga scolds the villagers angrily. She tells Yashpal about the correspondence course. He asks her to study in Bhiwani college.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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