My Daughter Durga Tuesday, 4 January 2021: Episode 100-101



The Episode started with Yashpal scolding Subhadra. She asked him to think of Durga’s future and education, you calm down, Durga is like my daughter. Yashpal said shut up, don’t call her your daughter, what shall I do rather than complaining, you made her a stranger. She said you are doing wrong, I am educating her, I am feeding her, which Bua does this in today’s times, think how will you get her admission in a big school and pay her fees, how will you educate her. He said she will study, her dad is alive, if I can educate you, I can do anything for my daughter, I will educate her in the same school on my own, thanks for the food you gave her, he took Durga and left.

Madhav said I did not expect this from you and Sheela, you did this Amrita, shame on you. Shilpa woke up and said I have to tell the new story to Madhav, before he knows the truth, I won’t let him go. Madhav looked at Amrita and was lost. Shilpa came and said forgive me, Sheela did all this so that Yashpal likes you. Amrita looked at Madhav. Shilpa asked Madhav to forgive her and he forgave her. He slipped and held Shilpa. He said sorry and she left.

Shri asked Ashish about Durga. Ashish was silent. Shri asked Subhadra. Subhadra said she went to her friends to study. Shri asked which friends. Subhadra said I don’t know. Ashish was angry and said enough, how much will you lie, I will tell Shri where Durga is, she is gone forever, she went to her parents because of your mum, she lied to Yashpal that she will educate Durga, she made her this house’s maid, she made her do the household work and tortured her, I have just seen that, today Subhadra crossed the limit, she made Durga a waiter and took her to my friend’s party, she made her serve guests and picked leftover plates, Durga is a little girl. He got angry and left. Shri was shocked and looked at Subhadra.

Yashpal came home. Annapurna asked did you meet Durga?” while then, Durga came in. Annapurna asked why did her clothes got spoiled. Dadi asked her about Subhadra. Sheela, Shilpa and Amrita saw the Durga’s waiter dress. Yashpal sent Durga to the room, and asked Annapurna to give her food. Dadi asked won’t you have food. He said no, I am not hungry. Durga cried and hugged Annapurna. Yashpal counted money and recalled Durga and he worried. Annapurna said Durga is crying, what’s the matter, why are you so quiet. Yashpal said remember one thing, Durga will stay here. Dadi asked what happened, tell me, call Subhadra. He said don’t talk to that selfish woman about my Durga and they were shocked.

Amrita asked Durga the matter. Durga became upset. Amrita asked her to say what happened. Durga said something wrong happened. Yashpal said I did not imagine I would get cheated badly, I blindly believed in my blood. Dadi asked what did Subhadra do, why are you angry. He cried and said Subhadra kept Durga as a maid there and they all got shocked. He said she made Durga do household work, she tortured Durga, today she crossed the limits, she took Durga as waitress to Ashish’s boss’ party. Dadi hugged him and they all cried. Sheela looked on and smiled.

Dadi cried and said Subhadra had no shame to do this. Sheela thinks Subhadra is ahead of me. Amrita asked Durga why did you not tell me. Madhav came and heard them. Durga said you were dealing with your sorrow. Amrita said you should have told me. Durga said I thought to study in a big school, now Yashpal won’t send me. Yashpal said I will not send Durga, did I ask Subhadra to help me, why did she make my daughter a maid. Dadi and Annapurna cried. He said I can educate Durga on my own, she will stay in Bhiwani school.

Madhav asked everyone to keep their mobile phones for security reasons. Rajveer called to know about Durga. Durga said Rajveer would be waiting for me.


The Episode started with Yashpal saying I will educate Durga in the same school. Dadi said Durga will stay with us, don’t worry. Durga came and hugged Yashpal. Yashpal wiped her tears and said you had been strong and showed courage to fulfill my dreams, I am proud of you, you have shown jealous people that you are my daughter. Durga said I am habitual to stay there. He said no, you will stay here with us, you will study in that Bhiwani school, this is my promise and she hugged him. Amrita said yes, now I also earn, I will not let anything less happen.

Dadi said Brij will also help Durga. Amrita said you will stay with us and hugged Durga. Sheela said we can be seen begging on the roads, I will not sit quiet now, I will not let this get ruined. Durga went to get food. Annapurna said I would have made your favorite food if I knew you were coming. Durga and Madhav argued for food. Amrita came and saw them. She smiled.

Madhav said Amrita is giving you good training to argue. Annapurna gave them food and Madhav dined with them. Durga ate to her full stomach and said I am content now. Yashpal asked did Subhadra not give you food. Durga said no, I did not mean that and Yashpal left.

Durga worried and talked to Amrita. Amrita asked the matter. Rajveer thinks to call Durga’s home and know why did she come home. Yashpal asked Durga to get ready for school. Ashish and Shri got Durga’s belongings. Durga run and hugged Shri. Ashish greeted everyone and gave Durga’s bag to Yashpal. He apologized to Yashpal. Yashpal said Durga told me how you took care of her, I should thank you, don’t apologize and he hugged Ashish. He said I was going to drop Durga to school, so I took leave today. Shri said Durga can come with us. Ashish said yes, I will drop her and Yashpal agreed.

Durga got ready and went to school. Rajveer asked her where she was. She said I went to my village, we have to do something for training. Rajveer asked Durga and Aarti to go and meet the trustees and Aarti smiled. The Principal welcomed the trustee Neelkant. He introduced Durga and Aarti. Neelkant congratulated Durga. He said now you will represent our school to district level, it’s not easy. Aarti said of course uncle, you know I don’t take any competition lightly. Durga said I will work hard, this race is related to my dad’s dreams. He said good, I called you here to give my best wishes, so best of luck. Durga and Aarti thanked him.

Sanjay played football and fell. Durga laughed and said his days are bad, he is gone today. Neelkant asked Sanjay to be careful, I hope you are not hurt, kids should follow school’s rules. Sanjay said yes, sorry Papa. Durga said he is the trustee’s son. Neelkant asked Sanjay why his bad performance in sports. Aarti came there and took Sanjay’s side. She said Rajveer is just focussing on Durga, he supports her, so Durga has won. Neelkant asked is this true. Sanjay looked at Durga and thinks to lie. He said yes, this happens. Neelkant said I have to meet Rajveer. Madhav asked everyone to deposit their mobile phones for security reasons. Amrita placed her phone.

The man asked Madhav to take care of the idol. Police came to Yashpal.

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