Durga To Beat Kuljit In The Finals. My Daughter Durga Tuesday, 25 January 2022: Episode 130-131



The Episode started with Yashpal telling Annapurna that he is fine now and that the doctor said he can go to work. Annapurna said thank the Lord, I will get water. Amrita said I will go to work tomorrow. She got a call from Murli. Murli said I took Madhav’s jeep for repair, Madhav went into his jeep, I am worried for him. She said I will see, nothing will happen. She told Yashpal that she is going to work, there is something urgent. Yashpal asked her to go. Madhav gave money to Murli. He thinks Amrita’s true face will come out today.

Rajveer asked what do you think, this hardwork and dreams are just for grace marks, you can become state champion, and national champion, who are you to decide Kuljit should win, your work is to run in the race honestly, decisions are not taken being emotional. Durga recalled Kuljit’s words. She said I can’t hurt anyone for my motives.

He said winning is necessary for everyone, you will think others should go ahead of you, till when will you get emotional, one should have passion for winning, how will you fulfill your dad’s dreams, think of your winning, you have to win. She thinks he is saying right, if I lose, his hardwork will get ruined and he left.

Amrita looked for Madhav. She heard Madhav and thinks all this was a joke. He said everyone goes through up and down, you have to move on, I promise to give you all the happiness and he surprised her, he sang and she smiled. He showed I love you to Amrita and they danced. He proposed to her again and he said I know your marriage dreams were broken, today I want to join those dreams, I will understand if you don’t trust me. She hugged him and cried.

He said I will not let tears come into your eyes, honesty and sincerity are necessary in a relation, there is nothing between us that you did not tell me, right. She said yes. He said I want to fill happiness in your life and she hugged him again. He thinks they are right, Amrita has hidden her truth and is cheating me too. Durga thinks of Rajveer’s words.

Yashpal came and gave her milk. She said I have to ask you something. She told her about her problem, saying it’s Saru’s problem. He said we think of ourselves and family, but good a person is one who help others first, Saru has to think that other person should not be at loss.

Durga thinks I will not be selfish, I will not take part in the race. Madhav and Amrita came home. Madhav asked her to go, he has some work. Amrita smiled recalling Madhav and danced. Dadi asked what happened and Amrita said nothing.

Dadi complimented Amrita. Annapurna asked her did the work happen. Amrita said yes, very well. Annapurna asked about her bindi. Amrita recalled hugging Madhav and said maybe it got off. Madhav called someone and said I did as you said, you said right, these people are fraud, Amrita told me everything about herself but not about her illness, I trust you.

Dadi said Amrita did not use to go out before, it’s good that marriage broke. Amrita said yes, I would have not met anyone’s eyes and not fulfilled my dreams, I would have not known my talents, I would have not work and meet Madhav, I mean I started moving on. Dadi asked her to keep smiling. Amrita recalled Madhav and smiled.

It’s morning, Yashpal said I will go to work from tomorrow, why are you upset. Annapurna said I have to tell you something important about Amrita, Madhav is at home, I was thinking we should look for a good guy for Amrita. He said I understand, I want to forget that incident, if she is ready, I have no objection for her marriage. She asked him to talk to her and he agreed.

Amrita said it’s my painting. The man said my friend Madhav gave me money to buy this painting. Someon kidnapped Satnaam and Durga became shocked. Amrita saw Madhav and her wedding invitation card and became shocked.


The Episode started with Rajveer thinking of Durga’s words. He said no, I will not let you move back. Nandini saw him and stopped. He asked do you want to prove you can still run. She said I have not stopped running, I don’t have to prove anything to you.

Rajveer your eyes still has that annoyance, what happened to you, we did not use to hide things, tell me. He said when I saw Durga running for the first time, I saw same passion as seen in you, she is also being foolish like you and wants to sacrifice dreams for someone else. She said this is wrong, don’t be insecure, Durga is your best student.

He said you did this mistake and she is going to repeat the mistake, she is also going to end her sports career as she feels someone else deserves it, Durga has to fulfill her goal, no other girl will leave dreams for someone else. She recalled telling Rajveer that she is getting a good job, she can’t leave this chance, as her dad lost his job.

racing is my passion but my family is my responsibility. He said you are an athlete, you are born to run, you will get better job when you win nationals. She said if everything goes wrong, if I lose, everything will be over, this job, my family hope, athletes can just dream, but has to prepare and face reality.

He asked why do you think you will lose, you will win, I trust you, please don’t lose this chance, run in the vnationals for my sake. She said I have never refused to you before, this time forgive me and she left. She said I don’t regret my decision, I don’t feel important to change it, my family got a new life.

He asked how will you regret, you are selfish and thought of family, not country, you would have won, I would have run if I was in your place, I could not explain to you, I will not let Durga divert from her goals, I have seen her, she is born to win and make identity, it’s important for her to win the race, I will not leave anyone coming in between Durga and her goals and he left.

Durga was at school and said everyone has hope in me. Everyone wished her all the best. Sanjay said all the best for losing and Rajveer looked for her. Shri wished Durga. Durga said I have no time, I have to talk to Kuljit. Everyone cheered for her and she smiled. She thinks will I do good by losing the race, this is wrong, if I lose, many people’s hardwork will go to waste, dad’s hope will break, if I don’t get grace marks while she looked for Kuljit.

She saw Kuljit and asked her to talk. Rajveer saw her and thinks Durga can do wrong while helping Kuljit. Durga said forgive me Kuljit, I can’t lose this race, I can’t insult the one who have worked hard on me and have hope, we will play this game fairly, you tell your dad that you don’t want to run. She told her what Yashpal said, Kuljit smiled and they shook hands. Rajveer looked on and thinks Durga gave sacrifice, I will not let Kuljit win over Durga.

Satnaam asked who called me here. Rajveer kidnapped him. He tied up Satnaam and placed him in a car. Rajveer said I won’t let Durga lose. Kuljit waited for Satnaam. Durga gave her name for the competition. A boy told Kuljit that her dad is behind the school and she left. The boy signalled Rajveer and Rajveer said I won’t let Durga lose intentionally, Durga will win any way.

Amrita asked Yashpal not to worry for her. He said I just wanted to talk to you, you face problems with courage, I am glad. She asked is there anything. He said yes, forget whatever happened because of Rishi, you should move on. She said you gave me courage to bow head high and work, I am happy. He said no, I will find a relation for you, I am happy seeing you fine, now think of the future and she thinks of Madhav.

Durga waited for Kuljit. Rajveer asked her to think of her focus, how to win the race, stop thinking about Kuljit. Durga said Kuljit also has to run in the race, she should get a chance to run, I will go and find her and she left. Rajveer shouted. Amrita asked Yashpal to go home. Yashpal said it’s fine.

She saw her painting and told Yashpal that this man bought my painting, why is he selling it. Yashpal said I will ask him. He asked the man about the painting. The man said my friend Madhav asked me to buy this painting, Madhav wanted to please someone, he gave me money to buy the paintings, what will I do with this. Yashpal and Amrita became shocked.

Rajveer said I am worried, Durga did not come on her mark. Durga broke the car door and freed Satnaam. Amrita saw her and Madhav’s wedding invitation card…..Read more

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