Sanjay Proposes To Durga. My Daughter Durga Tuesday, 22 March 2022: Episode 207-208


The Episode started with Sanjay proposing to Durga. He said I don’t want to lose you at any cost. She saw a pole lamp falling, pulled him and they fell down. He said see you also love me and they got up. She said I did this as a friend, control your feelings, all this is not right, I don’t have anything such in my heart, let our friendship just be friendship.

Annapurna said we have sent Durga to study, she will study and return, parents should encourage children, not discourage them, the woman who can raise a life in womb, can’t she manage her life, I am not educated, but I am not illiterate either.

Yashpal didn’t do any biasing between guy and girl, he placed an example, Brij will go in the morning and take Durga, she will never do anything to shame us, she will erase all the old stains by proving her innocence. Sarpanch and everyone left.

Durga asked Sanjay not to make this strange, leave all this. Sanjay caught a harmful fly which was going to Durga and his hand starting bleeding. Durga looked at him and said you saved me, thanks and he left. Goons came to the hospital to kill Rajveer.

Rajveer woke up and said I have to train Durga. Yashpal said no, take rest, you made your health worse by drinking wine, you can make Durga practice after few days. Sanjay thinks of Durga and he cried. Durga thinks of Sanjay’s proposal. She thinks to explain to Sanjay, she can’t lose his friendship.

Durga came out of the tent and saw Brij and was about to leave. Sanjay looked at her. He thinks Durga loves me, I will make her realize this. She thinks to talk to hi and left.

The Goons saw Yashpal sleeping and went to attack Rajveer. Yashpal heard some sound and came to see and the Goons hid. Yashpal checked for Rajveer and saw that he was gone. He said where can he go.

Durga saw Rajveer at home and smiled. Rajveer asked her to practice first, it’s just one month to the district level championship and Durga called Yashpal. He asked what, Rana Sir is home, how can he go, I was so worried, he has put pillows here, he is unwell, make him rest and the Goons heard him.

Aarti told Sam about Sanjay’s reply to her proposal. She said Sanjay and I will marry after college ends, I don’t need your help to get Sam and Sanjay came. Aarti hugged him. She said you came much late. He said sorry to make you wait, thanks I am so serious.

Aarti stopped him and said I know what’s in your heart, who can know you better than me, I am very hungry, we will go for breakfast, I didn’t eat anything since yesterday. He thinks where is Durga. Durga practiced on how to talk to SP and she saw Sanjay. Sanjay went with Aarti and Durga thinks what happened to him.

Neelkant came to Gayatri and showed her Rajveer’s pic. She said when I take any work in hand, it reaches it’s end. Durga asked for Sanjay. Sam said he was here, he just went, let him go, what happened. She thinks to find SP and talk to him.

Durga went to Sanjay. He looked at her but then avoided her. Durga and Aarti danced and competed.


The Episode started with Aarti coming to Durga and saying there is much time for the race competition, why don’t we have a dance competition. Durga agreed saying it’s called sportsman spirit. Aarti said whatever, who falls first will lose. Aarti and Durga started dancing and everyone looked on, Durga fell down and Aarti continued dancing and won. Durga thinks I will fail you in this race.

Aarti said it’s your second failure, this dance competition and SP, after what happened yesterday and Durga recalled the moment. Aarti said you will never get SP. She thinks SP is just mine, he agreed that I am his GF. Durga thinks to talk to SP, as she can’t lose his friendship. Aarti said SP will not even see your face now. Sanjay was in the canteen and recalled Durga and she came there.

Sanjay saw her and hid. Durga thinks where did he go. He thinks I can see how you are worrying without seeing me, this happens in love. Durga called Sanjay but he did not answer and smiled. She thinks of what to do, he is not answering. He thinks I have a way to make you realize.

She thinks let him go anywhere. She heard the bike sound and turned. She ran out to see him but he hid and smiled, thinking your eyes want to see me, I love it. He got a call from Gayatri and said yes I will come. Durga went and Sanjay also left.

Gayatri and the manager visited the temple and talked to the inspector. She said I thought to give you a chance to repay my favors. He asked her to say what he can do and she told him something. She asked him to call Yashpal’s home.

Sheela was on a call and asked Bantu and Shilpa to hurry up. Brij asked what happened, who called you. She said Bantu’s good fate called and left. Brij asked Annapurna does she know. Yashpal said Sheela placed much suspense, you go and ask her.

Durga was on the way and Sanjay saw her. She run after him but he ignored her and smiled. Gayatri was doing the aarti and Sanjay came there. She asked Sanjay to tell everything about their country to the foreigners.

Sanjay talked to the girl and lefr. She told them that the indians don’t like to work hard, they just sleep on the road and beg all day. Sanjay stopped and said there are many hardworking people here, your country people came to loot us, your hindi is really good.

She said I work hard if I have to go anywhere, very impressive, what’s your hobbies. She said I have just one passion, guess it. He said singing, let me guess. She said I am a running champion and won many medals too. He said I know my country’s fast runner, her name is Durga and Durga came there.

She prayed for Rajveer and her training. She told about Sanjay’s strange behavior and prayed to meet Sanjay again. Sanjay got the girl there and said Durga is our country’s unofficial champion, very soon she will become an official champion. He told her more about Durga.

He said I am sure she will win in the national championship, we are not talking now, but I know we will be besties again, best friends. Durga said SP and went to him. She then saw someone else. The man stopped Durga from going ahead and said everyone is standing here, VIP darshan is going on.

Durga said you were in the hospital, everyone is equal in the temple, it’s fine, I should be patient and she left. Pandit gave the prasad. Sanjay said I will leave now and he left. Durga saw Sanjay and smiled. He thinks Durga is here…..He hid and thinks Durga and I will meet after she becomes restless.

The guards stopped Durga. She said I have to meet SP. Sanjay saw her and was shocked. Gayatri asked the goons to kill Rana….Read more

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