My Daughter Durga Tuesday, 24 May 2022: Episode 293-294


The Episode started with Durga doing stretching exercises and dropping the kalash. Gayatri asked her to keep trying, she has to run 8 kms every day and stay on just salads and water. She said you have to listen to me and do as I say, if you want to become like Jassi. Durga thinks I know you are doing this to trouble me and Gayatri left. Durga came home and saw the birthday decorations. She drank water and told the servant that she keeps a fast on her birthday. Sanjay poured red wine in a bottle and said when you get drunk and make a joke of yourself, all your self respect will be gone.

Yashpal talked to Durga on call and asked did Sanjay trouble you, if he does anything, I will not leave him. She said no, he is my husband, I know it’s your love, you won’t do anything for my sake and he agreed. Sanjay knocked on the door. Yashpal asked her to get ready fast. Durga then thinks of how to go to the party in these clothes. Sanjay went to hit and break the door but then Durga opened the door and he saw her wearing the gifted gown and became mesmerized. She asked am I not looking good? He called a servant in and she ran and held a pillow to cover up the sleeveless dress. The Servant brought the red wine bowl. Durga asked what’s in this. Sanjay asked shall I believe that you have worn this dress on my saying and you can do anything to save this marriage. She said yes.

He said then lets play a game, you have to copy me, there will be three rounds. She asked now. He said yes, it’s your birthday. She said okay. He spoilt his hair and said it’s a game, start. She also spoiled her hairdo. He got hurt and she laughed. They then propered their hair again. He said round 2 now. He brought two footballs and said we have to balance on these balls, it’s our task. They stood on the ball and tried to balance. They fell on the bed and had1 an eyelock. He said so final round. He showed the red chillies and asked her to eat it but she refused. He started eating the chillie and she too started eating.

They coughed and got thirsty. He locked her in the room and run to the kitchen to have water. He drank the water and became relieved. He thinks now Durga will have to drink the wine. She looked for water here and there but doesn’t get water. She thinks she can’t drink wine, no…. She gave up and drank the wine while Sanjay drank juice. He asked Anjana to go and call Durga and he smiled. Anjana looked for Durga and she found her drunk. Anjana became shocked. Sanjay welcomed everyone. He said we won’t have cocktails at the party and he smiled. Anjana asked Durga to come, Sanjay is calling her downstairs.

Durga came stumbling. Sanjay said you are drunk and Yashpal became shocked. Durga danced with Sanjay and fell down.


The Episode started with Sanjay telling everyone that just cold drinks will be served at the party, it will be more fun without wine and he welcomed Durga. She came drunk and stumbling, much to everyone’s shock. People taunted on Durga’s parents for giving such an upbringing to her. Aarti and her dad came there. Sanjay asked Durga to see, everyone is watching them. She said let them see and she fell down. Yashpal asked Durga how did she drink wine. She told him about SP’s game and having chillies. Sanjay thinks I have to make her busy before she tells everything. Yashpal asked did SP feed you wine. Sanjay asked Durga to cut the cake. Yashpal then held his anger. Durga sang a happy birthday song for herself and everyone looked on shocked.

Durga stabbed the cake and Sanjay looked on. Durga said I have cut this cake and my heart too. She asked Sanjay to eat the cake. Durga cried and sang a song and she danced with Sanjay. Durga fell down and everyone looked on. Durga saw Gayatri and said my Sasuma is very clever, she is world champion. Gayatri became worried and thinks Durga can tell my past to everyone.

Sanjay covered up Durga and lifted her to take her and got her to the room. She recalled how they got married and thinks of his lies. She then expressed her feelings to Sanjay. She said these eyes always see me with the love, by which you asked me to marry you, I didn’t got cheat, my trust on you is still the same but he moved away. She said I have become habitual to you now, you get annoyed and fight with me, when I came to school for the first time, you used to plan things to trouble me, then you changed and did everything well and he recalled their childhood moments.

She said you didn’t talk to me for years, does anyone do such things, my SP does such things, but picture is still left, we met in college, you had same misunderstandings in mind, don’t you get tired of getting annoyed with me, I don’t like fighting with you, you look cute, I know a secret, you fight with me as this is your way to show love and he looked at her. She said it’s fine, I will find my love in your anger, you kept this big party to insult me. She cried and said when I danced and fell down, you had the chance to insult me, you didn’t insult me, this is your love.

Durga said I didn’t lie to you, you will know the truth soon. Yashpal angrily threatened to kill Sanjay. Durga threatened Gayatri that she will tell the truth to everyone if Gayatri creates troubles in her training.

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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