Durga & Sanjay Gets Married. My Daughter Durga Tuesday, 3 May 2022: Episode 264-265


The Episode started with Sanjay saying I will always support you. Durga and Sanjay run away from the goons. Neelkant called and threatened her. He said till when will we run, we have to do something.

She said you go home, I will see what to do. He said what if they kill your mum and dad, they lost everything and want to snatch everything from you, we have to think of something. She said I will do what you say. He said we have just one way, my mom and dad won’t hurt your family. She asked what is it.

He said marriage and she became shocked. He said no one can separate us after marriage, my mom and dad can never hurt me. She said no, how can I marry, I have to prepare for the national championship, I have dreams.

He said what dreams if you don’t have your dreams, how will you run with them, I love you, I respect your dreams, I will fulfill your dreams, my mom and dad will kill your parents if I get away from you, we don’t have time, we have to stop them. He gave her clothes to her and she looked at him.

The man called Gayatri and said we got Sanjay and Durga, they are together. Gayatri said get them. She told Yashpal that she will punish Durga and them. Sanjay and Durga came and everyone became shocked seeing them. Gayatri asked what’s this. Durga recalled Sanjay saying we have to do this.

Sanjay and Durga changed clothes and got dress up for the marriage. He said we are doing what is right, you trust me right. She said yes, I know you will do anything for me. He said don’t let trust back, because the heart shatters when someone breaks trust, she nodded and he asked her to come.

They went and the goons caught them. Sanjay said we want to get married and they want to kill us. The goon then threatened to kill a girl and Sanjay agreed to come along. Gayatri asked what are you doing. Sanjay said I will do everything in front of everyone. The goons caught Durga’s family. Sanjay snatched a gun from the goons and threatened to kill himself.

Neelkant and Gayatri asked him to stop the madness. Sanjay said I won’t let anything happen with Durga and his family and he argued. Yashpal wished Durga doesn’t decide in a hurry. Durga thinks I won’t let anything happen to you all. Sanjay asked are you ready Durga. Everyone signalled no to her but she cried and nodded.

Sanjay promised Durga’s family that he will keep Durga happy. He took wedding rounds with Durga and everyone looked on shocked.


The Episode started with Yashpal asking Durga not to do this. Durga said no, I have to do this, forgive me, we have no other way. Sanjay said stop there, else I will shoot myself. Neelkant asked him does he think they will leave them. Durga said you will leave them with due respect. She thinks her family is her life. Sanjay said mom, I know you will never hurt my in-laws, so I want to end this bitterness. Gayatri said fine, I will leave all of them, but you won’t marry this Durga.

Sanjay said no, you are good in keeping enmity, leave them right away. Yashpal asked Durga not to do this, how will she live with bitter enemies. Durga said I have to do this, as long as SP is with us, I will stay happy. Sanjay said I love Durga, I will take care of her dreams, I took care of mom’s status also, so that the entire world can welcome Durga and become witness of this marriage. He placed his phone down and asked them not to make any mistake.

Durga and Sanjay took the wedding rounds and Durga’s family cried. Sanjay cuts his finger and applied sindoor to Durga and finally they got married. Durga said we got our senses now, Neelkant has done much wrong with my family, it’s enough now. She asked Gayatri what will she give her in mu dikhai and she asked for her family’s safety.

She begged Gayatri to leave her family. She asked Gayatri will she not gift her on mu dikhai. Gayatri became angry. Yashpal and everyone got freed. He said you have risked everything for us, we got freedom because of your marriage, what did you do. She said no, you are my life. Durga’s family blessed her and Sanjay. Gayatri and Neelkant left and Durga went to Rajveer. He asked how can you sacrifice life and career for us, I don’t give importance to this marriage.

Durga cried and hugged her family and she Durga left with Sanjay.

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