My Daughter Durga Tuesday, 26 October 2021 On Adom Tv: Episode 1-2

my daughter durga

My Daughter Durga Tuesday, 26 October 2021 On Adom Tv Episode started with a beautiful morning sight in a village background. The people passed by chanting. Durga’s father did the Surya dev puja. He called out Durga. He got dressed in the school peon uniform. He didn’t see Durga on the bed and thinks where did she go. He saw her sleeping under the bed and smiled.

He woke her up and asked her to go and get ready fast, it’s Maths exam today. He took Durga to school on his cycle and talked to her on the way. He told her the importance of studies. He said you will become a big officer and come in red light car.

I will salute you, my life passed in peon’s clothes, I just want my daughter’s head to look up and eyes seeing the sky. Durga looked at the sky and smiled seeing a kite. He dropped her to school.

Durga didn’t get the solutions for the Maths exams and said who made this question paper. She has her own logic to every question and wrote them down. She appeared much innocent and also poor in studies. She asked a boy to help. The boy said I don’t know.

The classmates asked each other for answers. A studious boy was busy writing the exam and did not help. Teacher scolded a boy. A girl asked for supplement. Durga thinks what is she writing in it.
Durga looked out of the window. She saw the kite in the sky. Her exam ended. Durga’s father welcomed a lady officer and saluted her. He held the umbrella. She saw his name on the badge and said Yashpal ji, I don’t need this.

The Principal welcomed her and thanked her for coming. She said your school result will show whether my coming is good luck or not, I came here for inspection. She didn’t take even tea. Yashpal and other peon talked of her.

Yashpal said I have to make big officer like her, I wish Durga passed this exam, then she will get scholarship, further studies will get easy. Other peon asked are you mad, every father dreams of daughter’s marriage and you are dreaming to put big files in her hands. Yashpal said my daughter will get down the red light car when I dream and laughed.

Durga run to look after the kite. Yashpal asked Durga’s friends about her, where is she, how was her exam, did she answer all the questions. The boys said no, we don’t know. Durga was seen running in the fields after the kite.

Athletic competition went on in the village. Durga came there. A coach asked his student to break all records. Durga jumped over the wrestler while seeing the kite and fell down. She got up and rights. The boys competed in the running race. Durga run with the boys, while looking at the kite.

She run ahead of the boys. The coach and organizers became shocked seeing her, and wonder from where did the girl come in between the race. Durga runs, unaware of the race. She crossed the finishing line and sets a new record. She went and took the kite.

The coach looked at her. The people clapped for her. The man asked the coach who is she. The Coach said bullet. Durga saw the crowd and run out into the fields. The coach looked on.

Durga sold the kite and the thread to a boy and took money. The boy challenged her for kite flying. She said this money is not for competition and betting, it’s for and she run towards home.

She made her cycle fall. She thinks she will get scolded. She looked inside the house, and saw the family talking. She said their lines along with them.

Durga’s aunty said my husband Brij got a good proposal for Amrita, it’s wrong if we welcome the groom’s family, we did our work, now Yashpal should do his duty. Yashpal drank tea. He said right, I will do something, I have less money, the proposal came early, I wanted the groom’s family to come later.

He asked Brij how is the guy. Brij praised the guy, and said Amrita’s fate is really good. Yashpal’s Amma asked him to see the guy once. Yashpal said no need, Brij has seen him, it means I have seen him. Durga smiled and came inside the house. She said the groom for Didi is found and danced. She made things fall.

Durga’s aunt asked her husband to scold Durga. Brij scolded Durga to obey his wife and then signalled Durga not to care. Durga was sent to study.

Amma said don’t refuse the groom’s family to come, Yashpal will manage everything, if this talk gets set, then Brij will arrange nek and shagun. Brij said yes, there is no problem. His wife starred at her. Brij said I have to open the shop and left.

Yashpal and his wife had a talk. She cried and worried for her daughter. He said if Durga studies well, respect and everything will come to this room, a big officer came to our school today, she took the principal in hand, this is the power of the post, even if Durga studies bit and becomes head clerk, peons will greet her and ask her to have tea and juice.

Durga came and hugged him, saying I don’t like tea and juice and he laughed. Her mum said we want tea cups and utensils, as the groom’s family will be coming tomorrow. Durga asked them to borrow it from aunt. Yashpal asked Durga to go and study, they will see all this.

His wife said we need atleast 300-400 rs for tea and snacks, how do we arrange that. She went to arrange dinner. Durga smiled seeing the 10rs and went to keep it in her mum’s purse. She said some thing will come out of this money.

Durga went to Amrita on the terrace and asked are you thinking of the would be groom. Amrita said I am worried for the clothes, what to wear, I don’t know what to do, cousin Shilpa’s clothes are not fitting me now. Durga got an idea.

It’s morning, Durga plucked mangoes from the tree. She asked her friend to give her the dress now, I have plucked 21 mangoes, I will return the dress tomorrow, thanks.

She took the dress and left. The teacher told the students that he is giving them the exam papers back, they can check their marks. Durga bacame worried seeing her exam paper.

