My Daughter Durga Tuesday, 23 November 2021: Episode 42-43


My Daughter Durga Tuesday, 23 November 2021 Episode started with Dulaari saying everything is fine, we can start the rasam. Pandit asked Amrita and Rishi to exchange rings. Pooja looked at Rishi. Yashpal and Annapurna brought the ring. Sheela smiled. Amrita and Rishi exchanged the rings. The ring did not fit Amrita and they all worried. Dulaari and Sheela smiled. Rishi could not make Amrita wear it well and the ring fell down. Everyone looked for the ring. Durga saw the ring near her feet. She thinks it’s the Lord’s sign, the Lord made the ring get away from Amrita, I am sure Rishi will tell the truth in bhaang effect. Shri took the ring and gave it to them.

Dulaari said Amrita, I will keep this and get one of your size, it’s a costly ring. Everyone clapped and showered flowers. Amrita and Rishi smiled. Pandit asked them to bless and give shagun.

Yashpal thinks of Dulaari’s words and worried. He went and got the shagun with Annapurna. He made Rishi’s tilak and gave the shagun to Dulaari. Dulaari gave the gifts to Nirmala. Yashpal gave an envelop to Dulaari and asked her to forgive him if he did any mistake. He blessed Rishi and Durga looked on.

Dulaari attended to the guests. Durga gave her juice but Dulaari refused. Durga asked why, are you still annoyed. Dulaari said no. Sheela said you drink the juice by my hands first. She signalled Dulaari. Durga’s friends looked on and made a plan to stop them. Durga asked them to have the juice first. Shilpa looked at Durga. Durga’s friend made Sheela drop the glass. Sheela became angry at them. Rishi came and said what happened, why are you shouting.

Dulaari refused. Bansi’s dad came there. Rishi saw him. The man took a glass and gave it to Rishi but Rishi refused. The man signalled him to take it. Dulaari and Rishi took the juice glasses from him and drank. Durga smiled. Dulaari said the juice is tasty. Sheela also drank. Durga’s friend signalled her to look there. Durga worried seeing Sheela drinking the juice.

Bantu and his friend looked for the bhaang powder. Sheela and Dulaari laughed and talked about fooling Yashpal. Durga and her friends looked on. Dulaari said my would be bahu is clever. Durga doesn’t understand. She thinks why is Sheela with Dulaari. Shilpa saw them and said I think Durga did something. Shilpa asked Bantu to go to Rishi, I will go to Sheela.

Rishi was drunk and checked the glass. Durga’s friends looked at him. Bantu sat to have bhaang. Rishi took his glass and drank. Amrita looked at Rishi and smiled. Durga introduced her friends to Rishi. She asked about his friends. Rishi said I did not call them because of you. She asked what did I do. He said you are acting innocent and doing everything.

Sheela and Dulaari laughed. Bansi and Manohar kept an eye on them. Shilpa went to Sheela and took her along. Bansi saw his dad and asked where did they go. Rishi sat with the kids and talked. Durga asked Rishi to have the sweets fast. She asked Rishi about the tiffin girl. Rishi said cutiepie. Pooja heard him and was shocked.

Shilpa asked Rishi what are you doing here, we got DJ on your demand, you have to dance. Rishi went to dance and smiled. Rishi danced on a Cutiepie song. Bantu also danced. Rishi danced with Pooja. Yashpal asked Annapurna and Amrita not to think much, Pooja is his childhood friend, maybe they celebrate such way. A guy danced around Shilpa. She stepped on his foot and hurt him. Dulaari and Sheela also danced. Subhadra’s husband told Yashpal that Amrita will go to her in-laws, send Durga with us to Bhiwani.

Dulaari said don’t let Durga go out of the house. Sheela said I will not let Durga ruin my plan. Durga told Yashpal about Rishi is ruining Amrita’s life, he loves someone else. Durga’s exam was close. Sheela told Yashpal that Durga failed in all papers and he became shocked.


