My Daughter Durga Tuesday, 29 March 2022: Episode 217-218


The Episode started with Sanjay refusing to go home and asked Durga to hug him. Durga said what shall I do of you, you got drunk, you look cute. He said I love you so much. Amrita came and saw them.

Durga held her ears and Sanjay asked who is she, Amrita didi. He said I am your house’s would be son in law, Durga’s would be husband and Amrita looked at Durga. They heard Yashpal and worried. Durga stopped Sanjay and Amrita said send him from here fast.

Gayatri said Durga didn’t do right by making my son away, person should look high as per status, else neck gets strain. Police came to Yashpal’s house. Durga asked Sanjay to stay here, she will go out. Sanjay said no, I will see. She asked whose house is it. He said now yours, mine later. She smiled and said promise you will be here and he promised.

Inspector asked Yashpal about kidnapping a young guy. Brij said you are mistaken, we are decent people. Yashpal said leave from here, how can you say this, do you have proof. Inspector scolded him and said let us search the house. Everyone came there and got worried. Durga prayed they don’t go to the kitchen. Yashpal argued with inspector.

Constable called inspector to come and see. They saw the mess in the kitchen and was shocked. Durga was relieved on not seeing Sanjay there. Inspector asked what happened here. Durga said I came here and saw cockroach, I was catching it and this happened. Constable said we didn’t get anyone and the Inspector apologized.

Yashpal said you didn’t do right, neighbors will point fingers at her and the Police left. Yashpal asked everyone to go and sleep. The Inspector called Gayatri and said SP is not there. She asked what, you would have not checked well. She got angry and said where can Sanjay go. Sanjay waved at Durga and left. He stopped and signed Durga and she signed him to just go. Sanjay gave her flying kisses and left. He messaged I love you and Durga smiled.

Amrita asked Durga who was that guy. Durga said he is my childhood friend SP. Amrita asked what was going on, answer me. Durga said I love SP and he also loves me. Sanjay came home drunk and Gayatri saw him. He said I love Durga a lot. Durga asked Amrita not to tell anything to dad.

Amrita started laughing and asked her not to be afraid, love is not any crime. She hugged Durga and supported her. She said explain to him not to come at night, if anyone sees, it will be a big trouble, dad will like SP and Durga hugged her. Amrita said you have big responsibility, love can become a strength or weakness for you, it depends on you.

Gayatri thinks I will make Durga away from SP forever and he hugged her. She asked him to go and sleep and he left. It’s morning, Durga was practicing and tried to hear Rajveer’s talk. Rajveer then came out. Umang supported Durga. Rajveer asked Umang to come. Durga asked Rajveer to help her directly, not via Umang. He said I can see your failure, athlete runs to win coach’s respect, you can’t lose, whatever happens.

Dadi apologized to Gayatri and she got humiliated. Dadi then cursed her. Sarpanch warned Durga against losing the race.


The Episode started with Rajveer telling Durga that she has placed everything at stake, she has to win. Dadi heard this and thinks to do something. Sheela tried to talk. Sarpanch asked what does she mean to say. Shilpa said mum wants to see, Durga can’t win.

Rajveer also said she can’t win, she is not prepared for the race, that foreigner is staying in Gayatri Devi’s house, we will meet her and apologize. Sarpanch said she is a big personality, Durga didn’t do right insulting her guest, we should go and apologize to end this matter. Shilpa signed Bantu and they looked. Dadi thinks they are right.

Gayatri thinks tomorrow’s race will be last one for Durga and Rana. Sarpanch, Dadi and everyone came to meet Gayatri, the Guard stopped them and Dadi fell down. Gayatri came there and asked the guard to let them in. Dadi and everyone apologized on Durga’s behalf.

She asked Gayatri to stop the race and forgive Durga. Gayatri asked them to have prasad. Brij said Shilpa did limit, she took sarpanch to Gayatri’s house to apologize and stop to he race. Yashpal said I will stop them. Brij said no use, Amma also went along.

Gayatri said why did anyone not see when Durga challenged Stella, she has challenged me, now it’s about my pride, this race will happen, when Durga loses and ruins everyone’s respect, she will understand she did a crime, Durga and her relatives will be punished, you all can leave now.

Dadi said we came here to get justice, but we regret to come, if your status is over country’s respect, it’s called ego which breaks some day and Gayatri signed guards and they placed a stick to block their way.

Gayatri said your granddaughter has ego, she didn’t think before challenging, and you are teaching me, now I understand how she did this ego, Stella will make her lose in the race and ruin her ego, but I will make your steps in my haveli memorable, if you have courage, cross this and show. Dadi looked at sarpanch. Bantu said I will go.

The guards asked him to go by bending down. Neelkant and Stella smiled. Everyone bent down and passed ahead the stick barrier. Sarpanch got hurt while bending down. Dadi too knelt on the ground and went out. Gayatri taunted that their place is at her feet, Durga will also realize this in tomorrow’s race.

Dadi said Durga did foolishness, but you are igniting fire intentionally. She taunted Gayatri and said this palace, this pride, see how this bends, it will be decided tomorrow, you can’t stay in peace by insulting everyone, Durga will win the race and take revenge and they all left.

Durga asked why did you all got there, it didn’t happen well. Yashpal asked what happened there. Dadi recalled the insult. Shilpa blamed Durga for all this. She said Gayatri didn’t cancel the race, she took this against her pride.

Sarpanch said Durga, if you lose this time, remember we will trouble you and your family. Dadi thinks Durga has to win. Gayatri was doing aarti and she saw Sanjay and gave him aarti. Sanjay had Durga’s name written on his cheeks. He said just Durga will win. She thinks coming time will show if Durga will win or die.

Durga asked Rajveer to bless her. Rajveer encouraged her. Durga and Stella then went for the race.

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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