Yashpal asked how many marks did Durga get. Durga said I will not tell this today, my Bua is coming today. Durga’s cousin got her exam paper and thinks of getting Durga beaten up. She gave exam result to Yashpal. Durga became scared.


The Episode started with the boys talking. A boy said I am shocked that I passed. A girl showed her full marks. Durga came to her friends and showed her the exam papers, 2/100 marks. They said you will be beaten up at home.

Durga said I said I can’t study, who will explain this to dad. They asked her to tell it at home. Durga said no, I will not tell him today, the groom’s family is coming today to see Amrita, Bua and cousin are coming from Bhiwani, so I will tell him that time.

I will get less beaten. Yashpal came and asked her the results. Durga run after a car and said Bua and Didi have come. The car reached her house.

Durga came home and hugged Subhadra Bua and the cousin. Subhadra from Bhiwani flaunted her saree, shades and style. She congratulated Durga’s mum for Amrita’s proposal, the groom will like Amrita. She hugged her mum.

Subhadra’s daughter gave a good news to everyone that she got 93% marks in the exams. Durga thinks now Yashpal will ask of my marks.

Subhadra told them thats he got curtains to make the house beautiful. Durga’s mum said it’s very much important that you came, it was not needed. Subhadra said don’t say this, my brother did a lot for me, can’t I do this, I prayed on the way for Amrita’s alliance. Amrita smiled.

Amrita got ready. Durga disturbed in between. Amrita liked the dress given by Durga’s friend. Durga’s cousin said this makeup is from US, I applied it. Durga was asked to get the utensils from Kaki.

Durga went and took the utensils. Kaki asked Durga not to spoil the utensils, else she will shout. Durga joked and slowly walked and Kaki left. Durga run and took the utensils home.

The guy and his mum ate samosas and understood it was from Nukkad. Brij said I will get paneer samosas next time. The groom’s mum said get that with chutney. Amrita came and gave tea to the groom. Subhadra said the guy and girl can talk in private, as they have to stay together, times have changed.

The guy said no. The guy’s mum asked him to go. Durga saw Amrita tensed and said I am going with Amrita, as she was tensed. The lady asked what did Durga say, is there any problem in Amrita. Durga’s mum said nothing like that, Durga stay back here.

Amrita and the guy talked about their likes. He complimented her. He said I came by my mummy’s saying, I don’t go against her, your family is big, you have to do all the work alone, I can understand, did your family not think to get separated. She said when two stoves burn in one house, the house burns first, responsibility should be shared, not property.

He said yes and they came downtairs. The guy Rishi’s mum asked him if he liked Amrita. Rishi said if you all agree, I also agree. They all became glad. Durga hugged Amrita. Everyone was happy. Brij gave nek, while his wife tried to stop him. They all took photo.

Subhadara’s daughter gave chocolates to Durga and asked her to take anything she liked, else Brij’s daughter Shilpa will take anything. Durga took the shoes. Shilpa became angry seeing them. Durga placed the paper in shoes and wore it. Shilpa got her exam papers.

She thinks of getting Durga beaten up. Durga went to her mum. Her mum asked her to give tea to Chandni. Subhadra came in the way and Durga dropped the crockery.

Chandni came and scolded Durga for breaking the crockery. She asked for money. Brij said fine, we will give you money. His wife took his wallet.

Subhadra asked Chandni not to do drama. She payed her more money and asked her not to break peace of the house, I will send sweets for the alliance news. Chandni scolded them and left. Brij asked everyone to go their homes.

Yashpal sat sad. Durga’s mum thanked Subhadra for saving her respect. Subhadra said this is my house too, happiness came here after long time, but Durga did mistake. Durga said you came in my way and collided. Subhadra and everyone scolded Durga.

Brij told them about Durga going into the race competition. Yashpal asked Durga when will she change, I am fed up hearing complaints. Subhadra asked him to send Durga with her, she will change being with Shri.

He said I can’t bear expenses. She said you slapped my face saying this, did I differentiate between Durga and Shri, just think of taking her along, I will manage everything.

Shilpa dropped the paper and said what’s this paper. She picked it and said it’s Durga’s exam result, how many marks, 52 out of 100. Yashpal thanked the Lord. Shilpa said no, it’s 2 out of 100, just 2. Yashpal became shocked. Durga hid behind her mum.

Yashpal checked the paper. He saw her result and scolded Durga and she cried. He went to beat her. Brij stopped Yashpal. Yashpal said you have to come onto the ground, you have to go away from me, you will go to Bhiwani this year and stay there till your studies complete, Subhadra is right. He got angry and cried.

Subhadra called her husband and said I am really taking Durga with me, think my life will get better, I broke a neighbor’s crockery and then convinced Yashpal, people say right, relations come into use.

Yashpal said Subhadra said right, relations come into use, Durga will come back in the red light car, don’t worry. Durga and her mum were sad.

Durga asked Yashpal not to send her to Bhiwani. He said I am getting your name cut from the school today. Durga told this to her friends.


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