The Episode started with Subhadra’s husband asking Yashpal to send Durga with them, she can study well with Shri and learn new things, her future will be good. Yashpal said you are saying right, but I am waiting for her exam results. Subhadra took him to dance. Rishi danced with Amrita. Pooja became jealous. Durga and her friends looked on. Pooja and Rishi held hands and danced around Amrita. Durga cried and run out. Her friends run after her. They ask her not to cry. She said I asked the Lord to help but He is not helping me, Amrita’s life is getting ruined, why did the Lord make my family innocent. They heard two men talking about Rishi’s tilak. The man said two girls, two rasams and one guy. Durga and her friends heard them. The man said Rishi is having an affair with a girl in Alakhpura and got tilak done here with other girl. Bansi said the Lord heard you Durga. They all joined hands.

Yashpal told Annapurna that Dulaari got emotional and was crying, I could not tell anything to her. Durga came there. He saw Durga and changed topic. He asked Annapurna to look at the sweets well. He said Rishi was dancing as if he had drunk bhaang, Rishi is very nice. Durga said I added bhaang in their drink and they became shocked.

Sheela talked to Dulaari and said I still have headache, I should have understood when Durga insisted us to have the drink. Dulaari said I did not refuse so that they don’t doubt. Yashpal and Annapurna scolded Durga for ruining Amrita’s life. Durga said no, Rishi doesn’t love Amrita, he loves someone else, he doesn’t want to marry Amrita. Sheela said it’s good Shilpa has played songs and we danced, I have to see Durga now.

Yashpal asked Durga what nonsense is she talking about. Durga said I am telling you the truth, that day when you went for the rasam, I heard Rishi’s friends, I tried to tell you, you did not listen to me, I went to Alakhpura and did not know anything, I went to court and found his truth. He got angry and said you lied to me, you did all this, why and he slapped her. Durga imagined all this. Dulaari said manage Durga. Sheela said I will not let Durga ruin my hardwork.

Durga called Bansi and said I can’t tell anything to Yashpal till I find that girl, we have to find out. Bansi said fine, the Lord made us hear the truth. She prayed that everything gets fine and she can tell Yashpal the truth. Yashpal worried and said 70000 rs is much for me, it’s 10 months salary for me, how will I arrange it. He thinks of the Seth ji and thinks how to ask him. Sheela came there and smiled seeing him worried.

She cried and said I got a bad dream. He asked what happened. She said I saw dream in the Durga that failed in all papers, it’s the Lord’s wish, if you get busy in marriage, Durga will go to Bhiwani, both Amrita and Durga will go away, why are you awake till now, is there any problem. He said nothing. She thinks you will ask 70000rs from me and I will ask you to divide this house. He asked her to go and rest and he left.

It’s morning, Yashpal and Durga gave sweets to the teacher. Yashpal invited everyone to bless Amrita. The Teacher said I think your hardwork and way is working out. Durga said yes, I worked hard. Teacher said the exam duration is just one hour, Yashpal made her practice hard to write faster and finish paper in one hour. Yashpal agreed to work after Durga. The Teacher sent Durga to class.

Durga’s friend taught them maths, and said we have solution in the problem itself. She asked him about the problem, how to make Yashpal stay in school. He said I could not find out, Yashpal increased our problem. She said yes, I also feel so. Yashpal gave sweets to a man and told him about Amrita’s marriage. He asked about loan. The man said I will talk to the trustee, tell me how much you want. Yashpal said 70000rs.

Durga wished Yashpal gets busy, they have to follow Rishi and know who that girl is. The boy said Durga you can run fast, but can’t follow Rishi’s bike. Manohar said I will try to manage this, leave it to me. Durga said don’t know why Sheela is after me, Yashpal is after my studies now, I have to think of something.

At home, Yashpal sat by Durga’s side while she studied. He helped her in maths. Durga’s friends came there and joined Durga in studies. Yashpal asked them to solve the questions in one hour. The boy said we have to buy a book that will help us in studies. Yashpal said fine, go for some time and come fast, first solve the questions, I have placed an alarm in it, it will ring in an hour, I will come later. Yashpal left and Durga worried.

Sheela said who will hear Yashpal’s ruining stories now. Brij asked what. Durga and her friends followed Rishi. Durga looked inside a room and saw Rishi romancing Pooja and she became shocked.


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